What causes people to become this retarded?

What causes people to become this retarded?

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Weeaboos and wehraboos can't handle that modern muscle is faster than anything under 100k than Japan or Germany can put out, both in straight lines and otherwise.


this is faster than all three around willow


>spec race car with slicks is faster than road car on street tires

Yes, and a Camaro GT4.R is faster than that. What's your point?

>d-doesn't count

a camaro GT4.R isn't sub 100k, sperg more

It used to be good, it used to.

>a challenger appears

meanwhile i have a turbo prelude making a measly 315whp/265wtq and lay waste to these cars on a daily basis. purpose built street cars destroy these heavy ass, no powerband having ass, midlife crisis having ass cars.

>no reply

stay BTFO

This car can be had for $85k and it walks circles around any redneck mullet mobile.
Who the fuck wants to spend more than $40k on a American car anyway?

idiots that dont know how to build their own shit/ dont know what a true drivers car is. those who know, know.


Bruh what about V-Tech?

go to an SCCA autox man, you will see lots of true drivers cars, and very rarely will one of them be a muscle car.

I saw a ZL1 this weekend go off course four times in one run and push much slower times than my NA miata. is right, the porsches there were destroying pretty much everything

I will say there was a GT350 there that ran some very impressive times, and I was surprised to see a muscle car make turns that quick

you're wrong, and a faggot. here's your (you)

>implying it'll be anything less than 300k

The only American car that is challenging is this.

muscle cars are true drivers cars?
holy hell you're one deluded amerilard.

Yeah well the image states that no import can touch a Mustang or a Challenger

>muscle car drivers suck at track days
Why am I not surprised

Lol just looked up Tire Rack Solo Nationals results, where are all the muscle cars?
True drivers cars lmfao

Fast car + fast driver > slow car + fast driver > slow car + slow driver >>> fast car + slow driver

Especially if that fast car relies more on driver skill (AKA a manual RWD muscle car)

Nice mr2

I almost got that gen MR2 but I ended up with a miata because parts and ease of access to the engine. I hope we see another MR2 someday, but for now porsche kinda owns the market of mid engine sports cars you can one day afford

>built not bought meme

so which part of the design process from Ford/Chevy were you involved in?

VTEC is cool and useful and will always help....truth is, with a turbo, its an afterthought though. VTEC works because at the end of the day it makes the engine suck in a bit more air. im pushing in positive pressure from a turbo and thats all you need.

Its in a 5th gen prelude and i ditched the H22 for the F22B DOHC.

i must not have been clear. he was asking who buys 40k american cars, i responded with idiots.

moar pics? Sounds awesome


captcha can suck my balls

still suckin balls

People really underestimate what a well built honda will do, even on a stock engine. An equal length mani, 3" free flowing exhaust, and a PROPERLY sized turbo makes for a mean ass street car. That dyno is a little misleading, on the street boost rolls in around 2700 RPMs and pulls to redline, and the turbo has around 480whp in it when im ready. If you look at the dyno, the torque band is broad and long and relatively flat...thats what you want.

Turbo lag and weak torque bands make for a dog of a car.

runs 12.4 @ 113 on radials.

My 94 civic can beat them all.

Cute little dyno graph you got there user

what's the point of those extra 25 hp if the car weighs 1000lbs more?

its true, it is cute.

Thing is , id likely rape that car on the street. i bet that cts-v weighs over 3500lbs and has the shit gearing.

people dont realize that the literal equivelant of a "rear end gear" in RWD cars AKA: 3.73 gears, is a final drive in a fwd car. My honda has a 4.266 final drive, a broader powerband, and better power:weight.

all that said, im driving a 20 year old honda that feels liek a racecar and i bet that cts-v is nice as hell to drive and is comfortable.

>With no back ass seats, sound ass proofing or ass, any modern ass comfort at all

Sounds fantastic.


has back seats. only modern comfort i dont have is AC, and i dont care because i dont cruise in this car in traffic on 90 degree days.
The car is the way it is on purpose. its a boosted street car and i want it to feel and sound like one, and it does.

I have an acura tl to drive anytime i dont want to feel like im driving a racecar on the streets.

>slow piece of shit...i can smoke the fuck outta that in my 1999 prelude sh with a couple of simple mods

Probably ls swapped

Hairdressers on suicide watch

>gets manshamed around a track by an Elise

>7:22 around the ring

slower than the GTR

japan wins again

I recently got into Veeky Forums. And yet I have to see a day go by without Veeky Forums denouncing eachothers tastes.

