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Welcome to Classic Car General, I fucked up the first posting edition.

Bring your classic and lets all get rust in our eyes together.

>Cars are considered classic at 25 years old

>Everybody has their own taste, enter if it's of age

>Post your classic, your work on it, and get advice

>Any and all discussion about classics welcome

>Rust is a bitch, and not for the faint of heart; tread lightly

>You will inevitably spend twice your budget, no exceptions

>That classic you're eyeing on Craigslist probably needs a shit ton of work

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i still wont forget that time i cucked my gay bf.

Bamp for Sunday slowness

I don't think I can get the engine today. I got called into work.

Went to a car cruise yesterday and remembered that my truck needs a new radiator or fan shroud

I wouldn't forget that either

Good news. The old girl passed smog. Now she's ready to register. Next urgent thing I gotta fix is the driver window. It's not broken but the glass fell off so it won't go up or down.

Where do you live that a truck that old needs to be smogged?

Probably California

I assume so, but the how the fuck would a truck like that pass the stringent California standards.

Lean the carb out, retard the timing and have a good condition cat

Lean produces lots of NOx. But if I remember correctly, it's easier for a converter to clean of NOx than unburned HC.

I didn't really have any evidence to support it, but I figured that California emissions were too strict for most old cars to pass.

Would a brand new, rolled off the factory floor truck in 1990 pass modern California emissions standards? Or does it have it to be adjusted like you said?

California emission tests are based on the year the vehicle was manufactured.
So a 1990 only has to pass (California standards for) 1990 limits.
If it was a 49 state vehicle that was brought into California, you have to spend a stupid amount of money to add 1990 California emission equipment.

Okay, makes sense. Fucking California emissions. How do enthusiasts even have fun there?

Buying vehicles older than 75

Or bribing the emissions guy

This. My dad's mustang is supposed to have 4 cats. Muffler guy said it only has two and they're not even the right ones. Paid the smog guy 260 to make it pass.

Congrats man! Sold my S10 on Thursday. I'll miss her, but not the slow as molasses part.

Just listed my 85 Eldorado on cl. cnj.craigslist.org/cto/6172602111.html
If anyone's interested. Trying to get some money together to put into the Torino.

Also, I've been gone for a few days, International guy, your truck sounds great with that new exhaust. That thing is fucking tuff.

That's v clean

FUCK. I would buy that in a heart beat if I didn't have 3 cars already. I would fly to you and drive it back.

I've been doing body work on the scout here and there on the weekends since work has me so busy. New power steering pump is on the way and I'm going to tackle the fuel line after that



1400 for you my man, I'd pick you up from the airport.

I'm at 5 cars at the moment, when this goes it'll be 4. I need another truck, I'm on the hunt for an 87-93 F250, extended cab, long bed, 5 speed. There's one on ebay, but it's in fucking Idaho and it's probably gonna go out of my budget since it's a bid.

You want a 460 or diesel or >351

Fuck, diesel, forgot to mention that. Most important part.

Hi all

6.9 with aftermarket turbo would be neat.


This is the one on ebay, how fucking clean is that!? It's a 240 dollar plane ticket and whatever in fuel, 37 hour drive home. My budget for the whole trip would be like 5k max, and that truck is definitely gonna hit that if not more.


I really appreciate that man. If I wasn't engaged and getting married I would. My fiance puts up with a lot of car shit from me and we both agreed that I stop at 3 cars, if she stops at 3 animals.

I'm supposed to be going to look at this after work tomorrow. What does /ccg/ think?

All going good until I saw that interior. That's not a very well maintained inside, what does that mean about the tree fiddy

That's a fucking heap

Hey I think I got my pcv issue solved, For whatever reason the previous owner made an adapter to use the vacuum advance in the pcv / brake booster port. Then the port for the vacuum advance was capped off. I think edelbrock makes grommets for their valve covers to fit a pcv valve.

The interior definitely needs some work, but I don't think it would be too difficult to get what's missing from the junkyards.

