Meanwhile, every "car person" they know just constantly bashes EVs and calls them shit

>meanwhile, every "car person" they know just constantly bashes EVs and calls them shit
they're just rooting for the underdog you all created

nice hotlap car, can it do 2 laps without recharging? 3?

>heh it can go 300 miles without recharging? let me know when it can go 3000 miles!

Unpopular opinion:
I know that this may sound like bad news... but is it, I am quite neutral on this, on one hand it is bad news that petrol is no longer the superior fuel source, but at the same time this might be good because I always see people on this board complain about how bleak and boring electric cars are and this video says that they may not be as bleak and boring as we think.
Yes, I also prefer petrol over electric, but unlike electricity, fossil fuels won't last forever. So try and enjoy this time with your current cars until it's too late

>>people who hate cars and racing rejoice and starts shitting on car people and cars in general

no, it's just you who's giving them that label

>unlike electricity, fossil fuels won't last forever.
really nigga? really? do you honestly believe electricity will be around forever?

Destroy that car Now! Electrical sh*t is no good for racing.

>homo promo

>Sounds like my washing machine on a normal cycle..

>electric race cars are stupid shit no soung and no gears and they are heave

>Fast Vacuumcleaner. ... horribly boring :(

>YAY!? Without any engine sound what is the point? Good for you, you drove a life size RC toy around a track...

>It's heartbreaking to see an electric battery powered car set a record on the worlds greatest track. It's even more heartbreaking to see that people actually like the look and also the sound of these things.

>How can a slightly modified Prius win against the Porsche 918..

>Only mechanical engine + petrol, that electric toy sounds like my shaving machine... the beauty of motorsport, is in the engine sound,

>don't Like no sound...

>This cannot be true, petrol cars are faster

>But it sounds shit. Its a fact

>Chinese car with ripped off European technology typical Chinese .


>Electric is gay

>sound like a fuckin toy machine

>I'll never buy an electric car. sounds retarded

>what a joke it has a vaccuum cleaner sound worst game ever !

>Sounds like me taking a piss... . I hate electric cars...

>so fucking boring with this TOY sound. i wouldnt drive a electric car even if im paid 1M for it.

in what circumstance would it not be?

Yes, because people will always find new ways to generate electricity

I want a hybrid supercar or something with a kers system

Some day we will run out of lightning, we will see who will be laughing then electrocucks.

Fact: electric motors have an efficiency over 90% and instant torque
Once the energy storage problem is solved, it's 100% game over for ICE.
It's probably going to be hydrogen fuel cells combined with super capacitors.

>Some day we will run out of lightning
You have to be over 18 to use this board

fact: 100% of electric motors lose power in cold weather leaving you stranded and having to call for chads truck for help

>electric motors lose power in cold weather
Wrong. Lithium batteries do. Not the motors.

>Can't use freevalve

What good is it?

Sure is autism in here.

Sure is autism in here.

and what powers the motor ?

You were wrong dude, he got you.