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Would you buy a cheap shitbox although you know spare parts are hard to come by?

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>Not owning a Fiat panda

Advise a shitbox for someone from Quebec looking for his 1st car

i miss this super shitbox. i wanted to change the engine to the 1600 twincam.

Oh shit I've actually recently bought a Starlet with the 2E engine, except it's fuel injected. Anything I should know?

just bought this machine

its slow.

If you want to go faster;
The engine mounts are a straight swap to any 4A series engine. You can get a Silvertop or Blacktop engine and swap it in (the silvertop is a bit cheaper) good way to make power.

All that said, the 2E is a reliable as fuck engine, the valve stem seals will go later in life, you'll see it burning a little oil as it ages but it wont stop it from running like a champ

I have E90 Corolla with 2E, except its Carburated.
Its over 300k miles now, and its served me good, but as it is it has low compression on cylinder 4 and it runs like a horse with three legs. Can't top 40 mph. Probably not worth rebuilding.
My question is, can I also swap any 4A series engine in straight without fucking with the mounts?
4EFTE is apparently a sure shot since its an E series engine, but I can't find any of those unless for ridiculous price.
But I found a bluetop for 700$ with a partial wiring harness and all auxillary components.
Also, will I need to machine the bellhousing for it to fit and find a stronger adapter plate?

Does combining two rekt volvo 940's that costed €700 and €500 into a working one count?
Mine is exact same color and model as pic, just with a shitton of scratches from the previous owner.
Engine came out of the other one that was rear-ended by a truck. Original engine of mine was blown by shitty driving

that car looks kinda cute from that angle

>blown by shitty driving


>no monies for the license
>no monies for a car/maintenance/upkeep
>having a car is luxury because public transportation is sufficient

kinda jelly to see your shitboxes.
please enjoy and cherish your shitbox, some anons don't have the chance to do so

Shitbox ranger reporting in

oi m8.

how are the spoiders?

Elderly pair dragged a gypse caravan through the Pyrenees every year. Water pump burst uphill but they kept driving, there was a quite a tear in the block.
Turbo was also already fucked before that, they ignored it too, a broken blade just stuck through the housing

I do, user.

You'll make it one day, and it'll be glorious.

Thank you. Trying my best and still have hope.

just acquired a new shitbox
'91 R21 TD hatchback
gonna go round yurop with it this summer, it's gonna be nice

E bros!

Pic related, my $500 Tercel.

is right, they blow out the valve stem seals and tend to collapse the oil rings on the pistons. This is the result: youtube.com/watch?v=EoCRXKXiMNo

Old girl had ~220,000 miles when I recorded this, and she burned a valve at 240,000 due to all the burning oil.

Cheap to fix though; Toyota got the block alloy right and you should be able to get away with a glaze-breaking hone and a re-ring. There was hardly any cylinder wear when I was in there.

Slapped on a $200 reman head, a $150 rebuild kit and a $80 clutch, she'll last a while longer lol.


Should I cop, /pfg/?

We're all gonna make it my friend.

Doesn't list mileage, also why would it need an entire brake assembly

Hi all.

>Mine's the white one

Spiders is fine, I have many other issues. This plug was loose but still fired without an issue.

How are you all so poor? I just signed the importation papers on this beauty (pic related) and I am 18. I just worked my ass off for 3 years saving up.

Well not to speak for the others but I have a shit factory job getting 13.81 an hour and I work 40-48 hour weeks, however I also rent an apartment and pay insurance and cell phones as well as food for both my wife and I, she is working part time and trying to find a better job, so we do what we must with what we can. Once our debt is paid off we are trying for a house.

living is expensive, nothing's free and I know I can't get that much money aside because I kinda rely on random expenses to not fall into a spiraling depression.
Plus, there's a lot of interesting or good cars for less than 1k.

So what mods should actually be declared on shitboxes? I know you're meant to declare all of them, but which ones can you generally get away with?

Others as they said, they have actual shit to pay.
I'm 20 and still studying, never worked a day in my life. Also,
mine is good enough. Executive car with a 190hp engine running on lpg. Leather, heated seats, airco. Wouldn't trade it in for a brand new ecoshit

Makes sense. Sorry for sounding like as ass, I was just fishing for (you)s.

Bought this for like 220$ american

>1998 Lancia Y 1.2 16v
>86 hp
>~900 kg
>in leather

drives like an alpha, parts cost like any fiat
i bought it sub 100k so engine is in great condition
like to gulp the gas through if you have a heavy foot

sadly electrics are failing and it's rotting so I'll just use it until it breaks in half

amazing shitbox, would recommend

I'm doing an engine swap, trans swap, and rear end swap, and ain't telling my insurance company shit. Mostly cause I already asked him and since all I carry is liability it's not a problem.

do you consider milage when looking for cheap cars? i kinda want a ford probe gt but i heard they are drink a lot of fuel.

