How do you people afford the cars you drive?

How do you people afford the cars you drive?


A poorfag.

>earn some money from working and purchase a cheap car
why did you even ask OP?

I have a job. It's this place I go to for 8 hours a day where I do chores for them and they give me money, which I use to pay for my car.

No, I'm talking about people driving those nice ass cars. Minimum wage allows me to buy a boring shitty daily.

I want to drive neat cars.

8 hours a day, 5 days a week, no wife or kids sucking my finances dry.

Get a blue collar job. Become an electrician, a carpenter, oil worker, logger

I know how to budget my money. If you don't wanna be a poor fag learn how to budget and save. 33k a year and I've got a car I bought brand new and a bike. Poor fags stay poor because they don't educate themselves about money.

By not being poor.

It's really top notch, you should give it a try sometime.

Nice cars exist even for poorfags, it's called buying used sports cars.

>getting nissan or gook cars
>getting another cars with ridiculous high APR and work the shit out for car payment
This is what most poorfags do. Also you can do this
>saving up some money for down payment
>having decent to good credit score for low APR
>60 or 72 months payment
>get monthly payment as low as 10~20% of your monthly income
>refinance once you get better credit score

>Carefully find a car worth a lot more than it can be bought for
>Fix its minor problems
>Drive on state minimum insurance

rich wife. works for me.

>rich wife.


...oh wait, you're a male, so this doesn't work, lel

Op, there is a thing called financing where you can get a 15k nice car for like $180 a month, Even a McJob fag can afford a nice car if they can cover other living expenses.

I'm 18 and this is my car, bought and paid for by me. It costs me peanuts a month and as long as your employed and have some credit you can buy a car.

Idk whichs one bothers me more, that you live in rich neighborhood telling your life story, or the fact that you bought a NC

NC's are pretty cool man
But yeah he sounds like buying that car was a real achievement when it's obvious his parents paid it for him

1. Not my neighborhood, this was taken at a relative's house.

2. The NC has the best power to weight of any miata and its a more comfortable daily than the na and nb.

3. I'm not rich, im a college poor fag with a mcjob.

>Had a 2 credit cards for around a year and a half as I drove a 3k shitbox.
>Saved 2k over a few shitty jobs when 16 and 17
>Put the saved money as a down payment for current miat since I already had credit.
>Got financed and a low monthly payment.

Buying a car isn't hard, just save up down payment money for a few months and have credit and you can get a nice car Why is this so hard to believe and for people to do lol.

ND 2.0 has better power to weight but whatever, NCs are good too

ND is 15.2
NC is 14.8 or something

Just google the curb weights and get out a calculator. I just did it.

The ND has 155hp w/ 2332 lbs
The NC has 170hp w/ 2498lLbs

A job, and flipping numerous cars for profit on the side

>biggest one was dat SLGI trauma payout tho

>tfw want an NC but I'm 6'2" and barely fit with the PRHT up.

Why live.

Those people will never give you an answer. Anytime you see some young person driving a $200k supercar, they always give you some bullshit answer like "just find something you love and do it and the money will come" when you ask them how they can afford a car like that. It's either daddy's money, they're drug dealers, or they run a successful enterprise selling premium dragon dildos

Being a successful drug dealer is harder than it sounds.

t. mid-level drug dealer

>The NC has 170hp
Mine certainly didn't (when it was stock). 157 is the official number

Worked overtime (not always by choice)
12 hours a day, 7 days a week pretty well paying job, double time on Sundays, triple if it fell on a holiday.
Saved up 2 grand in a month even will all my billz n shit and bought a project car.

Obvious newfag you should know what happens to shitty drug dealers with shitty cars that come here

I'm 27 and have a university degree and a college diploma. I work a white collar office job 5 days a week. Market yourself OP.

Also why do you think people who drive decent cars aren't poor? I have $20K in savings and I still feel poor.

Is this true? BMW website wants me to pay 700 a month for a cheap 2 series base, seems like way way way too much for 10k deposit and 60 month term

I don't. I finance it and figure out how to survive based on all my monthly payments in life.

t-american "middle class"

Bruh, don't you dare spend 52 grand on a fucking base 2 series.

Buy CPO and laugh at the cucks buying new and taking that devastating depreciation.


Just lease the fucker like every other yuppie couple.

I'm a poor ass college student with apartment rent. Restaurant job really makes it all doable. Make 2-3k a month on part time

>Miata 2k

When I was younger I desperately wanted a nicer car. However, after mandatory bills on top of a few wants over needs, I struggled to put away $200 a month.
>Immediately after graduating HS I moved out to be on my own

I eventually went to Veeky Forums and went from spending an unbelievable amount of money on food to spending less than $40 a month for a much more nutritional diet. Granted my new diet is nutritional, it's extremely bland.

By acquiring two of these I was finally making enough to put away $1100 a month.

However this wasn't sufficient as I had no life and lost contact with everyone.

I became an automotive mechanic. Acquired all my ASEs just to get away from tires, brakes, and oil.

Unfortunately I spent a ton on tools.

As I had shop access I decided to start buying cars that needed work. I was ableto buy relatively expensive cars for nothing.

I'd buy a shitbox with a bad motor/trans/rear end and then spend a few hours at the pick n pulls.

I'd fix all vibrations, make sure it started easily, and that it went down the road a-okay. I'd spend a few hours with the guys detailing it on the weekends and then proceed to sell said shitbox.

Never bought a car that's rusty or needs body work, unless it's as easy as pulling and replacing body panels.

For whatever reason, Subaru's had the highest profit ratios. Trucks were tricky, but they sold the quickest.

Get a dealers license as buying from auctions saves a ton of time shopping.

OP, you need to understand there's a difference between good debt and bad debt.

I learned about this in my early 20s.

This made me laugh a little. I miss Frostys shitposting.

I still flip cars, but my liveable income comes from swing trading blue Chip stocks. Took a lot of capital to start, but it's definitely easier than grinding away at a wage slave job.

I would buy cpo but I want the updated one, and it isn't 52k it's 36k which makes me wonder why it's so bloody expensive month to month if i put 10k down
ehhh lease terms sound shitty

>I still flip cars, but my liveable income comes from swing trading blue Chip stocks. Took a lot of capital to start, but it's definitely easier than grinding away at a wage slave job
People who say stuff like this usually always grossly exaggerate the amount of time and knowledge and experience required to be successful

if it was "that easy" everyone would do it and you'd make no money

700*60 + 10,000 = 52,000

You're paying 52k at the end of the day. That's the only number that matters. The reason you are paying so much is because your interest rate is shit.

36,000 - 10,000 down = 26k financed. You are paying 42k back over the span of the loan (700*60). You're getting robbed

alright wagey, here you go.

>work a full time job
>start saving
>pick up a second full time job
>contemplate suicide for several months
>save 2-3k up and then throw it away as a down payment
>pick the lowest monthly you can possibly get
>leave one of your wagey jobs and enjoy the slow spiral into debt


>get a non min wage job

Get an MBA and go into Finance. It's not that hard

This is ignoring time value of money and is completely wrong..

Oh shit where can I find a PREMIUM dragon dildos?

I am almost 30 and I am a virgin and I live with my mom (hey I pay her bills)

Parents money

Hmm, it was just the default interest rate on the website so I imagine since I have strong credit that my rate wouldn't be that shit

>Strong credit
When will you numales realize that credit is not the only thing that determines rate