As for the engine, the car originally had a 305, but he replaced it with a 350 from another Caprice. The engine in the pictures is what's in it now.

Having trouble with my e30. After doing timing belt water pump thermostat cam seal etc upon purchase I've developed an awful wandering bouncy thrashy idle. Will stall and sputter until it reaches warmer temps. Took off Idle control valve and cleaned with carb cleaner. Vacuum leak somewhere? Dodgy o2 sensor(s) Should I have it smoke tested?

Save yourself its not worth it

The 1 other person I know who owns a classic made sure it was a pre 75 model to skip that dumb as fuck test.

Been working in panel alignment hell. It's starting to come along, but will have to add some more fiberglass to the bumper...

It's 3 in the morning and I'm still working on taking out the rest of the interior on the 78. Almost done.
I got a bunch of pics from cars how's I went to and revvys little brother the 71 is back home so I'll get some pics in the morning.
>MFW all my phone pictures are 4.5 meg

took a break from my project for a while, should be getting back to working on it soon

Hell yeah, moar International!

Just got my twin turbo 4.8ls running yesterday

Well, I was just given a 68 Polara. Going over to take a look at it today.

Hell of a way to start the day!

318, Factory AC, interior is in good shape. Rear quarters are pretty bad, but it's free so I'm not going to bitch. Plus it's a hardtop.

The dash before I pulled it last night

That radio I promised to find for kit kat

my grandpas 64

and some pics of a car show I went to

Sadly this special edition was bare bones and auto.



last pic before my phone died.

So there is my image dump

That doesn't look bad. How much did it run you? And is it made it metal or plastic?


And it's metal


I'm making my own door cards from MDF and adding speakers and a so much needed pocket in Citroen 2CV.
Upon removing the old door cards the retainer clips were stiff or simply broken (the cards flapped before I took them off) and I have to replace the said clips.
On the picture you can see the current retainer clips which are hard to get and I'm curious do you have any recommendations as to what kind of clips to use instead of originals or any other way to fix the door cards to the door.

Oh my god, that split bumper is pure sex. I am very jealous.

What is this part called and where can I get it? It's between the alternator and tensioner. It's cracked all the way through.

87 gmc s15


Alternator bracket and it would've been a dealer-only part when the truck was nearly new. Now it's likely to be salvage-only though you might ask at a dealer just in case but GM doesn't keep obsolete shit around like they used to.

Accessory drive belt tensioner. You should be able to get that from a parts store though it'll likely be made of chineseum.

Those look nice but I can't find any info on the features. They look killer though

I've got one in my Impala, AM/FM, Aux, USB, Bluetooth. I think it was $230, and I bought the higher quality Kenwood double speaker for the dash.

Anyone overheat in this heatwave yet?

>it will never be 1986 again
>you will never be buying a muscle car as your first car
>it won't be a cheap ass budget 3 speed budget big block
>you'll never go through rear ends like water doing burnouts to Van Halen and shit
No point in life, these cars will be outlawed in our lifetimes.

No, but no A/C is making ME overheat

It was 90+ here yesterday and I put 150 miles on the Impala. 85 today and put 60 more on the Impala going to check out my Polara, and 40 taking my wife an iced coffee in the International.

250 A/c bro
two windows down 50 miles per hour

Nice man.

I like the idea of it, but spending 230 dollars on a head unit I just can't justify. Especially when I have a daily driver that has a working stereo. If cost was no barrier, I guarantee you that you'd see one of those and a vintage air unit in my cab

Doesn't really work that well when it's 95 degrees out and humid

muh Panel windows bruh

>Implying I don't have them
Even in a motorcycle with all the wind in the world, heat is heat. It's like riding or driving through a har drier.

I still do it anyway though

Engine started to leak oil, found out why. Gasket must not have set right. Also fixed the shifting problem it had, had a plugged vacuum line and a bent shift modulator.

The plain AM/FM is $180 I think. It really only matters if you really want a factory look, though. That's why I got mine.