You can have comfort that you own the AE86's retarded FWD cousin. In all seriousness, AE82's are pretty cool underrated cars.

>declaring anything
dont worry, you didnt come out as that.
I can understand people not wanting to buy cheap as shit cars but not only I can't bring myself to own anything post '95 but I also dont really mind having to do mechanics at all.
I like shitboxes because they represent me well.
desu small, quick 80s/90s fwd hatchbacks are their own kind of comfy.

>Never worked a day in your life

How the fuck do you pay general expenses?

Get €300 a month from commie government for going to college the first year. Got €500 a month extra last year from internship company.
Student loans have a rate of 0.01% last year, this year exactly 0.0%, so they evaporate while looking at them since they keep inflation 2-3%.


Nope, dutch
3rd year, total debt is around €5k. I lent more than normal once to buy my car
Went by public transport the first half year, but it's so shitty that it takes 1.5 hours, while bicycle takes 1h and car 20-30 mins.
My "internship" was nothing more than writing a paper for a company on why they shoud(n't) use some new technique, so I don't really count it as working.

Ah okay, because its exactly the same situation in Denmark, except that the rate is 4% while you are studying, but is 0 procent afterwards currently.
Which doesnt make a lot of sense because students have no money.

Dutch government is still more retarded.
>"since you can fix interest rates on mortgages, you should also be able to fix the interest rate on student loans"
>fixed my loan on 0%, never pay interest again

Dont you have to have it payed off before a certain point.

Wasn't the 20 valve 4AGE Japan only? Where the hell would I look for one if I'm in Europe?

Ebay? The engine doesnt have to be in Europe.

They determine a percentage that you have to pay based on your income above minimum wage. If after 15 years you haven't paid it off yet because your income was too low, they cancel the rest of your debt.
Still, the total amount I lent is so low that once I start working, I can pay it off in a couple of years.
Though you can frame the system by following some BS social study, work at mcdonalds for 15 years and never pay anything because you never earned more than minimum.

One guy in my class has a job, they wanted him to get a higher education level. He has a company leased car, but it's an audi a1 with some shitty 1.0 eco engine. Looks tiny next my volvo.

Oh man just imagine the price of the shipping.

I'm a poor fag and let me tell you guys if you have a girlfriend don't do anything for her when it comes to cars especially financing a new one I've learned my lesson the hard way

Never finance anything for anyone

give the whole story come on man that's why i come to Veeky Forums

How much is the cheapest I could get an engine for to learn a bit more about them by dismantling then assembling it in the UK?

I've seen Renault D4FT (1.2l turbo) blocks for as low as 150 eurobucks online. I'd imagine the regular D4F (found in shit like Clios, Moduses and 2nd gen Twingos) or D7F (8v version of the D4F) would be even cheaper.

I've seen engines for 40-70 pounds, though I'm not sure if they're good for what I'm trying to do.
for example.

Honestly pretty much any small ecobox engine will do. They're not too unwieldy because they're physically small and light, and they're usually pretty simple designs.
Plus you could buy a shitbox with a busted engine for peanuts and put the your own rebuilt engine in there.

I'll give it to you short
>spend months looking for an ok shitbox on Craig's list because the one I had at the time was a 1993 corolla as a dd that had a bunch of issues that it wasn't worth fixing at all because if I did it myself it would have costed more than the car is worth
>none of them I had interest in and most of the cars I saw on Craig's list were beat to shit and had major issues like for example "has rod knock but still drives" bull shit like that
>sell my dd for 400 shekels
>I end up using my aw11 as a dd for a while until I saved up more money
>look up on Craig's list same shitty cars that will most likely die on me as soon as I drive it
>few days later my memeR2 gets stolen and dah pohpoh finds it in one piece but life decided to give me a catch
>I got it back with scratches, a dent, stereo was gone and a blown head gasket
>I was in a bad spot and idk if girlfriend took advantage of it or something but suggested to go to look for a cpo car at a stealership
>go see no manual transmission cars
>I give up so say to myself it's going to be a dd so who cares if it's not manual
>gf starts to be pushy about buying a corolla and at the end saying "but idc if you don't get it"
>the shit I was going through I felt so anemic so my mind just went "fuck it mode"
Now I'm stuck with a boring car pay 460 a month but at least I'll finally start making credit and a came with warrantys and free 2 year service bull shit

Also, its a little unclear which zetec engine is in the ad. Which one is it?

Got it for $800
Spent $300 to fix a manifold leak and pass smog
$80 to install a fuel filter I couldn't get to
$60 to fix a broken window
$200 on plates
$100 on misc parts
Runs bretty gud now
Now all I need to do is find this piece of shit bracket for the alternator.

