East Block

ITT it's 1979 and you are a citizen of the Soviet Union, you've just been given a ticket for any (normal/civilian) eastern block car. What car do you choose and why?

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It's really hard to resist the ZAZ-968 with its charming rear-mounted air-cooled V4 and surprising offroad capabilities, but I'm pretty sure the GAZ-21 is simply the much better car. Better styling, better materials, more powerful, bigger.

1977 Volga Gaz

1979 Lada Niva
In a nice patriotic dark red please, party officer

>mere citizen
>not even related to Politburo member

>given a ticket for a car
Hahaha, comrade OP has vodka for brains


but kamerad

I already ordered my car in 1965

Im just waiting for it to arrive


Snap oversteer is basically: "I can't drive so I'll blame the car."

wait five years and get a Skoda Rapid 136

Why do all these cars look so fucking good

*Blocks your gravel road*

Eastern European industrial aesthetics are top-tier.

I want to unironically buy a Trabi. Also is this game any good?

>white tyre walls
>even on a dumper
a e s t h e t i c s

hello 1970's /dbt/ I am trying to get my komsomol son picture related is this a good beginner bike?




my summer car is better if you havent played that one yet


police spec dorito vaz

better for autism

not an immersive ride around Europe

This is true
my grandpa bought a brand new white Lada in the 80's
he indeed was a Politburo member

OP here, grandpa was a factory worker, but got his ticket from the director of the factor since he didn't need a car.

He bought himself a cream white pic related


Little bit of a stretch - it was preferred by the upper class

I'd go with a Lada Niva

Good choice.

I'd be split between a Lada Niva and VAZ-2101, but with the Fiat 124 underpinnings I think I'd probably end up going with the 2101.


needs more Trabbie engine

Paid cash for it too, I bet? No such thing as easy payment terms or financing for autos in the Soviet Union?

I don't know if it's available to civvies, but after countless hours in ARMA and DayZ, the UAZ469 is the only choice for me.

Got a small collection.
Trabant kubel
Fso 125 pickup
Dnepr k750
Fiat 126p


That didn't work like that. All you could get was hammer and nails and there was not freedom of choice.



He, my grandma and my dad were selling cucumbers and other crap gathered from their little plot of farmland until they got enough, 20k rubles or thereabouts I think

I'ts probably not a smartest choce, but I recently saw a nicely restored Izh 2715, so I'll go with that one, or maybe the pickup version.

Good choice comrade

Mid engine
Rear wheel drive
Gull wing doors
manual 5 speed
690 kg (1522lbs)
3-cylinder 2-stroke 992 cm3 engine
70hp (with sport carburator 100)

I guess its the best "fun" car they were allowed to do.


I feel bad for that car in the pic.

>100hp with sports carb
That's better than contemporary American cars did in the 70's

They actually were allowed to have fun cars in the Soviet Union? Who was it for, high ranking party members?

Exactly those

>trade it for a smuggle to west Germany where i fly to America, sell Soviet secrets and buy a used 7 liter Galaxie.

are you cyanide steve by any chance?

>p/w ratio of .0467
>Hemi cuda p/w ratio = .1468
Lets not mince words, at some point you just straight up need more power.

no, but i bought it from someone named Steve

why wait?