I've categorized the cults as follows, r8 me please:

>The Murican car mechanic who wears a "Freedom^Tm" t-shirt while placing a V12 in his Murican supercar.

>The Fuhrer of the Aryan volk and ruler of the Third Reich named Mercedes von Bimmer who rides in his modded 10+ y/o BMW wagen.

>The Kawaii Nii-san weaboo who likes his collection of Toyobru's while driving a 3k Civic shitbox that never needs maintenance.

>The Korean dude who gets shit on regardless of what he has achieved in the last 70 years of his life.

Will there ever be a day on Veeky Forums where people don't fling shit at eachother in the posts and start threads with trashtalk like "What causes people to become this retarded?"???




There are 10 yank mobiles in total on this list
>[Ctrl-F] "Porsche"

It's the same website that encourages this

Most of Veeky Forums is a bunch of shit flinging retards talking about cars they'll never own. It gets pretty easy to ignore the mindless shitposting after a while. Pic related, most of Veeky Forums

>inb4 autistic wib and furry internet battle with scattered namefag busriders in between

Stay poor

>And yet I have to see a day go by without
>denouncing eachothers tastes
>Will there ever be a day
>where people don't fling shit at eachother in the posts and start threads with trashtalk

Pretty sure this is every big board on 4chins, and probably most of the smaller boards too.
>Count me in the "Kawaii Nii-san weaboo" cult

>placing a V12 in his Murican supercar

No it didn't

Kill yourself benchracer
Why would you respond to Soviet?

is that a GTR fanboy

Veeky Forums is dead and buried. Benchracing autists ruined this board. The few of us who do one cars pretty much appreciate everything for what it is.

hello red.dit

>Reggaeton intensifies

>wanting fast cars is benchracing

holy shit that camaro looks so good rip ford


No you don't. Stay mad poorfag.


No it doesn't

probably gonna get a mustang, v6 or ecoboost?
also, should I pay extra for the premium/performace packages?

Don't what?

Are you saying no i don't torch all these 3500+lb 450 FLYWHEEL hp cars with shit gearing??? HAHAHAHHAHAHAH this board really is full of kids who have no experience with performance cars of any kind. Even the guys who actually own these cars will admit the same thing. They are NOT fast compared to anything that is built with a purpose.

It's not hard to understand how a 2750 pound car with slightly less power, a better power band, and better gearing is faster. Im not saying mine is that fast, Im saying these others are that SLOW. If you had ridden in real street cars you would understand. Alll these "muscle " cars run out of breath ast 60mph at best, often sooner.

Hopefully I'm misunderstanding you and you're trying to say I'm just lying about owning the car.

Not poor. Software developer making good money who loves a well built turbo Honda. If i wanted a 40k dollar 13 second mustang believe me, id have one.

Congrats, you made a car that's slower than a stock automatic camaro ss

*frantically looks up which brand new $40k car can eek out a better quartet mile time under perfect conditions than an old Honda with a turbo*

I bet i still pull on him on the street, no question if it's from any kind of roll where 99% of real street races occur.

That's beside the point though... the point of all this is that these cars are not very fast, they're not very fun, especially the auto in your example....lol he couldn't even pick a gear if he wanted to race from anything but a street light, and they're stupid expensive. They aren't drivers cars.

12 more psi and this car cracks 10's.... will you compare it to a hellcat next?

>hehe my car that I've done extensive modifications to (including adding forced induction) on drag radicals is only a little slower than bubba in his leased camaro

You're attempting to reason with a hondafag. I love missed old shitboxes as much as the next guy, but a new Mustang or whatever is fast as shit and still nice to drive, if a bit muted.

You his are forgetting why i replied to this thread in the first place... any idiot acting like the lot of stock modern muscle cars are untouchable and some engineering masterpiece and they are not. Call them comfy and quiet and pretty and all that... sure. They are. But they're not "fast as shit", they aren't anything some crazy brew driving experience and really they aren't impressive at all, neither is my Honda, and that's the whole point.

Guys on this forum finance these cars to go fast and have fun and they're doing it wrong unless they don't care about the money. Sorry if you're one of those guys and this hits you in the feels.

>yo JDM swag af purple matching wg and cam cover
I can double that with half of what your car is worth.

