Opinions on the Miata RF?

Opinions on the Miata RF?

I may finance on one for 2 years. That will replace my current shitty 08 Camry.

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How many miles on your 08 Camry? V6?

I'd prefer the normal soft top even if you exclude price difference. Looks nice though.

Going to be 330k miles.

Yep. V6.

I hope you don't value your life if you ever decide stepping into that fucking deathtrap is a good idea

>any modern car
>not safe

I think you should get it.

After the first deliveries, it looks like they are sitting on dealer lots. People are just not buying sports cars anymore unless it's some exotic or near exotic wankermobile.

>tiniest, faggiest car on the planet

Natural selection

Or you could watch the crash tests and not just be an assuming idiot.

>crashing at 7 mph
This means nothing and you know it, try crashing it at 60 moron.

Just don't crash?

It's not difficult
Most accidents happen from Stacy texting and driving in slow traffic

Get the Fiata instead, basically the same car except with the only reliable engine Fiat makes powering it and crazy depreciation

Should be a normal option instead of a limited edition thing...

>People are just not buying sports cars anymore
More like less and less people can afford hobby cars besides their DD. Especially small, unpractical two seaters. A man with that money would rather buy a more practical "sporty" car, like some premium coupe. That's why roadsters are pretty much on the downfall, the upper middle-class man will not spend money on a car he uses mostly on weekends.
It's not the 60's anymore.

I appreciate the piano playing.

It is a normal option. It's just the most expensive Miata

real fun
>i almpst regretted not getting the mustsng ecoboost at first but its grwon on me

i HIGHLT suggest the nappa leather, i sat in a display unit with the normal seats and the nappa is just a much nicer place to be in

Is it too impractical as a DD?
>t. 86 owner
Didn't get the miata because I need to carry stuffs sometimes, also I don't like convertible that much
>RF is still convertible desu

>what is slow motion

err its not my dd
sometimes i do wish i had a backseat for stuff like the 86, and the trunk is pretty small (the tire repair kit/user manual taking up a gokd amount of space) bit i guess its doable

serious about the nappa leather though
it makes the otherwise simple interior look so much better

also machine grey is the best color

I think if you plan on being a ronery driver you'll be OK, but it's not as nice as a 2+2 for groceries or people carrying.

It'd be nice as a second car I guess.
Sometimes I still think about the miata, but can only afford one car rn so 86 seem to be better choice for me.

86 is inherently the more practical car
i wouldve gone the same way had i not had a backup

are you fat?
since you're driving a camry, must be.
don't get the miat.

Jesus, either car is not very practicle but that should not be a dealbreaker for one or the other.

I manage to do fine with only owning a motorcycle, you will do just fine grocery shopping in a miat.

just picked up 4 wheels by my 86 yesterday. Or sometimes I get tool and material from lowes or bunch of stuffs from Costco.
Having a miata and a truck would be nice.

I liked the soft top more than the RF after test driving both, but both are great. I ended up going with a BRZ instead for the extra carrying space, but if you don't need to carry much, it'd be fine as a DD.


>"I sure am glad I drove a safe car instead of the one I wanted!"

said nobody when they got old

>330k miles

What are you doing? commuting from Houston to L.A?

it's cool but in terms of long term modification potential, see if fiat goes through with that 124 coupe

I had a 2002 Miata for a long time - it was fine as an only car. Plenty of room for groceries or carry-on luggage. The only problem was road noise (top up or down), and that's still an issue in the RF - make sure you can handle that, especially after being used to a Camry. I didn't like the Miata for trips over an hour. But those onramps... you'll be in love with onramps.

It looks like there are some 86 posters here. I'm not convinced that the ND is actually a better drive than the 86, which might actually have better steering feel. I do like the convertible aspect, and the lighter weight, but it's a lateral move - you'd only be wasting money by switching from one to the other.

>Eeek! Risks!

Too womanly to have a penis, or too poor for a nice car so you justify living the singular "practical" wagon shitbox life?

>not having a "deathtrap", a truck, and a motorcycle

this, softtop is faster and lighter too

Actually looks pretty good. Might break your arm or a few ribs.

Check out my car. Looks awful... youtube.com/watch?v=1SejHupGehI

You could watch the side one but that's probably way worse because I have the suicide door version (no B pillar).

Sorry to highjack your thread but with everyone mentioning the 86 im in the same exact position
>say fuck it and get the RF which was more fun to drive and deal with the impracticalities of a tiny car as a DD
>or get the BRZ which wasn't as fun but is way more practical and a bit more comfier, and put the extra money I save (~6k) into making it more fun later on

Fords are literally the second worst brand for reliability behind Fiat.

The FiST posters are all poorfaggots and need to die. Your 1L 'ecomeme' engine is fucking shit with FWD understeering shit.

Go back to the containment thread.

If you get stuck in traffic during commutes, get the BRZ. If you are confident you can make the changes to get it more fun, buy the BRZ. If you ever think you will remotely need a car that can do something other than simple driving, GET THE GODDAMN BRZ. I love the 86 but it is a roadster and that means it was made to drive, and that's about it.

I agree. I had a '13 hardtop and it was loud as hell. Hated it on the highway.

Showed it to my mom. She thinks it's adorable. I agree.