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post questions related to driving a manual car here.

relatively new manual driver . what would one need to do to 'burn out the clutch'

and what constitutes as riding the clutch.?

when I'm at the front at a stop light I sit there with my foot pushing down the clutch pedal whilst being in first. some people say that's riding the clutch and some people say that's normal.

and how badly am I fucking shit up if my revs are at around 2k when taking off?

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dont keep your foot on clutch at stoplight, you're gonna fuck up the bearings. leave it in neutral. only use clutch when shifting and thats it.

when I'm driving at a low speed, I can't downshift to 1st gear, it won't let me, I have to completely stop the car to shift to the 1st gear, this wasn't always this way, what did I break?

Have you tried letting the clutch out in neutral, then pushing the clutch in and trying to shift into 1st again? You haven't "broken" anything, the synchros have just worn down. It's typical and will happen to every manual gearbox given enough time. All you can do is work around it and make sure your driving habits aren't slowly killing the rest of the gears too.

yes I have, thanks for the answer.

what should I do to avoid wearing my synchros?

First gear is really only useful for getting started. Just downshift to second instead.

By shifting firmly but gently. The less force you use on the stick putting it in gear, the less contact and friction put onto the synchros. Start with fingertip-light pressure, then quickly but smoothly apply more and more pressure until the shifter pops into gear. Get used to the amount of force required at that last moment as it falls in, and make it a habit in daily driving to never shift harder than that.

What really kills a manual transmission's longevity of smooth shifting are dickheads slamming their shifter into gear without taking so much as a split second to feel what the gearbox itself wants to do. Synchros can't do their job when the driver is ripping it out of 1st and slamming it into 2nd. The long and short of it is to not shift like you are in a rush. Not that you should shift slow or anything, but you learn how slow you need to go to be smooth given enough time.

What do you drive, user?

I'm getting my focus fixed, so in the meantime I have to drive my old Diesel Palio, I remember drag racing all the time with it, probably killed my synchros there


Even if the car rumbles a little when you apply throttle, 2nd gear is your go-to gear for lower speeds.
First gear is only for getting the car moving.
You should practice not using full gas when in low revs in 2nd gear, just let it roll and gain speed gently until 1500-2000 RPM and then you can put your foot to the floor.
Same can be done in other gears. Let's say someone on a country road has to turn, and you have to brake down a bit because of incoming traffic. Instead of shifting gears because you are in the low end of the RPM, just apply a bit of throttle while in fifth gear until the car stops rumbling and then you can push down the pedal for quicker accelleration.

This also saves gas and wear on the gearbox.

Just don't put the pedal to the floor when you have low RPM, let it rise gradually

If you take care with your throttle, you can start from an intersection in 3rd or 4th gear, it will just go very very very slow to begin with.

What do you guys do when you see a turn you have to slow down for up ahead?

Do you downshift into 2nd or 3rd or do you just coast in neutral, turn, and then go back into gear?

great info, thanks for that, I drive in heavy traffic all the time so I got used to downshifting for better acceleration.

Anyway I'm selling this car soon, so screw it desu, I've had it for 8 years it's time to let go.

What do you drive anons?

I'm a horrible person for doing this, but I ride the clutch through the turn, then shift into second or third depending on how fast I'm going.

neutral, turn and then shift back, sometimes I shift while I'm turning. You can do too but I wouldn't suggest it

>coasting a car through a corner
holy shit, i thought that Veeky Forums wasn't this dumb

This is also true. I got so caught up in answering the specifics of his question that I forgot the most practical advice: Use 1st less. Thanks for mentioning it.

I live in Burgerland, so I had to look that car up. First time I saw a Fiat that I actually like!

This guy is also 100% correct. The gas pedal part especially, don't over load the engine in low revs, and give more gas as you climb the tach.

I almost never coast through a turn. If I'm in a turn and the car is not in gear, it's probably because I'm midway through an upshift. If I need to downshift for an approaching corner, I always do it before I'm in the turn.