87 GMC S15 81k miles

God gyps are fucking retarded

Does mommy not charge rent?

Plot twist: I'm white

They weren't gypsies, if they were I would never have bought it. It would have been impossible to get the stench out.
It were "just" upper-class elderly people who had a gypse-like caravan. Some 90's double-axis Burstner, probably the largest they made at that time.

>Bought a 243k mile 1993 Honda Accord LX
>already spent almost $200 on it
>got more money to spend on it
I plan on turboing it until it dies, then swapping in an H22.

>bought an old focus hatch for $1500
>looked bretty gud except for rotten rocker panels
>took them off to replace and found fucked unibody underneath
>need a lot of welding to get it to pass inspection
>driving around illegally for a few months while I slowly repair this shit
>now oil on two spark plugs
>sell some shit and get cash to look at new-to-me shitbox and be sure to inspect it more thoroughly this time

>went to look at an old Focus ST with way less miles than mine
>outside was fine but undercarriage was 100% rust, way more widespread than mine but less severe in my specific problem spots
>noped the fuck out of there
>now feel much better about the condition of mine

What's it cost to get a 2.0 duratec to stop burning oil? It can't be that hard to change a head gasket or valve seals or whatever on an I4 right?

>wasted all that money on inporting a B4 Liberty
>didn't even get the wagon

what kind of pleb are you?

89 volvo 244
nothing special, but my first car restoration. Paid 800 for it because low miles
So i thought. Turns out the odometer was busted so god know how many miles are actually on it. I've replaced nearly everything.
Struts all around
New tie rods inner/outer
new radiator
new timing belt/water pump
new air box/New MAF
New plugs/cables
New radiator hoses
Alternator rebuild
New belts
New electric fan that adds 20 hp yippie
New tail lights, belt trim and a bunch of small shit.

The heater core pisses coolant and my fan motor is shot, so ill need to rip that interior apart to do that. And I have rust in the rocker and rear wheel well/fender that'll need attention.

But I do love this car. It always starts and I can always fix it with in a weekend

>previous gen B4
hahahahahah, hope you bought 4 extra turbos for it too.

>listening to women
she said you didn't have to you autistic fuck
>blurrg my anemia
take snacks and eat some fucking spinach

Lets all laugh at the user who thought we would be impressed.

My faithful companion. My parents got it for $7000 brand new in 2002, gave it to me for free. Had to replace a few front end components recently due to a crash, but it didn't cost more than a couple hundred with junkyard parts and some wrenching. Would've been totaled otherwise, and I can't afford a new car, not even another well used shitbox.

This is what it looked like after the crash. Turned out pretty well, I'd say, all things considered

$350 bid at auction and $515 after auction fees

>california dwelling spic
>can't afford a half decent car
>crashes his shitbox into someone
your shit state should just sink into the ocean.

Paid the equivalent of 1000USD. It goes real nice and the 4 litre inline 6 is a lot better than my old civic

I too worked my ass off to get the car I have now (pic related). Since moving out is no longer a realistic possibility where I live, and I need to stay in this area, I've been lucky to live rent free at home. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have had the money for my clean would-be shitbox.

Hello fellow Volvofag. Have you ever had problems with your heater fan? Or ventilation fan, or whatever it is that makes air go through the ducts into the interior. Mine squeaks really badly whenever I turn it on, I'm starting to get worried I'm gonna have to tear out the dash to replace it.


Between your Seca and the FX-GT, I really miss my old FX16

I'm white as fuck
>>can't afford a half decent car
Yeah no shit Sherlock, why do you think I'm in this thread? plus it was free and runs just as well as any other car in its condition if not better.
>>crashes his shitbox into someone
Not my finest moment sure, but the dumb bitch slammed the brakes in bumper to bumper traffic. I take responsibility for not paying attention.
>your shit state should just sink into the ocean
It already kinda is, but thanks anyway.

Now why don't you take your negative ass out of this thread

>How are you all so poor?
Working a mediocre techie job earning about $70k dollary doos. Sounds a lot to Americans, but in Australia it's not much.

Planning on going back to university at some point and driving my career forward a little, but I have to make an effort to get out the rut, which is kinda difficult when you don't have any parents or relatives to rely on, I'm 100% on my own. Facing the prospect that I might be earning less than half what I am now while studying is scary.

Thanks gents, it's a proper shitbox but I really do love it. Has plenty of pep given that it's about 950kg.

I know that eventually I'm going to have to move on and get something newer to daily, this thing is starting to get a bit rusty and things are starting to break. I have a feeling that I'm going to miss it a lot though.

