Why haven't you bought an electric car yet Veeky Forums?

Why haven't you bought an electric car yet Veeky Forums?

also reminder that the fastest vehicles on the planet are electric



come on Alphonse

I didn't know planes and rockets use electricity

Because the good ones are too expensive and the cheap ones aren't good.

Because electric cars are abominations in the eyes of the Angel Combustion.

Not the last time I checked. They also don't hold any top speed records.

Because they're a giant fucking scam, and aren't "green" in any way. You're just transforming one form of pollution to another.

>roughly 90 miles of range at 62 mph
>over 100 miles of range at roughly 35 mph
>regenerative braking which increases the range beyond the listed figures above
>8k dollars for practically a new vehicle
>400 lb ft of torque
>electric car reliability
The only other electric car that has a great warranty, decent performance and doesn't cost more than 10k dollars for less 10k miles on the odometer is the leaf. But the leaf still can't keep up in the performance category. This car is the ultimate shit box desu. Only problem is you have to treat it with care and avoid fast charging too often because it costs around 20k to replace the battery. Which is why these fuckers depreciate so quickly and will continue to do so. It's brilliant. I'm almost sure I'm going to buy one of these in 2018 when they hit 7k dollars.
not production. sperg harder.

Because this

get an extension cord


Use a thick fucking extension cord ffs. Also why the fuck are you spending $40k on a electric car when you rent a shitty apartment? Should of got a cheap beater and used that $40k towards a down payment on a house.

My wife already bought one, and $100K is about all I'm willing to spend on my sports car.

I dont care how fast electric cars are. i like my car with a engine that has lots of moving parts and a exhaust that kills the enviorment. and i want it because i can

Nice typo in the french instructions.

First off. That's what I did and it made the 12hr charge time more like 18. And second it's a condo

Why haven't you bought any car OP?

I drive trucks, and that hasn't evolved much yet...and, I live in eastern Ontario Canada, and full ev's don't fair well with the extreme cold...

Get a real extension cord like a 10/3... Not some 25ft Walmart cuck cord. This is like grade 4 science...

"men" these days...

I doubt the 120 volt chargers are smart enough to realize they're hooked into cuck cords and self limit. I'm betting engineering looked at the whole "liability due to idiots using thin cords" and limited rates appropriately.

If it were me I'd find some proper, 6 or 8 gauge extension cord, and run that. Actually, I'd probably find a 6 gauge welders cord and use that from the 340 volt socket in the washing room.

Anything is going to "self limit" when you plug it into a thin and long extension cord. You get mad voltage drop especially on high amperage shit like chargers.

This is one of the main reasons why current electric cars don't work. Most electric grids are shit as it is and extension cords strewn about aren't going to work either.

I did though.

How long do they take to fully recharge the battery?

i have the proper amount of testosterone in my body

how fast is it??

Kek I got my 2013 volt certified used for less than half that with only 30k miles. The resale on these cars is terrible because people are scared of shit they dont understand.

I just got home from work. It's 100 degrees out and I had to work in it all day. My car has no AC either, and it was starting to overheat. But now I'm home and eating delicious dinner. In a much better mood now. I hope everyone in this thread has a wonderful week.

>The resale on these cars is terrible

Gee I wonder why. Have fun cancelling out all those fuel savings when you have to change out the batteries or deal with GM issues.

Mine has had zero problems since I bought it. Just passed 70k miles. Pretty much no one has had to replace the batteries yet. shit theres a guy on the forum thats gone 300k and still has the same battery range as when new.

the spark EV is actually a spunky little shitbox, 327ft lbs of torque

You can buy an 80 mile EV with 1.5k miles on the odometer for 8k bucks. There's no point in replacing the battery when electric cars are so cheap. And nobody has had to change out the batteries yet because they degrade rather slowly.

because I don't want my wife to get fucked by black guys while I watch, which is in the small print when you buy an electric car

except that if it gets a little bit too chilly you're losing all of your range rendering the car fucking useless.

Have fun paying 7 grand in five years when your battery can't hold a charge any longer.

it has an 8 year warranty????? lol. grasp harder.