No problem, user. I drive a 328xi

>dont keep your foot on clutch at stoplight, you're gonna fuck up the bearings. leave it in neutral.

is it worth putting an automatic in neutral at stops, too?

just about every one I've had pushes rpm way too high with the brake on while stopped, it just feels like a lot of stress on the car is relieved in neutral

>s rpm way too high with th
adjust your throttle cable, or clean it up/replace it. Also clean throttle body

I linked in a few threads ago and no one could tell me exactly what this guy was doing wrong.


No, you aren't wearing out any parts by standing on the brake at a stop light in an automatic. The higher RPMs could be due to a number of things, but the action you described is perfectly fine on a car and by itself won't cause any problems.

He randomly goes into neutral for no reason and puts unnecessary abuse on his transmission by forcing (Slamming) it into gear without clutch (sometimes he releases clutch after its already in gear for some reason).

he also doesn't let off throttle when upshifting

Oh lord. This video is my trigger.

@ 1:22, you hear that sound? You see the stick shaking in his hard? He's trying to force the gearbox into 2nd waaaay to fast, well after he has already let the clutch back out. He is physically holding the stick in when the gears are not at the right speed to match the wheels with the engine RPM's. He might as well not even USE the clutch pedal.

He does the exact same thing going into 3rd, one second later. He is pushing the clutch in, slamming into gear, and letting the clutch out instantly, or "popping" the clutch. That nasty, unhealthy racing sound of the engine is the sound of a car crying, not knowing what to do.

This man deserves to be strung up by his toes. Do NOT look at this guy and get the impression that this is how fast one should be shifting. If he slowed his left foot down by a factor of 3x and stopped slamming the shifter, he would be fine, but he's driving like he's drag racing a 3k honda civic. Every single one of his driving habits is murdering his gearbox.

I'd rather do that than downshift and wear out my car

Jesus Christ I would suck those toes until there was nothing but bone left.

is this a bad thing to do?

When in stop n go traffic, say im in 1st gear and moving to about 4k(?) rpm but the car lurches and doesn't like me taking my foot off the gas, but 2nd is too high of a gear that the car will stall what do?

cute feet

>26 years old
>never learnt how to drive a manual car
>want a blob eye wrx

is this a bad idea for a first manual car which I will also be learning on

Slip the clutch in 2nd

I'm currently trying to get enough hours behind the wheel so that I can finally get my license. The thing is my family's car is a 04 Saturn Ion with a stick. I've been able to get some time behind the wheel and have improved my shifting. However I still have issues stalling out when I'm getting ready to accelerate from a stop as well downshifting before turning.

don't be afraid to step on the gas a little

Isn't that perfectly normal?

If you have the clutch pedal fully engaged then the clutch isn't touching the engine. Now if you had the clutch partially engaged then it would be bad. Sitting there with the brake and the clutch pedal fully depressed until the light turns green, then starting off like normal won't hurt anything.

just ride the clutch when taking off in first

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what the fuck

If its stop and go (

Why does Veeky Forums hate using the handbrake? Yes, you can just use the brake pedal and clutch for hill starts but it's more complicated with a greater chance of rolling back and doesn't really offer anything over just using the handbrake.

It's an American thing apparently. Here in UK & Europe its totally normal to use the handbrake for hill starts or any stop longer than 5 seconds or so. We do tend to have much crappier roads with a lot more hills than the US though.

there's no need to ever shift in first while driving, however slow.

>Same can be done in other gears. Let's say someone on a country road has to turn, and you have to brake down a bit because of incoming traffic. Instead of shifting gears because you are in the low end of the RPM, just apply a bit of throttle while in fifth gear until the car stops rumbling and then you can push down the pedal for quicker accelleration.

jesus fucking christ man, what the fuck are you talking about? that's absolutely not how you do it. you downshift to fourth. if it's such a bother to you to shift gears, just drive automatic, or better yet, stay of the road.

yes, it's bad. not for the clutch if you know how to rev match (but i doubt it because you are clearly showing lack of driving skill), but it's bad because you fuck up the car balance like that. you'll kill yourself like that.

downshifting is not "wearing down the car" if you do it properly. lrn2drive.

not a chance 2nd is to high while at 4k.

