Japan delivers again

japan delivers again

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I don't want it, fucking take it back.

I was wondering if I should just end it all tonight.

Thanks for making my mind up for me

>Anime grills are powered by doritos

Where's her apex seals, why didn't she premix?

That's my job

In her panties.

>sexy underage midget asian girl is a rotorhead

my sides went into orbit when she transformed, this is a masterpiece.

So i watched probably 102 animes roughly in my lifetime and i cant comprehend whats going on in this anime. What is this show?

No idea. Apparently about transformers but with sexy anime girls instead of giant robots.

As you do


So this is just shorts, an ad or that's a trailer?


seems like teasers for a new show.

I liked anime, I liked cars. Upon watching this video I want both to stop existing.

Faggot. I would masturbate to it.

Waifu material

She's not going to be fun but she'll be loyal I guess

So I went to the website for this and they have one more character revealed. She's a jet.
She leaves her ass exposed after transforming.
Like we dont already have enough plane porn.

I've come to hate anime, what the fuck was this trash.

>Choppy animation
>Transforms into a car
>Transformed car girl has a panty shot

Anime was mistake.

>engine noise is a v8 or something

Glad I'm not the only one to notice.

I feel much less autistic for noticing this, thanks

They clearly aren't "car" or any type of Vehicle people. i expect more inaccuracies that will trigger people's autism who are into boats and jets and whatever else they will transform into.

Seems like another platform to deliver generic ecchi fan service but ill give them credit for being Unique about it instead of le typical dumb male character gets fallen for by 4-5 girls and is too dumb to notice meme.

>if this cartoon was done now this hit would be a villian
>protagonist would be bicycle lad or something eco friendly

I was born 20 years too late


>tfw no lightweight RR rotary gf