What is his status?

What is his status?


His family won't say, which means that he's a veggie. Otherwise they'd be spreading the good news.

typical german engineering

The man is dead.
His body still lives but he is gone.

He's almost bad as Alonso now. Not quite yet though

>captured with GoPro (TM)

His family sued a newpaper publication for saying he could walk in May under false claims, so there's the upper limit on his wellbeing; he still couldn't walk as of a month ago.



Is he actually vegetable status or is he just crippled or something?

More than likely completely brain dead

>tfw you race at 200+ mph all your life
>decide to go on a cheeky ski vacation

The tree he hit has a better chance of having a driving career or even just walking again.


im pretty sure i read somehwere that he is conscious and awake, just can't speak or move

I've heard he cries when he sees he's family and they point him at the swiss alps all day.


>paralysed in a skiing accident
>forced to look at mountains all day

>Michael Schumacher's Chlorophyll


>tfw you rewatch a Top Gear episode and they wish him a speedy recovery in the news

>'best driver in the world'
>didn't win INDY 500
>didn't win 24hours Le Mans

wew. He was the best at winning a 'world championship' of 2 drivers, him and his team mate.

Sad part is BIG JUAN and his brother almost beat him in the infinitely inferior BMW Williams car.

Alonso and Scott Dixon will always be better

yfw this was during the final season of the real Top Gear

People don't realize that part of the reason his Ferrari was so good is because of him. He helped set up the car and purposely set it up to oversteer a bit coming out of corners. He was one of the few who could handle a car like that.

Ayeyo hol up I got a recent picture of him that was posted on a forum a few months ago. I'll post it when I find it/

Found it

He hit an exposed rock while skiing

>Spend decades racing at sanick speed without a scratch
>Become a legend
>Finally retire
>Fall over
>Fate worse than death

>indy 500
>24hrs of lemans
>as a formula one driver


He's alright. Here's a picture of him preparing to lap the burgerking fairly recently.

The triple crown man.

A lot of former F1 drivers go on to endurance racing series or to indy car once they're done with F1 and it's asinine political shit all the time


If someone has written trash fiction about some cunt getting isekaied as a vending machine, someone has to have written about a German F1 champ getting brought into a fantasy world.

Please explain

how are you this new to motorsports?


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not like I care
Prost is the GOAT anyway