Please post what my car is worth and what youre going to do to make 660/530 are the wheels. Don't forget to add all the labor in that number, we all know no one on this forum actually works on their own shit and understands what's going on, hence why i have to explain to multiple people the idea of power: weight

Performance pack yes. Big brake kits are pricey. The suspension bits and wheels are nice. You're just gonna buy it later anyway

Dude none of us doubt you have a fast car in a straight line. But at the end of the day who gives a shit. A last gen mustang with a Bolt on supercharger will probably keep up with you fine. Don't take yourself so seriously dude. You aren't earning cyber street cred showing off 1/4mi times or how you installed forged pistons or whatever.

Dude no one is taking anything seriously. We're bullshitting about cars. Alll the domestic lovers are sensitive

And any SC'd V8 would probably blow my doors off

diggin that wastegate set up. Just bought a tial 44 myself

it's nice to see a sleeper every once in a while rather than unrealistic standard super cars keep it up user

>Guys on this forum finance these cars to go fast and have fun
>they're doing it wrong
So, having fun is wrong?

> new muscle cars run out of breath at 60
> can hit 170+ mph easily

Stay mad tuner child. Your low power underbuilt fuckrig will never compete.

It feels like a race car because you have never driven a fast car.

Don't run too low of psi or you'll have boost creep issues with the big 44. I creep up an extra 2 or so psi by redline and there's really nothing to do about it besides run more boost. Drives me nuts.

You conveniently left out the last part of that.... unless you don't care about the money. The fun the users of this forum generally seek can be had much cheaper and the cars can be way more fun than financing a new camaro. Not even in the same galaxy cost wise. So many great cars out there and i think a lot of guys don't know it because they haven't hadf the opportunity to really see what the golden era imports are made of, Nissan especially. I'd take a 350whp s14 over a new mustang any day at the track or to go out cruising.... and that's what were talking about. Not to mention you actually learn how to work on those cars and get much MUCH deeper into this
Hobby, knowledge and skill wise. It's just a better choice in my opinion for your average Veeky Forums user.

Idk though, maybe you guys should jyst go buy new cars that are ok fast, comfy and quiet.

Its just not for me. Maybe I'm old for this forum and you guys just have a different perspective i won't crack.

Idk how to respond to any of this. You green text that they run out at 60 like you don't believe it. Wtf are you driving? I have driven almost all these new muscle cars, my friends have them, they're slow dude. They're done after 2nd gear and that's it.

Do the new mustangs and camaros do 170? Srs

Thanks man. Sleeper status adds a new level of fun on the street

They'd presumably all be able to minus governing. They're never going to get down to those 90s power/weight ratios with all the safety shit in the "muscle" sedans.

The same thing that cause them to vote for Trump

That's wild.

If they would shorten those gears to realistic limits i bet those cars would be a hell of a lot faster. Gearing is everything. You could make 1000whp slow with the wrong gearing.

Kobe picked up almost a solid second on the 1/4 with the same power and gearing changed

Do you most of you guys go install a shorter gear when you buy these? What do they come with? 3.55's?

I mean, what's the point of having all this extra gear to go 170 if they're governed to never see that speed??? That's exactly what I'm talking about with shit gearing. If these things were legit done at 140 and you used all the gear available i bet they pick up the better part of a second on the 1/4 mile.

Manual on a 6th gen Mustang comes with 3.31 from factory.

no replacement for displace...

Yeah, I imagine there's still considerations put towards fuel economy (remember the 1-4 lockouts) and more relaxed driveability vs throwing that out for sharper performance.

That's stupid long. Like school bus long. Anyone that has one of these cars needs to immediately go to a 3.73 and be prepared to be blown away at the difference. That's a good compromise without seriously sacrificing highway rpm . It's like ford is throttling their own car.


I always considered the whole point of the 6th gear is so you can run short gears and still have a decent OD in 6th if you want it. 3.31 isn't even in the right neighborhood.

I've read the '13 GT500 is geared to something stupid, like 350 mph at 6th, but is drag-limited at 189.

Yeah, I can get 30 mpg on highway once in awhile in the GT, but uh, there is a reason they toss the 3.73 on the PP.

Does that mean performance package? If you never have before, find someone that has it and get them to go through a couple gears, i bet it straight up walks away.

30 emmpeegees does sound good though

Yeah, but not really what you buy these things for. Now I want 3.73s!

if youre in a gt with a 3.31 right now and thats what you know, youll feel a huge difference when you go to 3.73's. the whole powerband will be improved, guaranteed. i might even see if theres a middle ground somewhere in the high 3.80 range. youd have to get on a gear calculator and see what your rpm/speed is in 6th with X gear to see where youd be comfortable on the highway, but anything is better than a 3.31. use that torque. its wasted on a long gear.

Yeah, I'm excited to get them installed and just eat the gas difference on longer trips.