Fair enough. My current vape tier head unit has an aux cord and for me that's all I care about

What do y'all think of this?


obviously test it before you buy it but my work has shit like this, the thing is they dump out so much exhaust heat they'll just make the room hotter unless you set up a dedicated vent.

I'd just wheel it outside, I honestly know nothing about how to use it, what should I test besides the obvious that it powers up?

>you're chilling in the pits and this guy comes up and yells "LET'S GET ENERGIZED" before he forcefully brushes your teeth
wat do you do?

That it blows cold air.

It's a recovery/recharge machine for R12, it doesn't blow anything

oh fuck

Tell him he's not as pleasant as Larson

What car cleaning products do you all use? I washed my car and used Meguiar's Rubbing Compound on every body panel. I've never used it before and prior to the paint was very dull. Needless to say it's some damn good shit.

>Pic Related

I'm kind of sad no one had anything to say about my Polara ;_;

Your paint must have been really bad for compound to make it look better. Meguiars is good stuff. You're supposed buff it with wax and a power buffer after compound. Or at least do a hand wax job. If you're not familiar with how to power buff paint, I would suggest letting a paint correction professional do it, you can burn the paint if you don't do it right.

Pics of your car?

Must be nice that you can even get a direct fit vintage air kit. Nobody makes one for my truck so I'm going to have to measure and hope a sales rep can help me build a kit that will fit my truck.

My current airbox works, I just don't have a condenser, compressor, or evaporator core. But it has everything else.

Anybody know of a good place to get factory parts for what I'm missing?

me and some friends went for a cruise in the shitbox a few nights ago
lost most of the footage

It actually looks pretty cool. How do you deal with more than one project at a time? My Bronco pretty much consumes all of my free time not spent with my fiance.

we aren't here to jerk you off.

Prioritize. The Impala is pretty much done. The International is getting to the point where I can focus on body and paint now that the exhaust and suspension is done. The Polara will be interesing, I'll start with getting it running and cleaning it up, then evaluating the damage from two years sitting in the grass. Already sourced rear quarters for it.

Well that's cool that you can manage all that. Does the Polara run and drive? Or will it have to be towed?
What sucks about my projects is they have to out of the shop the next day because we don't have enough extra lifts where it can just sit. And for big stuff, I have to tear it down at my parents house (apartment cuck...for now).

And I know it's not a classic, but I figured some of you might find this interesting. I did a timelapse video of me doing a timing chain recall on a QX56.

>I did a timelapse video of me doing a timing chain recall on a QX56.
I would watch it except i'm not a masochist.

Yeah, I'll be running short of room with the addition of this one. I'm going to have to buy another pop up garage to keep it in once I get it running.

I'll be towing it home in the morning, then I'll start frigging with it. Probably check the fluids and then try starting it out of a gas can. It was last run two years ago, which isn't terrible. My Dart sat for 8 years before I got that running, but it was stored inside.

Not sure how to take that.

What i'm saying is i want to keep my hands clean of Nissan timing chain work. Fuck that shit.

Ah. Yeah, I don't blame you. It's not a big deal to me anymore, they're gravy now but that's because I did them everyday for 6 months straight last year. It was good money, but it was a fucking beating.

Thanks for the reply bud. The paint is intact but hadn't received the utmost care due to other things happening in life. I took this past week though to detail it; I did a proper wash & rubbing compounded it, and polished all the chrome (which there is A LOT of it). I plan on going back and doing the chrome again as with each pass it's removing a lot of the dullness.

1977 Ford F150 with 460. This was after a wash, paint is quite faded but still looks good.

That's why I'm selling off some of mine, I stretched myself too thin. Enough time is always an issue, and so is money. I'm moving from the armpit to NC next year also, so I need to save what I can.

I hate mopar, but I'm glad for you man, hope you enjoy it, and free is fucking free for sure.

Pic from a month or 2 ago, Indian woman "mistook the gas pedal for the brake". These are the drivers I share the road with.

Sweet truck! Any more pictures?

I'm a GM guy myself, but I'm not a snob by any means. My first classic was a 65 Dart. And the price is right! It should be a fun project.