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any chicago happenings?

First for post you are bike.

GS 500 2bh

Harley Baja 100 or Honda with sportster tank?

thats definitely a sporty tank. cant comment on the model of the bike though


Kein Blech; Plastik und rostfreier Edelstahl. Duhm?

Maybe the Baja 100 with a sport tank? I dunno, it's 400 dollars. If it's a Honda I'd take it, harley dirt bike? Meh

someone just plopped a sporty tank on it. is it a craigslist ad? can you link it

Facebook ad, the text just says "honda or harley, I don't know! 400." Those are the only pictures though.

kek. its a honda. seems to be an xl250 like this one. i just searched vintage honda dirt bike and the engine case and exhaust match

Right b4 I left work tonight

Talking to the dude and he says it runs well, work looking at for 400 bones? I think I might have lights that would fit, and I have some wheel acid I could use to clean it up

>went on a tour alone yesterday after bike group bailed
>ride an hour to hit twisties
>have a break at generic water reservoir (Oker Talsperre, pic related)
>lost mouthpiece of water bladder, water spilled all over bike and pants
>roads are full of slow cars going 70 in a 100 zone
>ride home going WOT, fz6 reached 244kph
>red oil pressure warning light comes on

How was your weekend /dbt/?

I can not find a harley dirt bike that has the exhaust on that side of the bike.
Not a 4 stroke anyways.

Id pay $50 for it personally.

its pretty beat. offer 300 and go from there. if its more than a half hour away its probably not worth it

p good, had a qt on the fz today and went hot tubbing. also brought the ferd to car cruise


Hey Veeky Forums I'm really wanting to get into riding and was wondering what y'all would think of this bike?
YouTube and my mechanically inclined brother would help with the carb. As for riding I'd take a course and I have a coworker who said she wouldn't mind showing me how to ride.
What kind of questions should I ask or should I consider something else as a beginner?
I've heard that as a new rider it's better to start off on smaller bikes

Fun, hit the twisties with my dad and some other local guys.

Bretty good, went up to a bike show and vintage bike races at Road America, borrowed my dads sidecar, saw this Britten run a parade lap.

I stopped to help a suzuki of that era today.
It was pissing oil, and had overheated from the mildest corners leading up to the canyon.

So there's that.

ded thred

Pretty good,

Friday night I rode to the top of a local mountain, avoided getting ticketed by 2 cops in unmarked cars when my spidey senses started tingling. Met some dude on a TL1000 practicing Japanese u turns up at the top, chatted to him for a bit and raced him down as soon as we passed the cops.

Saturday rode to the beach for a friend's party, then took off and went for a 2.5 hour ride to the next city and back on a curvy cliffside road

Today I had to work but left my heated grips on last night so the battery was dead. Took my brothers 80s sport bike to work which was fun hammering on with all the fairings rattling around.

Almost died because a cruiserfag swerved into my lane coming out of a corner.

>left my heated grips on last night
very nearly did that at work yesterday, had to run out in the pissing rain to turn them off.

>the engine is the entire frame
>seat bolted to head
Thing must shake like a giant Chihuahua.

thoughts on the Harley Street 750?
seems like it would be a decent wee bike if it wasn't crippled by being poo in the loo

toom uch money for not enough go. get an old jap 4 cyl 500cc+ if you want to be cheap and not excessively fast

>What kind of questions should I ask or should I consider something else as a beginner?

You'll tear your hair out trying to make it run right and you'll end up not getting much joy out of it. I've been there, done that and yeah you'll learn plenty about bikes in general pouring money down that pit, but you won't learn to ride till you buy something that works.

You'd be better off with something that's been dropped a few times to the point where it's ugly and cheap.

Agree totally. Shit idea, brother, no offense. Buying a broke down bike to learn to ride on is like buying a project car to learn to drive. It will likely end up a garage queen and I know exactly how frustrating that is. user's idea to buy an ugly but functional beater for cheap is spot on. You'll probably drop it, too, so you'll never notice. If you want to tinker, fix the beater up.


>We tried so hard, and spent so much
>But in the end, Pedrosa doesn't really matter

Thanks for he input. I'll look for a beater then. It may be a bit more but I'll ride more than I'll be working on it.


