NorCal meets

What went wrong?

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niggers and your mom

I did that once.

No safety meetings on stuff like dont pass on a fucking blind corner and driving with traction control off on public roads.

Do us a favor and really drive off the cliff you fake faggot

was there any damage to the the brz?


Front axle ripped off, driver in jail


>safety meetings

i suppose 'dont do stupid shit' wasnt enough for people

>What went wrong?

What is it with califagians all being cringe beta males? Every time they have a meet an autist crashes his shitbox and then posts a pic and compares himself to an initial D character, many such cases.

Great meet up guys!

I went to multiple meets and never had an issue. The crashes are mostly due to people driving too quickly on a road they don't know.

Now maybe they understand "too far."

I desperately want this to be real

See for yourself big guy

Lets have another drive in meet once Black Panther comes out.

>having traction control
lol cucked

>paying to watch propaganda

>plaid shirt
>frameless reading glasses
>dirty sneakers and white socks
>side parting
>drives a BRZ
life imitates art yet again

That guy looks like an absolute faggot

>furrymap up on the computer

Jesus christ Veeky Forums

Those are cargo pants.

Your cuckwear all look the same to me, Veeky Forumsggot

>fat fuck sitting on the exercize bike to watch hentai
oh fuck this is gold

>Veeky Forums
>ever caught dead wearing something as plebeian and wal-mart special as cargo jeans

nu/fa/ is full of betas that wear such shit

is it life imitates are that people are stupid enough on Veeky Forums to not actually know what chinos are

>norcal meet
>youre either in your 30's, fat, and watching hentai or a lanky numale looking homo driving your 86 off a cliff
Really makes me think
well at least youre better than socal

How do you even crash an 86? They are the easiest cars to control.

a very large percent of them are babbies first sports car

>predicted they all crush into each other butts
>was not proven wrong
I have a gift br/o/s

Prius tires.

driver currently gobbling nigger dicks as we speak

(was released on parole two days ago)

but that happens every meet now

I was always under the assumption that those did not have enough power to let you fuck up

They put far too much power in the steering servo. It has more power than the engine.

you pretending to be retarded? Some retard here crashes their shitbox Miata like every other day.

> downhill hairpins on stock prius tires

>"""sports""" car


yes, a sports car you have gift?

Veeky Forums is still /a/ with cars. Nice to know somethings never change. Fuck normalfags.

If that's a sports car, then so is mine, which produces the same amount of horsepower and more torque.

But would you really call my shitbox a sports car? No, absolutely not.

your car is probably a lot heavier, its ok if you forgot math for a few minutes

no one cars about your Japanese V6 Mustang, P-plater.

Back to the MC Forums for you!

this nigga always has a meltdown whenever the GT86 is brought up lmao.

Only by 200kg, or in other words the average American. So it all works out, really.

I'm not the one who derailed an entire thread just to argue that his GT86 is much faster (if at all) than an 18 year old sedan.

>Only by 200kg

lol look at this loser having a meltdown no one likes his skyline sedan lmao

you weigh 200kg less than the guy in OPs pic?

lmao look at this loser having a meltdown he's slower than a gt86


Stop posting anytime senpai

I could be, you never know :^)

>w-why do they all make fun of my shit sedan :((


Don't forget that CVPI is also kill

You are sperging way too hard

Jesus what a waste of an S2000.

nothing of value lost

>STILL mad I constantly make him have daily meltdowns

holy fuck lmao

I just want you to calm down, you are embarassing yourself my man

>pls stop constantly owning me!

I bet you're the almost-base Skyline owner, aren't you?

Oh shit, I didn't know that. That makes my night.

I wish, I still have to wait some years to be able to get a skyline r34

maybe I should start building anrb30 so that it's ready to be dropped once I get one

I hate GTR/skyline shitposters, but fuck off with that drakeposting HURRBTFO OWNED shit. It makes you sound underage.

lol look at this loser having a meltdown

r33 is better imo


zero surprises

if anyone needs fucking TC, it's you.

this will never get old

an r33 is fine too

>when you know you aren't a good driver then people post shit like this and make you wonder

any more?

was this at yesterday's meet?

I think norcal meets are going to stop being a thing

the one person thats been keeping everything together has terminal cancer and is dying in a few weeks and everyone else is crashing

Who would willingly post that on the Internet. Thats retardation.

anyone who actually goes to the Cali autism meets can tell you how stupid mrcummy is IRL.

He's seriously desperate enough for friends he drives over from Nevada lmao.

How will he ever recover

He doesn't.

>norcal o meets

never again

why would anyone turn off traction control? it seems like a handy tool to have at your disposal if the tc computer can do things like brake on specific wheels, react faster than you, etc

Because F1 doesn't have TC

are you implying these people are driving around pretending to be in F1? isn't that something a child would do?

are you implying these people are full blown autists?

For fun, also some TC systems are more intrusive than others.

The TC system on my E63 M6 had three modes, regular, dynamic, and off. Regular would engage traction control pulling away from stop lights pretty regularly, so I rarely drove with it on.

That guy looks exactly how I'd imagine a BRZ driver to look like.

A liberal cuck who probably has a shitty IT job and lives in Cuckaforinia.

low T Hillary voter identified

Why did the NJ meet die?

There hasn't been one in years.

Fuck off buddy, we're full blown experts at driving, TC just holds us back.

TC is for beta manlet commie faggot cucks.

Go to bed, CVPI

>tfw there's not gonna be a meet where i live ever
>i wont get to be sad about my shitbox autotragic

TC off is for tracking your road car, when you're on a road that is designed for crashes it doesn't matter if you go backwards through a wall because it's made of tyres and not solid rock. The idea being with TC off the car can be faster in corners because a TC system will start operating as soon as any tyre loses traction, obviously if the car is braking through a corner you'll come out much slower than if you hit the apex at the maximum speed the car and tyres are capable of.

If you drive on public roads with TC off you're just asking for trouble, if your TC is "intrusive" that means you have shit tyres and/or damaged suspension, the only time it can seem annoying is on a FWD car with high torque, in which case why the fuck did you buy a camry?

>if your TC is "intrusive" that means you have shit tyres and/or damaged suspension

t. britbong who has never driven a car more powerful than his government mandated .8L FWD diesel

What does t. mean?

lurk moar

... So you don't know

I've been here for years and I still don't know.

Phoneposting atm

99% of tards don't know what it means

this perfectly proves my argument, all you care about is doing shitty peg leg burnouts in a mc donalds car park. you don't need torque to do that, anyone in any shitbox can do what you think you need a V8 to do.

>t. newfriend
>t. can't use google


The one guy from Texas? What the hell is he doing in California?

What does it mean, it's not a Veeky Forums thing.