Whatcha look at, Veeky Forums?

whatcha look at, Veeky Forums?

I'm looking at a 2017 Fiesta ST for $17k. Tempted, but I need a few more months to get some financial shit together, and I'm worried it might be too small.

you? New or used? or bus?

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I also might just say fuck this meme egg ST and get an NB Miata. I don't know though.

I'm tryna decide between a C5 Z06, 135iM, and am evo 8 or something else in the 10k-20k range for a weekend car.

Just buy a pre-smog C10 or car and do literally whatever you want with it.

>weekend car
ST is a good daily while being fun if thats all you can afford. Not saying it's not a good choice, but if you're buying it strictly for fun consider other options.

135i are good but be ready to pay if it doesn't come with warranty
z06 you can't go wrong
evo8 don't know enough about them but seems like you can make them into monsters

ST is defintely a safe choice

just get a civic for 3k or keep driving your current car until you can afford something actually good.

ST isn't just a weekend car, it's an econobox engineered to serve as a track toy as well.

It's the perfect econobox, same with the completely underrated Elantra Sport, which I plan on getting.

I'm OP and I brought up the ST and some other user is talking about weekend cars. I'm definitely looking for a daily, which is why the ST came to mind.

Why do people own 2 cars?

Elantra Sport? I have never considered this, or any Hyundai. What are the pros?

I own a 2014 FiST and it's an amazing little car I highly recommend it, the only thing I have a problem with is the paint is absolute shit tier.

I honestly couldn't deal with the size of the fiesta so I got the focus instead.
Then again I came from a matrix which is pretty close to the focus in size, so...
Anyways, the fiesta is fine if you don't have a family or other concerns and don't need to move alot of shit.

Don't know much about the Elantra S but it has 200 HP and top-of-the-line interior trim level for the price of a base Elantra, also comes with stick too.

Hyundai is selling these at 15k.

I own 7

Damn that's cheap for a new car with 200HP.

Yeah I have to test drive both the Focus and the Fiesta to see which one is better but if I get a Focus I really need to get one used. Can't find those new for $17k.

I could get a Fiesta used too for like 13k, but I'm so wary of used cars. All my used car experiences have been shit.

Test driving both is your best bet. I'd throw the golf GTI in there as well, but I dunno the used prices on that.

if you buy a used focus try to find one that is 2015+ i think those are the updated looks, updated interior, supposedly better motor mount, less wiring issues, and have a backup cam standard. I got a 13 and it's good but ford has a lot of minor wiring problems that are weird. Most of my issues were solved by removing battery for a while or just reinserting fuses. also sometimes just unplugging connectors then plugging them back in.

I found my 13 FoST for about 17k a while ago but it had 0 dealer oil changes so that was a negative according to the sales guy. Had a few recalls/tsbs dones. Only 30k miles, and I didn't notice anything bad and managed to get an extended warranty for cheap. So far I've put about 40k miles on it with only minor issues

That's actually my current car. An 08 GTI. Bought it used about a month ago but the particular one I picked up is a nightmare of electrical problems. And it leaks and the floordboard is flooded with rain. It was a mistake, should have inspected it more. So I'm selling it now.

Even though this GTI is shit, the GTI in general is an amazing car and I do love it. Little pricier than the Fiesta though.

Indeed it is


Already have the ST, thanks though m8. :)

how reliable is the fiesta?

Ah nice, thanks for the heads up. I'll stick to 15 and later then. Although I'm looking, and the prices for used ST's in my area aren't too much lower than the lowest price new STs.

I bought a 93xj and wind up flipping it without putting any of my jeep shit on it so I've been thinking about lying my eyes out for another Comanche. It'd be my 5th vehicle though and I didn't enjoy fixing the xj at all (it was supposed to be for my niece)

Another one, pretty tempting.


This is amazing. These cars literally just came out and everyone that drives them likes them. But my dealer is still charging 20k for them.

Same engine and trans from the Veloster Turbo but has a much better suspension setup from what I've been able to gather.

God I wish my dealer would stock the Elantra sport. Fucking salesman said he would call me when they get one in and never did. I check the lot all the time and they never have one. Don't feel like driving 2 hours to the next nearest dealership, but man I would buy one of these in a heartbeat for 15k.

How far would you travel to get the exact car you want?

Bruh, I was saving up for a Fiesta but I said fuck it, why wait a year when I can have a NB miata right now? So I'm going to go check one out in a week and hopefully buy it!

Good luck. Gah, I'm still so torn on what to do. I would love them both.

Those cars look like AIDS on wheels

Why not get an used Focus ST for the same money: more power, better suspension, better aftermarket, more comfortable, etc, etc.

2007 vw rabbit. i want a practical daily that i wouldnt be ashamed to drive (and all under $7k). the one ive found seems very decent, but ic ant buy anything right now bc all my spare cash is tied up in ethereum

Looking at getting this 94 Golf3 Vr6 with 210000kilometers on the counter....

It's cheap compared to other ones and the best one on the market...

Trying to decide between an 11'14 Chevy 2500/3500HD with the DMax/Allison OR a 11-14 F250/350 with the 6.7 Powerstroke. Honestly I think I'm leaning more toward the Ford because there's waaay more out there on Cars.com and Autotrader, and I found a nice Ford dealership maintained Platinum for $34k with 130k miles. New tie rods, too.

I'm looking into buying a C6 Corvette after my upcoming deployment.
Kinda torn between a C6 base with the Z51 kit, or an '03 Z06. I fucking love those pop-up headlights.
Any thoughts?

I'd get the newer C6. IMO, they look better and have a nicer interior than the C5.

I guess you have a big trailer to tow right? Or a yacht

That's what I was thinking. They're both around the same price range, too.
So much temptation

I do tow a gooseneck horse trailer occasionally, but it's not exactly a HUGE trailer. I would guess it weighs around 10k empty, 14k loaded. Not too much weight, so it doesn't really matter what I get. I don't want a gasser because if I'm getting an HD truck, I want the diesel.

If you actually tow over 10k, there is no point getting gas anyway.

I'm thinking of getting an e46 328i or 330ci I pretty much know nothing of either car. Just want something comfy, manual, fast and kinda *reliable*. I currently have an integra gsi and I feel like I should just keep it till I can buy a tarbo car in 3/4 years.

DD and weekend car. I figured all of Veeky Forums did this?

I daily an 09 Rabbit

don't get anything older than 08, they had timing chain tensioner issues in the earlier years

also I forget which year the changeover was, I think it was 08, that they swapped from a MAF sensor to a MAP sensor and boosted power by 20hp from 150hp to 170hp.

good car though, dead reliable, comfortable, notably quicker than my wife's toyota matrix DD and it feels pretty solid

why not?

I own 4 cars

DD, shitbox beater, project #1 and project #2

I suppose I could. Hadn't really considered it, and I've heard the Fiesta is more fun.

Highly recommend for you that you give into the (((pre-owned))) meme