Name a bigger douchebag brand than this. I'll wait

Name a bigger douchebag brand than this. I'll wait.

The best part is the douches usually pretend they're richfags driving limos when in reality this is the #1 shitbox of Europe.

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*rides your ass*

>rusted out e36 shitter

People who drive Audi are actually either rich businessmen or politicians though. The douche factor comes from LARPing as being rich because muh bimmer but in reality driving a shitbox as in the OP.

I'll concede that the ones that drive 80s-90s Audis are douches on the level of BMW drivers. Meanwhile BMW of every year, decade, century, is a certified douchemobile.

e36's are cheap as fuck, most popular drift cars along e46's in europe because they are really good cars.
Sucks for you that you let some social stigmas keep you from driving great cars, you beta.

But Audis are cheaper than BMWs (or Mercedes)
Audi owners are literal poorfags, I don't know any businessmen driving Audis, they usually stick to 7 series/X6 or S class/GLK Mercs.

>The best part is the douches usually pretend they're richfags driving limos when in reality this is the #1 shitbox of Europe.
as an euro where I can pick up nice e36 for sub 1k bimmers are fags but holy shit audi drivers are worse.
Bimmers are actually good cars wheras audis are just fwd/awd volkswagens with chrome and a retarded skinhead behind the wheel.
they're literally dirt cheap shitboxes.
You can get 2010 bimmer for sub 10k

i drive a car faggier than a fucking miata.
E36 and e46 are most popular drift cars because every retard who burns rubber in a parking lot thinks they can drift and these two are the cheapest RWD car you can get.
I don't argue that they're good but I'd rather keep the JDM alive.
this audis are for literal chav poorfags.
The brand is deep in the mud.

I'm not talking about parking lot drifters, I am talking about professional drift
JDM cars are a rarity in the European drift scene

From where I'm around, Audis are usually either politician mobile or slightly rich middle manager. Mercedes is usually the preferred brand to them though. Again, I'm talking latest Audis.

Latest Bimmers are shitboxes driven by chavs/bydlos no matter which year you pick.

>E36 and e46 are most popular drift cars because every retard who burns rubber in a parking lot thinks they can drift

Didn't you just confirm them as top douchebag cars then?

>The story concerns a fox that tries to eat grapes from a vine but cannot reach them. Rather than admit defeat, he states they are undesirable. The expression "sour grapes" originated from this fable
if an E36 is outside your reach you proabably cant afford any car

>latest bimmers are shitboxes
>60-160k euro cars are shitboxes
Holy shit you must be driving a Rolls Royce

>muh douchebags
Lmao it sounds like some drifter douche in a BMW fucked your girlfriend you whiny little bitch. Neck yourself

>mfw drive an Audi, not a politician or manager (actually an engineer), and not poor
>Veeky Forums is wrong again

>BMW driver
>fucking anyone

holy shit, maybe like 20 years ago but now? I'm guessing you haven't heard of Elliot Rodger?

Elliot wasn't a douche though
He was a beta autist

even the dumbest sluts can buy a bimmer with pocket change.They are not expensive nor prestigious. They're just the cheapest RWD shitbox you can buy here.
Yes, cheaper than russian cars.

I've only seen two bimmers on the track.
They literally hang in parking lots, turn up for car meets and then drift around in circles infront of salty audifags.

You can be both.

>waaah look at my "expensive" shitbox why wont girls fuck me

Was one of the things he was butthurt about, look at his videos. He brings up his car a lot like any bimmer douche.

>all BMW drivers are virgins because Elliot was a virgin

Shitposting is getting stale these days

Not saying that, what I'm saying is if you own a BMW you won't be getting laid with it.

Bimmers are cheap that's what makes them great cars.
For roughly 1k euros you can get a 325i which brings you a perfectly smooth (and bulletproof) inline 6 engine, 50/50 weight balance, somewhat sporty suspension setup, RWD, good steering response, cheap parts, decent fuel mileage.
It can be both a nice DD and a twisty road/hektik skid car, all for 1k.

Is your reading comprehension and short term memory so bad that you can't even remember the things you said 3 minutes ago, or do you think that WE are retarded?

>literally "BMW drivers don't fuck anyone"

I'm more of wondering whether you're retarded.

What I clearly and obviously meant was that you're not letting laid by driving up to someone with a BMW. You can get laid IN SPITE of that though.