Should I buy a manual truck as a first vehicle. Mommy thinks it'll distract me and I'll die but manuals are so cool.

if anything manual prevents you from getting distracted. I find myself playing with the radio or checking my phone or some shit whenever I am driving an automatic.

I find you're more involved with a manual. Like you're actually controlling the car and how it drives.

He looks like a dumbfuck too, he should be shot, makes me sick to see someone drive like that, he must be painfully, massively retarded

Wears out the throw out bearing right?

Exactly man, doing what the quoted poster said here is absolutely retarded and you should just get an auto

Opposite, it forces you to concentrate, at least until you're very comfortable with it

exactly the opposite, it forces you to concentrate because you have to switch gears.

I've seen your roads, they're pretty great compared to WI. I have to downshift to second for this one rail crossing in my town.

>he fucks up going into third
>in a four speed

>turns wheel while car is not moving
>revs in neutral
>that launch
what the fuck even
>yanks shift knob harder than his dad's dick
>rests hand on shift knob for no reason
>80 in a 60

Is he making a poor attempt at clutchless upshifting? Does he have a sequential gearbox that we don't know about?

>2nd gear pulls

>passes on the right

He probably thinks he's a genius too.
To the contrary, a manual transmission engages you in driving much more. Driving an automatic, I have found that you mind starts to wander because you have less to focus on.

what's wrong with 2nd gear pulls???

bought an ae86 and am learning stick on it, luckily t50s are cheap if i'm awful, which i'm sure i am.

>been driving stick for three weeks
>haven't stalled in two
>stall twice today in the parking lot like a fucking idiot
>in front of coworkers

I really thought I had the muscle memory formed by now, until this shit happened. Maybe I was just tired enough to forgot I had to give it gas when letting out the clutch, but I didn't have any problems with that on the way in. This shame is unbearable.

nigga what

The road was fine for the speed he was going, but not with the traffic around.

>sitting in parking lot
>see some guy in a R33 skyline reversing out
>stalls it twice
>after he gets going i hear him stall it again
pic related his face the whole time

I wanted it, so I bought it and I'm in the middle of restoring. Had never driven a stick until the day I bought it.

just bought a amnaul 2002 civic and have been practicing in my yard before i went out any

im easing off the clutch while i give it gas and ive been practicing on a paved hill in my backyard and what i have been doing is holding foot on brake and clutch, easing off clutch a little bit and then reving it a little and that seems to work

yesterday id either stall or spin tires but today of the 7-8 times i only stalled once and went up the hill only rolling back maybe 6 inches

is that good? am i doing the clutch right? giving it gas while im easing off it?

when i drive on the road ill be more careful about pulling out if cars are closer just in case i stall

I've noticed I tend to stall more when I'm around people. Like yesterday I made it to the next town over and back without stalling at all, but today I stalled twice driving home from Walmart, first when backing out of my parking space and again when some kid was waiting to cross the street. He gave me a "what the fuck is wrong with you" look and proceeded to walk behind my car.

This is called autism. If you need to jerk your car off to stay focused on driving, you have problems.

I'm sure plenty of normies could use a manual transmission to boost their attention. I've seen people texting, eating, putting on makeup, etc. while driving. If they have to do something to prevent their car from blowing the fuck up maybe they'll pay more attention to their driving.

Don't reply to obvious bait.

Yeah, when I was learning I stalled out mostly when someone was behind me at a green light or stop sign. If there was no one there, I was fine. I hope this was an isolated incident due to my state of mind, I know I wasn't the only one at work feeling off today.

