*cuts you off*

*cuts you off*
*blocks your path*

*resumes normal following distance and slows down to match, because road raging is how accidents happen and I don't want to wreck my shitbox over stupid shit*

That's too many words, that's not how this meme works!!!

>that car
>acting like an ass

so most likely you are:

>a punk thug who does shady shit to get his money


>some annoying dumb gold digger bitch who drinks and drive

*shoops you into a better car*

Wait does this really exist or is it just a shop? Because I kind of like it

What part of shoop don't you understand?

Yeah but

It was a convincing shoop

Last week some guy shot another in the head for going to slow in my city kek

Okay but what were the two guys driving?

I'm gonna miss being a traffic bully in my 02 Sequoia. I'm not gonna miss the gas prices, though.Traded the old girl in for a 2016 Golf GTI. Yes I realize OP's pic is a 4runner, but a Sequoia is even more of a bully car.

No, that would be you.

Were you raised by a single mother or molested (or both)?

good one

I had a very good childhood with a complete family. My brother did make me lick his penis when I was 6 and he was 11, though.

Yeah that doesn't surprise me

Sequoias had the 2uz right? That engine is slow as fuck. You weren't bullying anyone you queer.

The only thing a car needs to be a bully is be big. As long as you're willing to break speed limits you'll bully any sedan that doesn't fight back.

Gold diggers drive Toyotas?

*unzips dick*

>white suv

woman driver

Why the fuck can't we have this? 2 door suv's are better than those stupid fat 4 door suvs that midget soccer moms drives

> japanese suv
woman driver

>american suv
undercover cop

2 door a best