Didn't he just beat Marquez yesterday?

Why don`t motorcycles fall while moving? How do they work?

underage b8 detected.
The same reason your pushbike doesnt fall over?
Now go back to school.

Post your bike


Post another one jimjam

Did they have to stop to help you pick it up?

They were already stopped
>Riding along, Katooms ahead of me
>They stop at intersection so the group can decide on a route
>Stop, turn around waiting for last guy
>Pressure on left leg, ah shit it's going
>Move out of way and let it fall
>Easy to pick up because the wheels pushed the sand out of the way when it fell.

lies it is a beast of burden, it took them and the rest of their group to help get it off the ground.

you can not see it in that webm but there are 6-8 mexicans off camera with a rope helping you pull that bike up.

Tru tru


new bike dbt. did i fuck up?

If thats the only picture you have of it then yes you did.

I need new pictures

From what I hear, these are generally reliable and as good as the KTMs, except cheaper. The problems might be getting parts and resale value

Post some pretty pics of your bike Veeky Forums. Show and tell, wanna know how you like yours and tell me what you want to tell about your bike.

This is mine, bought it with 93kkm on the odo, it was all original aside from turn signals and hugger. I put in a projector HID into the original light housing, swapped the rear light housing into a clear one with integrated turn signals and got turn signals with integrated tail and brake lights. Getting new rear tire today. Gonna put on a louder exhaust, bar end mirrors and new grips soon.

>re sell value on a 2006 bike
they are all worth about 3k if in good condition.
at that age it becomes what has been replaced in the engine and how much do the parts to rebuild it cost.

That was Dovi

Try a rebel/nighthawk or magna/saber depending on size preference. The 250's hover between 9-1200. The 750's around 1500.
Both are tough as nails, 100,000 mile engines. Only problem with a Honda is weak electricals, but the four come old enough for two-wire operation. (In an emergency, run straight to ignition and back)

And, parts will always be plentiful.
In an pinch, only acceptable suzuki is the Katana. Don't let these douchebags tell you differently.

I don't ride, but I want to, a friend is selling a kawasaki kz400, for 500 dollars, I've seen it run and know it's in working order looks decent but I didn't take pictures.

Can I go fast on it though? I don't know much about bikes yet, but I'd guess that 400cc won't take a grown man very far very fast.


>put ducati on ebay an hour ago
>already have 2 messages about it

That's a nice picture and a snazzy bike. The only thing ny has had is a set of tyres and chain/sprockets.

400 will be fine, dont expect to blast down the freeway at 120mph but it will still be able to handle a grown man at highway speeds just fine.

Fast enough to easily kill you but not very fast at all. Good beginner bike though.

Gyroscopic effect and human sense of balance

now that i'm done checking all bikes somebody help me with the helmet
>LS2 Helmets FF397 VECTOR C SOLID Matt Carbon
its the one i saw and looked too good for its price , but i dont know about helmets
advices? specially for research

Go to a shop and try them on.

There are lots of subtle differences that can make or break a helmet for you.

well but i want something more "directly" than just try every helmet on the store

This, I bought a helmet online and it's shit

A beater is a beater. You want something that has been crashed, but also owned and used long enough to necessitate being FIXED.

Hearing things like "new tapered roller steering head bearings" and "resprung forks" from the seller is good shit, even if it's a naked ninja 250 with a dirtbike headlight and no working tachometer.

kawasaki kzs renowned for oil leaks

also drum brakes will probably get you killed

Where's sem again?

how's it going fags?

question: now that i've got my permit, how can i avoid ending up on the organ donor list?
i've had a car since i was seventeen, got into 2 minor and one major accident until now, one that would tear me up if i was riding the baiku. being the huge metalhead that i am, i tend to listen to music whilst driving and i usually end up going very fast. there are no speed limits here in ethiopia, nor are there speeding tickets so i'm fairly certain that i'll end up mangled at this point if i don't take precautions. what are some often neglected but necessary rules that you find hard to follow despite knowing that you should? think the equivalent of not wearing seat-belt whilst driving.
baiku is yamaha dt175 btw

if you are turning, never let off the throttle. if the throttle opening must change it must get bigger.

this simple rule is the difference between lowsiding when the front tucks/getting "lucky" and highsiding when the lightened rear skids at 25% lean and making it through a basic corner.