Corsa dickhead signing in

Squeaky fans is pretty common for volvos, my 940 had it too. The motors in them are just worn, but even then they keep working for a long time. Replaced them only because the sound annoyed me, but the dash is pretty easy to take off plus nothing breaks usually unless you use a hammer
(in contrast to volkswagen, damn rusty screws and dried plastic for license plate lightning)

srsly there are nearly no second hand corollas (except that bug eye thingy) in germany. everybody just buys golfs i think.

>tfw wanting a shitbox corolla.

>$460 a month for a Corolla
I'm so sorry user

>Would you buy a cheap shitbox although you know spare parts are hard to come by?
I buy used cars that parts are easy to come by, and cheap compared to newer cars. Currently drive 2003 F150. Parts are very easy to find for that truck.

I'm pretty sure 4E and 4A aren't straight swaps, so I'd say 2E to 4A isn't either.

>t.Had a E100 4E Corolla

Bugeye a cute though

Hello /pfg/

I'm Mexican (as living in Mexico) looking for a shitbox, local market is filled Chevy Metro, Dodge Neon, VW Gol MK 2-3 and Chevy Cavalier in my price range. Main would be commuting in city conditions.

-Any thoughts on them?
-I would like to learn to wrench on it. Is any of them easy to service?
-Automatic transmission have a bad reputation on reliablity and mpg with neon, cavalier. Is that true?

Have a 1993 Bug that you can buy with 25,000 tacos (~1,400 USD)

Kek I am too but I not from Mexico and to answer your question I would get the chevy metro
>parts are piss cheap
>good mpg's
>easy as fuck to work on

>squeaky fans
this is because there was no filter or fine screen for the blower before V70s
you can buy them aftermarket
>got a junkyard one for my 850
>vehicle doesn't fill with dust on long trips anymore
>squeaking goes away
I sprayed teflon lube into mine while it was running for the squeak, your results may vary

neons have three speed autotragics that are archaic, but they are generally solid
the engine is much more likely to explode
and they will never be fast
cavaliers are shit in general

I once wanted to engine swap my 1.3L Toyota Starlet. But then I realised, it's fucking stupid. Even simple modding is a far-fetched thing to do as all these Starlet's and Corolla's are just one thing: workhorses. And trust me, they were used as such.

I love my Starlet, but I had no trouble buying another car recently as my Starlet was sold to me for just 800 euros in the first place, and naturally (for this price) it had a lot of neglect that would fuck me in the ass later. It had no dents and was in good condition and that's what I was going for. But now 2 shocks are busted and both my exhaust and radiator are leaking. Because of this leak I ran the engine too hot (these shitboxes don't have too many warning lights) and I fucked my headgasket, which I was luckily able to replace myself for cheap with the help of a good friend.

If you want a fast but reliable Toyota, buy an actual 1.6L car and spend a little more money to buy a good one. Swapping an engine isn't something you just do. You have to do it yourself because it's expensive otherwise. You have to buy an engine which is hopefully not fucked. You might think having the engine mounts in the right place saves you a big headache and that's true, but having to fuck with the wiring and other shit is just a pain in the ass. By all means, do mod your car. But keep it simple with some suspension mods like springs, shocks, strut bars, bushings and sway bars. Your Starlet likely doesn't have power-steering and that only adds to the fun.

I mean, if you had all the time, space, knowledge and money to do an engine swap, you wouldn't be driving a Starlet or a Corolla in the first place, rrright?

Not mine but I drive one of these. I got mine for about 700 and I just have to buy new wheels every once in awhile from the junkyard because black people keep stealing them

If I had the time, space, knowledge and money to do an engine swap, I'd be driving a Twingo with a turbo.

>almost had a spotless NA miats with low miles for 3 grand
>seller co-owned it with a womyn
>she pulled out of the sale and told him to get a higher price

>tfw you give your shitbox a nice cleaning on the inside then take her for a drive
Feels good boys

Yeah this user is wise, it'd be cheaper and you get all of the FX bits (spoiler, premium bumpers ect)


Sure you are jamal.

How hot does I4 exhaust get? I just patched my muffler with HVAC tape so my fart exhaust doesn't attract cops, it says it's good up to 300F and I put 3 layers on for tensile strength against the air pressure. Will this catch on fire and leave flaming pieces of aluminum in my wake?

who /diesel/ here

>great gas milage
>cheaper than petrol
>easier to drive manuals

>how hot is exhaust?
hotter than 300deg. F
pipe clamps and a soup can are your best bet but even this won't hold, get to a shop and get a new muffler
poorfag tip: buy muffler u want from the rock or hamzone or Veeky Forumsbay then take to a shop to do welding

I'm trying to find a new DD and don't really want to put more money into this thing. If I'm gonna bother getting a new muffler I'd just sawzall this one out and install the new one with clamps instead of paying a shop.