See this shit right here?

See this shit right here?

>not the Pinto III


>improved fox body chassis
>More powerful engine than the 302


But that's not the Foxbody.

>hating the god king machine known as the foxbody
i knew you niggers had bad taste but this is on another level of plebian

>disliking the most pleb Mustang makes you a pleb


I didn't hate on the fox body, I just pointed out the SN95 is an improvement in every way

nobody actually likes the Foxbody

people only fuck with it because its plentiful and relatively light

if Pinto Mustang II and Vega supplies were still common af people would use those instead

>modifying a chassis from the 70s in a 90s car instead of just making a new one

>americunt land barge enthusiasts arguing over which of their pigfat pieces of shit are "the best"

Ford got nothing on GM

dat goddamn B-body

>Production 1926–1996

I thought the stick-in-a-urinal shifter design was appropriate.

what the fuck
how the fuck does that even happen
what the fuck is wrong with gm

boomers need to be genocided

>europoors bitching about gas prices, no soup, bread lines

The 90s mustang is my favorite mustang ever, the 1999 one to be exact though but this would be my close second favorite. When I was a kid this was the current mustang that appeared in videogames and hot wheels.

>the 1999 one
Still got mine.
Only 60,000 miles on it.

Body on frame doesn't really need much change. All you do is resign the body on top.

Body on frame for cars required a lot of change over the years; namely being wiped off the face of the planet. GM was just absolute garbage and got by as cheap as they could, for as long as they could.

Excellent. I'm kind of making it one of my life goals to buy one eventually.

>refer to frame as b-body
>just keep changing actual body
what did gm mean by this

Looks like $2K, these days.
I didn't trade mine in because it's worth more than that to me.

the SN95 is my favorite mustang

you my motherfucker

rate my stang fellow neets

Because it's B-Platform, and the frame is the platform. It's just commonly known as B-body.

yeh boy

that shit looks good

Cobra SN-95s are my shit

you need some spoiler or wing on there tho

i kinda like the no tail look of it though

I unironically love the SN95. I get high school nostalgia vibes every time I see one. Back in the 90s, a SN95 GT was like every high school students dream car.

Well I mean, how mad would you be if you spent $5000 on your civic just to be smoked by a stock 5.0l...

not mad at all because if it were touge i would run rings around any pigfat piece of shit mustang

That's some strong autism you're emitting there.

this was the turning point for the mustang, when it went from cool muscle car to neutered pony, before turning into the go to car for douchebags across America, dominating the douchebag market ever since

But it's not

thats some strong tryhard youre putting on

Mustang 64-68 is the cool og
69-73 is pigfat disgust
74-78 is trying to get on track but having too much stacked against it
79-93 is godawful drunk night those with a brain would like to forget
94-98 is getting pointed right again
99-04 is working off of previous success and making good with it
05-09 is another retarded decision that throws you back
2010-14 is really getting your shit together with a quickness
15-16 is surprising everyone even if you put on a few pounds
17- you got down syndrome but youre still good

>I don't even actually like mustangs the post

but I dislike the least Mustang Mustangs

if you like the Foxbody or the pigfat ones you dont like the Mustang

After the 1st gen mustangs werent real mustangs until the coyote 5.0.

You don't decide what's a "mustang mustang". Cars don't just transform overnight from their original timeless form into their modern competitive one. The middle 40 years wasn't an awkward phase.

sorry bruh the name doesnt mean anything

there are times the Mustang lost its way and if you actually like them you should respect the need to not call those mistakes Mustangs

Do you have an official badge, or do you just figure people know you're an expert by looking at you?


yeah man all I need is a whistle

fuckers know Im the judge jury and referee a real official

a 4 door would make it a nice sedan

Whatever you say little man

>4 door foxbody

you mean like this?

I just want a v8 sedan that isn't yuropoor crap with a manual transmission.

as much as I hate the Foxbody Mustang I fucks with the Fairmont

LTD just makes me think GTA VC

>Initial D role-playing on Veeky Forums

I own one of these LMAO

Was this picture taken in 1998?

I dunno. To me the absolute butt ugliest Ferd car they made was that early 80s Tempo. That particular paint color still gives me bad memories.
Compared to that, those mid-90s mustangs were Ok. At the time, I didn't think much good or bad of that version of the 'stang, it just blended into the background.

>1/2 ton truck
>Carries a ton
>What do truck manufacturers mean by this?

Well, nothing actually, since it's not the manufacturers who are calling it such.


funny you should say that, as a kid i remember I didnt like the 90's foxbody because it "looks like a normal sedan"

Nice wheels but get the spoiler

>4 wheel disk
>available with the 5.0
>foxbody aftermarket bolts on
No OP, YOU are shit.
This, but only because of the proportions. Its no better or worse as a platform than any of them.

Most Mustangs look odd without the spoiler, yours somehow pulls it off, though

SN95 a best

Your right it should have been based on the mn-12, stiffer lighter body better front suspension, independent rear suspension


>goes through the trouble of changing the hood and front fascia
>doesn't change the badge on the fender

>doesn't change the hood or fascia
>puts a cobra badge on the fender


A V8 Thunderbird weighs about 400lbs more than a V8 Mustang, get your shit straight.

cuckada only got the g8