Just pre-ordered a 2018 Volkswagen Arteon, AMA

Just pre-ordered a 2018 Volkswagen Arteon, AMA

which trim level did you go for and why?

What's an arteon

2.0L TSI (276 ps) w/ 7 speed DSG and paddleshift

Golf with a bodykit

probably a cool car but not worth 30-40k...
rather get a golf r, or a fully loaded gti

same platform =/= same car dude. while an a3 and TT and beetle are in fact a golf with a bodykit, this is an entirely different car.

>lies vagfags tell themselves

Yes, it's a Passat with a bodykit.

>Same price as a Model 3 for an unreliable german cheatercar

All VWs are identical in front of the firewall (except the trucks)

>Yeah, German engineering is just a meme guys, French, British and Italian cars are much better built!

Fuck off dumb shit

MQB is a platform that means while the cars are constructed similarly, they are not the same car...
And no, the Passat isn't a coupe style sedan.


The reason companies do this is to keep costs lower. It's why Volvo dumped their 5cyl and jumped to 4cyl turbos. Economies of scale and all that.

Enjoy it OP, Golf R owner here, love the brand.

Its a gorgeous profile on it but the front isn't perfect in my opinion, looks a bit like a Renault. Black out the grill and it would be better.

Also, the interior. What could have been....

I understand it. It's not a bad thing at all.
Prove it? A passat and arteon would both be 40k vw cars. Vw didn't even like that the CC took passat sales away

Never heard of this car but that's probably the only Volkswagen I've ever liked the design of, looks good.

I've seen the Arteon already and had the chance to take a closer look at it. Trust me, you should have gone for the Passat wagon. The interior is exactly the same and the Passat is more spacious and more practical and just as fast. And it's cheaper

they really should have added even more horizontal lines to the front. you can never have enough of them

air vent across the whole panel?
wait, i've seen that before...
lmao audi is even more becoming VW like, they even ditched torsen AWD

Looks cool i want to drive it

Jesus christ that looks like shit. Made worse with the puke color they put on it

why didnt you just buy a passat CC?

It's not puke, it's baby food

The arteon is its replacement

are you gay?

Looks like a Passat crossed with the latest gen Civic

Nothing but a miserable pile of scraps


No one said anything about French, British or Italian cars.
Japanese cars, however...

Why do people here shit so much on German cars? Is it because this board is filled with muricans who love sucking Japanese dicks?

Where I live VW's are actually a pretty nice. We do small maintenance checks every 10k Km, big ones every 50k or before big road trips. Like 25% of the people here drive VW and this isn't even Germany. People would not buy a piece of trash for 20k-40k euros if there are so much more apternatives.

>and why