Rest in peace V8, you will be missed

Rest in peace V8, you will be missed

Nothing of value lost

>mourning layouts that are alive and well when there are actual historical losses like the V4, I5 and I8

What happened to your engine, m8?

it's extinct

Ah, I see. Bait thread. Enjoy knocking THING YOU DON'T LIKE without me.

m8, you don't understand. I am going to miss the V8, but electric cars are sadly going to take over very soon. ICEs will be outlawed in a decade or two

Maybe in cucked yurop they will. The car culture here will continue to be too strong other than maybe cuckifornia. How else will we do our 100 mile overland trips? 5000 lbs of batteries? Kek.

I fucking wish these were still a thing

I heard the 5.0 is being sacked in the mustang for the Ecoboost V6. They are already killing the V6.

>car culture


>car culture

not european lel

>car culture

nope, not japanese either lel

>Maybe in cucked yurop they will.
Mercedes offer V8s. BMW offer V8s. Audi offer V8s. Porsche offer V8s. Land/Range Rover offer V8s. Jaguar offer V8s. Aston Martin offer V8s as their smallest engines. Bentley offer V8s as their smallest engines. Maserati offer V8s. Ferrari offer V8s as their smallest engines. Motherfucking Scania offer V8s in their fucking semi trucks. Lamborghini have offered V8s before and will return with their silly SUV. Only reason Rolls-Royce aren't offering V8s is because they don't bother with lesser engines than V12s.

>Lincoln don't offer V8s at all
>Cadillac only offer V8s in one performance model and their Hurrburrban rebadge, not even in their top model

Just get a 25 year old car and shut up.

>car culture

he's russian

that explains a lot
>tfw your "car culture" is just a disgusting mash up of other country's cars and you do not have your own quality company

not australian

nope, not russian either

>literally no other country in the world has any cars except for the developed western world
>doesn't even has a car, shits on other car cultures
haha keep eating mud little african

I was referring to the statement about ICE cars being outlawed. Obviously you have plenty of v8 offerings.

>lists cars that only their Arab overlords can afford