Perhaps try not to pay attention to who or what is behind you. Just look at the light and go when it's green. If you're at a stop sign, let the pedestrians cross and the other cars do they thing and give yourself plenty of time to get out ahead of approaching cars.

good luck, user

is it hard to replace a clutch? i imagine either the engine or the transmission is coming out

Come off the accelerator gradually when in first and you can reduce the tendency to lurch. Most cars will crawl along in 2nd at idle on the flat.

>On the flat

>Up an incline

Can confirm. I also only really stalled when learning when cars were behind me and I got nervous. Eventually I just stopped thinking about it because I had an irrational fear of getting rear ended or something because I didn't want to get rear ended but in reality no ones gonna hit you they're just gonna honk and loose their minds and you'll forget about that 5 min later.

transmission come out

ive put a clutch in a semi before and the only hard part seems like putting the transmission back in
>800 lbs of steel has a shaft that has to go in just right

Downshift before the turn of course. What gives people the idea that they should be going through turns in neutral? The implication is that you'll have to chose a lower gear once you're though the turn anyway.

A manual doesn't stop normies from texting, they just let go of their steering wheel if they have to shift, even mid-corner.
Everyday I see enough idiots steering into a corner, going straight for a bit and suddenly jerk it back on the road at the last moment.
If you look inside, they were either making a call or texting on a tablet-sized phone

this is so weird to read, like we live on different planets.

Yurofags not welcome here. You're born knowing how to drive manual. At least give us some credit for trying to be like you.

Being a yorufag doesn't guarantee knowing how to drive manual.
Just go to a city center and watch women in SUV's and retards in pimped golfs park.
>Why do I hear a car hitting the rev limit behind me?
>Women in SUV holding a phone trying to park
>What was that grinding noise?
>Retard just destroyed his aftermarket rims that costed more than the car on the curb

I've wanted to get a manual car for the longest time, but people have always told me "you can't drive stick." But why can't I learn? How does one learn if they don't have any manual cars around them? Do you just buy it and jump in headfirst?

Which brings me to recently. I had the opportunity to drive a manual while I was in Europe and picked it up almost right away. I don't see what the big deal is. My only previous experience if you can call it that was playing Assetto Corsa. The IRL experience was easy and yet whenever I bring up buying a manual people tell me "but you can't drive stick." Why do my fellow Americans make such a big deal out of manual like it is the hardest thing when it took me five minutes to get used to it?

Because most Americans are stupid, and our capitalist economy has led to the creation of inexpensive automatic transmissions that nowadays are superior to manuals (more gears, can shift faster than any human.) So we take autotragic for granted now and think driving manual is stupid. Some people even say it's dangerous 'cause you have to move your feet or even look away from the road for a half second if you're not used to the shift pattern! [sarcasm]That must be the reason why old cars are so dangerous! It's those damn manual transmissions reducing driver engagement! [/sarcasm]

So as far as me getting better at it and getting a manual should I just jump in? I feel like my recent experience driving in Europe has proved I'm at least slightly competent when it comes to driving a manual so it should be easy learning.

Yup, just jump in. Get some cheap shitbox, like a late 90s Honda/Toyota, so there's no big loss if you somehow fuck up. Once you feel completely confident, move up to something a little nicer unless you like the econobox life.

No, it's not like U DUMB. I don't particularly value knowing how to drive stick, because everyone will get it in a while. You just need some time with it. It's just weird seeing this talk, because you never hear it IRL. That's it.

And yes, I do give you credit for wanting to drive stick, gg!

If you are paying someone to swap a new engine and trans into your car how much extra work would it be for them if you got a manual trans to replace your automatic?

not too much extra, adding clutch pedal etc go through with the swap

To burn a clutch you have to ride it. Riding it means leaving it halfway in while giving it gas for longer than a few seconds. Sitting at a stoplight with the clutch in barely hurts anything. Yeah yeah o know it can wear on your pilot/throwout bearing but barely. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it, if the bearing is gonna go it's gonna go. I do both OP, neutral if I'll be there more than 20 seconds, 1st if sooner.