>various studies have down that battery capacity loss is pretty minimal, even over 200k mile nissan leafs lose 20% at MOST
>losing range in the cold is irrelevant if you plug them in overnight because they all have active battery heating systems to keep the batteries toasty for when you drive off

but no keep reciting irrelevant anecdotes based on your phone batteries' behavior because they're obviously the same thing right

12-20 hours from a 120v standard outlet. For 50 miles of range.

I'm poor and my DD gets good enough mileage that I could never justify the cost of a new car without a substantial improvement in income.

>12-20 hours
>50 miles
fuck that noise

>not fast charging
barely any difference in battery life in the long run as long as you have an active cooling system.

EV people are fucking delusional...

Life's too short to daily an appliance.

not an argument retard

Not all EVs have fast charging, not all houses have 240v outlets to charge cars

>not all evs have fast charging
The only ones worth buying do.

>not all houses have 240v outlets
Just equip your house with a 240v outlet then you lazy piece of shit.

Guess it's easy to talk about this when you don't even own a house or a car

It's pointless arguing with you people when you're under the impression that you have magical unicorn jizz cells powering your cars that are impervious the the effects of chemistry.

It's like trying to explain why somebody with a Apple should of bought a normal computer. Pointless.

>presents no facts
>please believe my incredibly biased statements without any evidence
>hurr it's pointless arguing
ice cucks this retarded. go back to preping the bull, cuck

How can I be projecting when I'm the one with the house and EV?

>he bought a volt immediately instead of picking one up in 1.5 years for 16k dollars with 5k on the odometer
no wonder you're so retarded

Can't it still try to pull the amps though? Till it pops a breaker?

its headlights aren't big enough

>Being poor


>he bought a vehicle which will depreciate nearly 50% in a year instead of waiting
lol. still looks like a great car. I'm considering one.

You realize why they depreciate like a rock right? Because EVs are shit.

No, it's because of government incentives and other factors. Enjoy your maintenance, retard.

>His one hope and dream is to one day be able to afford a Chevy Spark

Don't think you really have any room to call others retards

>feminine hygiene product on wheels
>great car

holy fuck the autism

>faster than a z06 from 30-50
>bad car
holy fuck the autism

bump for more gm fangirl assmad

>Spark EV faster than anything

I don't think so tim

sperg more

>Enjoy your maintenance

Your EV doesn't have tires, brakes, suspension, gearboxes, cooling/heating systems, electronics?

This is why I don't argue with EV sheep. They're delusional.

about the only thing you have to replace.
once every 75,000 miles. it has regenerative braking so there's rarely ever a need to use your actual brakes ever.
nope. doesn't have a tranny.
rare but sure.

>i don't argue with ev sheep because i get btfo
ftfy, sperg more

I rest my case.

he's right you know The things that can go wrong with an ICE are much more numerous and complicated than those of a EV.

>The battery

>battery is just 18650s
Yeah, you can rebuild it for a couple hundred bucks and a weekend.

honestly tho, replacement batteries should be pretty cheap in 3-4 years when the gigafactory is churning them out in bulk. Even then, used ~70% batteries ought to be quite affordable if you compare them to a new battery of smaller size but similar range

The only thing you need to do on a brand new ICE car is change the oil every 10k miles. Even the shittiest Korean brands are reliable and almost maintenance free.

It was piss-weak and blew all over the road. Truthfully, it was a rental car. Transmission seemed a little abused.

So if were are just comparing the average then, the only thing you need to do on a brand new EV car every 10k miles is ......?

Then why does Tesla need a 8 year warranty?

would you rather it not have a warranty? Stuff still breaks you know. EVs aren't some magical invincible object. Tesla has a mediocre problem-per-vehicle rate anyways.

I'm not talking about new new EV's. People were saying to buy old used EV's because "they don't need maintenance" A car owned by somebody with that mentality is going to need a fuckload of maintenance second hand.

at least use a tesla in your thumbail if your gonna shitpost fagdad

>it's a condo
like that makes it any better

>from 30-50
yeah well, what about 17-52 mph?
I hear that's the real important metric.

Because I do not want to end up like Hammond...

My knees are still quite fine, thank you.

One thing I will say I like about the Spark is Chevy does some really unique colors like that light pink and light blue. I think they're doing a really vibrant light blue on the newest model year also.