Bit of a niche request...

Bit of a niche request, but I was wondering if anyone had pictures of MK3 Supras in Japan in the 90s (not including the Mid Night Club ones)

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I have this rather dandy pic

Here you go.

This Supra makes me so fucking horny



I have a few








some bonus cars for you too




i think this magazine was from the late 90s? migh'tve been early 2000s though


how about the minolta supra


this is from the 80s but close enough


alright this is all i have for mk3 supras in the 90s

have an animu pic too since this is Veeky Forums


c l a s s i c p i c t u r e

While not in Japan, it's still a RHD A70

Is this a Toyota cruise?

Posting pics of my dad

That's a Celica though.

Are you retarded?

desu I confused it with this

fuck me that looks so much better than a mk4

jesus christ is she a midget or is that car enormous

not 90s but still a mk3

She's crouching

omg yes this is best thread
many thank cihan

more mk3 pls

Arnie is true hero

part 2 of the MAN


MKIII supras are my fetish


race car is best car

i never noticed that the majority of my a70 pics are of udsm ones

Is that a coke bottle

actual jdm

probably, lord knows what kind of wackjob made that car

if you've every trolled through yahoo jp and wondered what it looked like in the flesh, here's the front of the godfather kit

wait, is that the gf kit? fuk i cant remeber,
the gf sticks out long, but it's more square iirc

i like it desu

It's a 180 sx pignose on your picture .

>know hardly anything about jap cars
>this thread

What was the top of the range model?
How do you get more power out of this one.

That looks fantastic.

Don't buy a non jap mk3, outside of japan we got cucked with a 7MGE which is a grenade. best way to get one in the UK is through importing a "JZA70" VIN one. much more power because 1jz and it's twin turbo / turbo whereas the 7MGE is NA. the 7MGE is also awful from factory due to incorrectly torqued head bolts and various other fuckups.

t. fellow britfag and autist


Goog thing about the 7M is its a great engine once you fix the headgasket and head studs but it's still something you'd wanna dedicate yourself to.

Non jap MK3's can have 1j's dropped straight into them with no fab required