Finally graduate from college

>finally graduate from college
>get a good job lined up
>need a car
>no credit history
>credit unions and dealers won't finance me
>they'll finance tyrone from the hood though, who I know makes less money than me

What is this bullshit Veeky Forums.

Theyll finance Tyrone because they know they'll be able to make a couple hundred off him before the car is repod and sold again for the 8th time

>he didn't save up money while working in college
>he didn't take out small personal loans that he knew he could've payed off at any time with that money
baka baka baka

How do you know they'll finance Tyrone?
How do you know he makes less money than me?

I have the money for a down payment.
Everyone told me not to get a credit card.

>everyone told you not to get a credit card
who the fuck said that? using one responsibly is a great way to build credit.

3k civic it is then you irresponsible faggot.

>Everyone told me not to get a credit card.
Well no wonder you're not being financed.

>Everyone told me not to get a credit card.
in america, that is generally poor advice because you pretty much need to start building your credit during college. Use credit cards responsibly and you will build credit

>whining about not having credit history
>listened to one person who told him not to get a credit card

I didn't know this at the time. Should I just get a beater then?

A 3k shitbox is your only choice, did college teach you anything about personal finance????.

Jesus, the american school system is useless

how did you pay for your college?
You should have some credit from school loans.
Here's what you can do: Purchase beater, it's your only option now. Get a credit card and pay it off on time every time. Once you're able to get a loan, start small like $10k. Upgrade from beater with loan to slightly better shitbox. Continue to pay off credit card and loan on time. Congrats, not only do you have credit, you have excellent credit and dealers will trip over each other trying to get you to finance with them. Tell them to fuck off and finance with your bank. Reward your years of hard work with a phresh car.

>Everyone told me not to get a credit card.
lel you got fucked

I've been using my my card since I turned 18 and paid it off in full every month. I got approved for a mortgage for a $600k house at 23

My student loans were in deferment

What was your down payment?

There is literally zero reason why colleges should teach personal finance.


even if they were deferred, you should have been building credit for simply taking the loans. Technically the deferment saves you from being delinquent on the loan, which would destroy your credit.
Still, the fact that you have yet to pay off your college loans is another reason why you should buy a beater instead of accumulating more debt. Knocking out those loans and keeping on top of a credit card will put you in a good spot when you're ready to get a nice car.
If you ever have kids, get them a credit card when they are 18, restrict their credit to like 2000, and teach them to stay on top of that shit and pay it off. It will prevent them from ending up like you when they finish college and are looking for cars and houses kek

holy shit son what were you trying to buy?

Most of them have college grad programs.

my mistake, I thought you were OP
lrn2read faggot

no u

Why not take a loan from your family?

Oh look, evidence of Veeky Forumss pants-on-head retarded anti-credit logic producing a victim.

Take $500. Go to the credit union. Set up an account. Use that $500 to get a secured credit card. Use that to put gas in your shitbox, pay it off every month/every time you use it. In 6 months, try to get a loan again.

I know this feel. 27 with a bachelor's and no credit history. I have no reason to get a credit card other than to build credit.

>Tfw taking a personal finance college course next semester
>Tfw took a personal finance class in highschool
>Tfw I'm just almost 19 and my credit is better than yours
Yeah man, they definitely shouldn't teach you something that can benefit you

They assume you have a fuckload of student loans.

>not going into he trades and making dat apprentice money.

tyrone from the hood opened a credit card and maxed it out so he has credit history.

>tfw 27
>Finance mustang GT
>dealer runs my credit my score is 849
>never seen a score that high he says
>best offer I get is 4.4% from two separate tier 1
take it
>have way cash to pay in full but keep payments
>made 5% on an options trade today alone
>still beating the Jews

Only reason to finance a car is to use the car money to make an investment with a higher yeild than the interest on the car

I only trade but we're saying the same thing. I made 5% gain on a much larger sum of money than the cash cost of the car today alone so I was wise to keep my cash and pay 4.4% interest for that right

Get a shitbox and pay off your $70,000 student loan first

Yeah that's what I'm saying basically. That's really cool