>if you are turning, never let off the throttle. if the throttle opening must change it must get bigger.

this is simply not true.

Hold me bros. I'm about to drop my first engine. I'm so nervous

It's good advice for a beginner. If you don't do it right, the front might wobble a bit. If you really don't do it right you'll die, especially in hard corners.

The nuances shouldn't be given as advice. You figure them out yourself.

don't get me wrong if you are going wide round a corner the best advice is generally just lean in harder but you should not be afraid to gently let the throttle out if need be. Going too hot into a corner that you didn't know tightens can be just as bad as dropping the throttle if you are too afraid to slow down to an appropriate speed mid turn.

Do you guys know if there is anything special I have to do with this rear mount bolt passage? It isn't budging even though I removed the bolt already. I wonder if it's seized

Generally, people crash when they lean more and then start to cut the throttle to slow down because that's what they'd do in an FWD car to eliminate that imminent understeer feeling. You can't add lean and cut throttle. I mean, sometimes you can, but sometimes you can't. You kind of feel it before it's too late.

But you can always add lean and maintain throttle (maybe add a a little, you won't speed up if you needed it), and add throttle and lean, but not too much throttle or you'll flip.

we are in agreement friend.

Dude you will regret buying a helmet for 300 bucks only to notice some small feature you absolutely hate.

Dont just go for looks, try them on.

what if the only place selling helmets within 100 miles is cyclegear

>bilt x10000
>a few bell half "helmets"
>$600 AGV

>ride a bunch
>shit red
>completely convinced i somehow ruined my asshole
>no more red

not going for looks, thats the problem i need some help to know which helmets i should check/try
dont want to try every helmet on the store
the one i posted isn't about looks is because the dude at the store told me "fabric carbon for a really good price" , and i have problems trusting stores..or people in general

>want new gsxr1000
>insurance maybe high 23 years old
>No accidents, clean no tickets
>quote from progressive
>8000$/yr full coverage if financed

There goes that dream

Just go try a few helmets on there, get a feel for what you like as far as shape goes, and then order online. You can always return stuff you don't like.

insurance is more than the bike?
just get bomb insurance...?
you know the one that covers 3rd party.

>be young and relatively well set up
>large disposable income
>looking at litrebikes and the like for when i get my unrestricted licence
>insurance quotes
People must die on/wreck these things all the time

new riders that ride them write them off within a year something like 7 time out of 10.

can give me a few things look for on helmets?
>things it should have
>things it shouldn't have
>things that make it better but aren't really needed
thats pretty much what i'm asking so i dont need to try every helmet and expect the store seller to not play me

Here's some things to look for
>Online impact tests
>Reviews of how loud / quiet it is

I have an HJC FG17 and it works well enough for being under $200 and very safe

i remember dude at the store showed me one (looked like a racing helmet directly)
but it was 700€
with small wheels for ventilation and Aleron too

The dorsoduro in the front.

It used to have black panels around the tank. I bought these red ones which were sitting on a shelf at a dealer for ~100 eurobuck. I think they look great and might leave them on instead of swapping back to the black ones

So look for something cheaper? Or are you okay with spending the price of a bike on your helmet?

That's a real shame. How big of an adjustment would it be to go from a Ninja 650 (limited at the moment) to something like an R1? Or an R6?

I want to upgrade without being meat

Selling my monster for a cheaper bike

Is this worth 1800 dollars?

it's 1995 gpx600r with 10k miles

>fz6 feels slow on the autobahn
>look up insurance for hayabusa
>27 y/o, license less than a year
>starting from: 452,91€/ year

Well I'm okay with that

Almost done

A 600 would be a reasonable upgrade.

1000s are for track anyways, you will be having more fun on the twisties on a 600.

no,just commenting on it
my idea for a helmet is 200-300€ , not more not less, will try to get the best i can for that price that fits me clearly

It looks like something is still threaded in on the left

Go to a shop and get their advice on fit/ finish.
For that price I'd recommend my hjc rpha st if you're fine with helmets being loud. Otherwise you kinda missed the "sale" time.