Is there anything you can do other than wait for your revs to drop into the appropriate rate for the next gear? For example if I pretty much redline in second gear and I'm at about 7K RPM, and I skip third gear and shift straight to fourth, I typically have to wait a couple of seconds until my engine speed has slowed down. I know you can begin to pull out the clutch the make the process quicker by mediating the speed, but this also would cause wear on the clutch from the fiction. Is my best bet just to suck it up and wait?

Should I get it as first car?

it doesn't wear the throwout bearing unless the car is moving. sitting still with the clutch in is fine, but you don't want to roll up to a stoplight, having pushed your clutch in 500 yards away and are coasting to a stop. That will fuck your bearing. It's also technically illegal to roll up to a stoplight in neutral in some states -- you must stay in a gear. This means it's time to learn how to revmatch, OP.

I understand that Double clutching is great to preserve your synchos when down shifting, is there any benefit to doing it on an up shift?

Why are you skipping 3rd gear? Obviously the transmission ratios are not close enough fro you to do that, so cut it out. You won't break anything but you're wasting gas and driving slow. Just go 1st, 2nd, and when you get to 3rd, shift early into 4th, and earlier into 5th. Block shifting only works the way you're trying on vehicles with large, torquey engines.

Not at all. I recently bought a Hawkeye WRX with no experience on manual and I'd say it's pretty easy to learn on

You can but the benefit is less, because input shaft is naturally slowing down on upshift when you disengage clutch

For downshifts, double clutching brings it up to where you need, saving the synchros

Sometimes I like accelerating quickly, and there's no point sequentially shifting if I'm going to end up in a specific gear anyway without any further acceleration. If you're not going to provide an answer to my question I'd rather you not provide your input.

>Riding it means leaving it halfway in while giving it gas for longer than a few seconds.

is it really that bad? I can't seem to park or reverse or do slow maneuvers without doing this

my driveway is long, narrow and on an incline. how do you back in or out without using the clutch to control the speed a bit.

if I didn't have the clutch in halfway I'd be reversing pretty fast.

No it's not bad at all, slipping the clutch to reduce speed and stop the engine rattling is totally fine.

I've owned a blobeye WRX and theyre very forgiving cars.

I'd say its a great first manual, and a great first turbo car too.

It's ok for low speed manoeuvres in 1st and reverse. Don't use too much throttle and it's fine.

So I got an 04 Pontiac Vibe, and I only have to push the clutch in like two inches before it bites. A friend tells me it might be the master cylinder, but I think it needs to be replaced. If I take it somewhere, how much should it cost to replace the clutch to something heavier than stock, switch trans fluid, and replace any worn hydraulic stuff and bearings? I want to do it myself, but I need to do it over the course of a weekend. How much would I save if I did it myself?

Just don't slip the clutch and blast the throttle for 15 seconds straight. Heat is what kills clutches. If you slip it for too long and you make it heat up, that's bad. If you do it really badly, the heat can also damage your flywheel and your pressure plate. This is especially bad if you have a snowflake dual mass flywheel (lol fag).

Coasting for a long time with the clutch totally in is also a bad idea. When you push the clutch pedal, you're pushing your clutch fork against your throwout bearing, which levers on all those little leaf springs in your pressure plate. If the input shaft of your transmission is spinning really fast (like it is when you're moving and in gear), pushing the clutch in makes the throwout bearing have to spin at the same rate, which can kill it way faster than keeping it in 1st at stop lights.

Heat kills clutch components. Friction makes heat. Lots of friction makes lots of heat. Don't make too much heat in your clutch, and your clutch will live long.

Once it is time for a new clutch, replacing it isn't terribly hard. Don't abuse it, but drive it how you need to drive it.

Unless you have a really shit drive train, it's not made of glass. You can slap it around a little bit if you need to (of course depending on the car). Don't make it a habit, but you don't have to be afraid of it.