ITT open google maps and go to some random place in Japan

ITT open google maps and go to some random place in Japan.
Use street view and try to find interessting cars.

post results.

Japan is such a weird place layout-wise. Apart from commercial zones lumped around train stops it's all just miles and miles of tiny cardboard houses right next to the road, randomly interrupted by tiny agricultural fields. Who the hell randomly puts houses and fields next to each other?

And what is this thing anyway? I had to zoom in from a distance, all the other views would've been obscured by the car next to it. I mean, I know there are a few weirdly retro looking versions of modern cars in Japan, but which is it?

that kit is fucking ugly god damn

85 or 86?

There is too much going on

Posting some of my finds from like 2 years ago

plastic grill means 85 i think

this is a first gen impreza right? i didnt think they made wagon 1st gens

Why the fuck is Japan allowed to have 39 mile touge while central yurop has literally none.
Im fucking jelly



I cant play this game for shit. In the last half an hour I only found riced out suzuki pickups and priuses

85. 86 has pop up head lights

>what is the AE86 Levin?

Some lexus thingy
Thought they where just rebadged toyotas?

kys you brainless idiot

Not anymore. The 'grass is always greener' effect opened a market for Toyota to Ford/Lincoln themselves

Is this a nigger caddilac

You have absolutely shit taste

I want to have sex with this car


Can't find a single interesting car around the whole suzuka circuit.
Found these cute fuckers though.


Took me literally an hour to find something.

Found this in Hiroshima. Can't say the exact location though, I found this like 5 months ago

>light weight car shop
>these pigfat cars

jackpot on Fuji

> i didnt think they made wagon 1st gens
Where did you get this?

>Retarded 3 spoke nigger tier advan's on an Rx7


anotha one

They're period you dumb underage nigger.

am i doing it right?

Shitton of mountains, It's simillar near the alps

So the race was starting and Google car accidentally broke into?

uh I think you do mate.

I like aero kits on Silvias but the one OP posted is fugly, you are the one with shit taste here.

surprised that no one posted that so far

>toccata and fugue starts playing

>Who the hell randomly puts houses and fields next to each other?

If a certain percentage of the parcel is used for agriculture, they pay essentially zero property tax.

>what is the AE85 Levin?

the 86's (left) grill is slotted whilst the 85's (right) is full

That doesn't make them less ugly lol

jeb siÄ™ skurwielu


Some gems here and there. Even though the houses look like third world cardbox like Brazil or the US. I'm in Kobe atm. Going to Tokyo next

I want to say this is a offshoot Mira Gino but I feel that the roofline is too tall.

Incubus song. It said, "hold the wheel and drive." I did it and it worked.

I found a Kawasaki in Kawasaki!!

I remember from playing a while ago that mercs were quite easy to find in Tokyo
Akihabara had a couple roaming around

Make that a fuckin sedan and I'd stick my dick into that type-r. HNGH



>advan sa3r
>nigger tier

please fucking gas yourself.


japs really like mini from what ive noticed, they probably think its cute

>light weight car shop
>moostang and SUVs




Really weird residential neighborhood near Kobe.

This one is blowing my mind
>2 Door
>Huge ground clearance for the body type
>Looks like MINI and Jeep had an illegitimate lovechild
>That hood scoop
What car is this?
Found in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture


Looks like a Suzuki Samurai / Jimny

Jimny, the successor of the Samurai, with an aftermarket grille. And the Samurai should be familiar to you because it was available even in the US.

I always imagine Samurais with their backs off, so seeing something like it with a hardtop back threw me off.

bet it's Yakuza

Is this some sort of fucking joke, how can I not find a single interesting car, let alone a JDM car, in fucking Japan. I've been looking in all the major cities and can't find jack shit.

I even went to fucking Okinawa and the US base but there's nothing fucking there. You cunts said there's heaps of R32s in Okinawa, but I don't see shit.

Too far too long to find anything interesting

What am I looking at?

did you even notice the jzx81 mkii on the right?

>going to daikoku pa

that white mkii blit tho. Such a badass car. 1j powered


God damn it I just noticed it looks like someone backed into it on the front right drivers side. Im so fucking mad. That thing has been sitting there for at least 5 years but likely much longer than that. I saw it there on that corner back in 2012 and every year I've come back to check on it, it hasn't moved since. I always wanted to go out there save it one day. In a year I'll have a job where I can afford to do something like that. Now it looks like I might have been too late :(

I've flown out to Japan 3 times in the last few years and it has always been sitting there. Pic of what the front end used to look like before some asshole hit it. Would have made a really cool project car.




a boring ass audi available pretty much everywhere in the world?

Akihabara probably has the least mercs of all of Tokyo.. they're everywhere tho.

couldn't get a better pic but i found this at Nagano

asked my friend who went on a holiday last year where he stayed so i ended up there

Implying it wouldn't look better with some oem wheels

Looks like a dc5 type r t me

155 GTA-z

>stance garbage

86, it's a facelift grille.