Who taught you how to drive?

Who taught you how to drive?

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The internet. My dad was rarely ever there for me when I was a teenager because I was a disappointing neet and he had long given up on me. We get along a lot better now that I'm not a piece of shit.

>tfw been driving since i was 13

my dad

My step sister

My driving instructor. My mother helped some, but the instructor did most of it.

Driving tests are not a rubber stamp here. A license is a privilege, not a right.

my sister attempted to teach me, but she's a moron and it only scared me from wanting to drive

finally got enough curiosity and started observing how people drove as a passenger, stole my dad's car in the middle of the night and taught myself

Where did you learn to fly?

My grandpa taught me the rules of the road.
My dad taught me a little bit about driving a manual, enough to get the car moving.
The internet taught me how to drive a manual like a non-retard

gran turismo

>A license is a privilege, not a right.

Dad, driving instructors, the internet and books on road laws.

He's right though. A license is a privilege. You have to earn it, and it can be taken away. It's the very definition of the word.

My step-mom. She'd sometimes rub my crotch though.

A mandatory instructor.


gran turismo.

Dad taught me how to drive a month before I could get my permit at 15.5. Learned in a 4cyl manual Ranger at the abandoned K-Mart parking lot

My mothers husband

shit driver detected

My dad did when he started to need to have someone deliver tacos at night to keep up with bills he taught me in his v6 swaped 93 corolla he brought back from Mexico it handled like ass but it was kinda fast for what it was. I was 17 at the time and it sucked delivering tacos at night on a school day.


Yeezy taught me.

>When your a libertarian and don't need a license to drive a private vehicle for non-commercial purposes.
>tfw you win in court when your caught driving w/o a license

Get woke Veeky Forums, driving the the USA doesn't require a bullshit license.

Its a constitutional right to operate a motor vehicle don't ya know


We have this type of people here too, they think the Kaiserreich or Third Reich never ceased to exist and that the current German government is an LLC with no power over them. They're cracking down on these retards after one of them shot a police officer dead.

this and stealing my parents car at night when 14 y/o
>good times

Good damn it I had to hear that shit from a group of guys that drove Hondas at my high school not knowing why they would call me that and now I know

Trying to teach myself (+ a few lessons with the instructor) cause I haven't seen my dad since I was 3

My dad (to an extent). He never gave a fuck about anything, and he really stoked the boyracer fire in me. After he knew I had the basics of driving manual down, he let me take out this shitbox Ranger by myself into the federal land to dick around in.

best dad desu

You can tell just by reading this post that you're fucked in the head from bad parenting.

dad was too much of a piece of shit to take 3 hours to get me the hang of it. went to some pajeet driving school, figured id get an insurance deduction. after doing two sessions, pretty much knew how to drive and didn't finish the class, missing the insurance reduction

tfw wasted $500 for 3 hours of drivings lessons

Kek fuck this game.