Also the M50 2.5 liter engine in the 325i is a very popular choice in Europe for turbo swaps.
The stock block holds about 500hp reliably, a modified block can reach 700+hp.

that's the whole point though, if you treat them as a cheap shitbox which does your job, fine, the problem is when people treat them as if they're some kind of prestigious limo when they're not

I have never seen anyone treating their E36 like a prestigious car though

you're lucky then, because they're the top rated pretentious car

i am not arguing that bimmers are bad I've been constantly saying that they're great cars.
And 1k 325i is not a great daily, my friend just survived one

>great cars

yeah if you like the EU's successor to the USSR trabant/yugo

There was this one country douchebag stationed with me in Quantico with an e36 318i or 320i (all I remember is that it was NOT even so much as a 325), that he ran into the ground.

Electric blue, with M3 badges, a wing, and body kit, torn up interior, front bumper barely holding on, paint oxidizing on the roof, just a comlete shit heap that I wouldn't even pay 1k for. He was smart enough to never admit how much he got scalped for.

I don't fault him for taking his paycheck and immediately buying a BMW (I did the same thing, e90 though), but Jesus this dude was the absolute worst. He would complain about maintenance and parts costs, all while talking it up like it was a refined sports car, and would never be the one to tell anyone "It's not actually an M3".

I loathed that fucker.

The eternal BMW hater strikes again.


t. BMW fan who thinks he's driving a luxurious "sports car"


>implying BMWs are not luxurious
>implying BMW doesn't produce sports cars
shitbox owner detected.

Literally standard BMW owner. By luxurious rich car you mean your standard bydlo/chav wagecuck ride? Jesus Christ.

it's another episode of ''shitbox owner claims BMW's are not luxurious'', nothing to see here

satan confirms

But I don't own a BMW, how could I be a shitbox owner?

That is a fucking excellent film.
I just sat for an hour watching that producer, everything I've seen of his has been top class.
Well worth the time

Yesterday an Audi tailgated the shit out of me while I was stuck behind another Audi going like 10mph below the speedlimit. I felt violated.

I agree, his videos aee giving good vibes.
I know the guy personally, decent dude

i'm assuming you're a proud owner


Fucking this. The cheaper they get eg Boxster or Gayman, The douchier you look driving them. Bouns points for a convertible to show off your bald spot.



$150k in liquid assets
I drive a used econobox because I understand compound interest.
Wouldn't buy a BMW in a million years because I don't want to be associated with plebeians on car loans.

Where do you live in Europe to be able to get cars this cheap? Dutch fag here, every single car would cost me a fortune unless I'm buying a car that is on its last legs.

Which BMW has 3cyl Diesel engine.

2 series active tourer and 1 series hatchbacks


>tfw buying a 316i compact soon

I give exactly zero fucks about the brand, I just want the cheapest RWD shitbox with a jolly engine.

but they are cheap. it's honestly the only car i would buy because i'm a student and all other cars are expensive.

They're nice, I had a E46 316ti a while ago.

Get one with decent spec and interior.

How about the M52 and M54? Are they still good engines or did the quality go down?

the quality did not go down but the biggest advantage the M50 has over those engines is that it has a cast iron block, the M52 and M54 are using alusil blocks which do not hold high boost as good
also the early M50's had no VANOS system which is an advantage for turbos

should I as first car?
excuse the languageës/AUTOMJETE/Makina/BMW/Seri-3/320/Bmw-320CD--coupe-diesel-/4337453

those blacked out taillights and dual exhaust pipes just scream rice
otherwise fine car

Cheap pussy magnet

so that means he couldve fucked it up somehow?
albanian sure like messing around with their cars
guess ill keep an eye for something else

Train train, I love my sevens

When you say high boost, what kind of figures? I like the early 2000s 3series, I just think they're a little underpowered, so just boosting it to like 250 hp would make me happy. Sorry, I don't know shit about kraut cars, I like nipmobiles.

That's a VW Beetle with an Audi body

Our used market prices aren't the problem, look at the absolute fuckton of Twingos for 500 eurobucks.
CO2 tax on new cars, gas prices and monthly road taxes are the real killers.

250hp lol a stock e46 330ci pushes 231hp
a stock m50 block can hold about 400-500hp reliably