Nice car! You compensating for something?

>Nice car! You compensating for something?

well, are yoiu?

Yeah, my lack of will to live.

>I-it's above average

I drive a civic

Little dick mobile


>nice nvidia GPU
>how much did you pay for those 16% gainz?
>manlet GPU
>stop projecting


Fuck you. I will unironically buy another 1080ti just to show how fucking small my penis is and how big my wallet is.

Too real.

>tfw muh R9 290 housefire still tears through anything I throw at it

If I have the smallest pickup on Veeky Forums, 2 additional shitboxes, 3 shitbikes and a shitty one ton it means I'm clearly the most hung user on Veeky Forums, correct?

Correct, good.

Tfw I ride my bicycle to uni. This way I don't have to pay anything because I didn't break any Yuro Co2 emission regulations. And since it weights like 4kg I don't have to pay any road taxes.

No but I don't I've the shittiest car imaginiable so people will think I have a large cock

I'm compensating for my huge dick by driving a small car.

>road taxes
>emission regulations

Where do you live, user?

Sounds like the Netherlands to me.

Get an old-timer. I used to drive a golf 2 diesel before my country changed the laws regarding old-timers.
The thick black smoke when flooring it was very satisfying if there was a prius or a tesla behind me. I payed no taxes at all and my insurance was a lot cheaper too.


>buy Miata
>wake up next morning with a 9 inch wiener

Yes: the long times it would take me to walk, bike, or bus from place to place. Now kill yourself, faggot.

My existential depression.

Same here
Got my 290x in 2014, which is still the real generation of GPU tech everything is on.
Everything is still just a rehash of the 290x or 980gtx

I too, know that feel...

Never answer, only ask
>Why do you think that?
Then they say "You don't NEED a car that nice", so you ask
>"Where's your car?"
It's usually a nicer one, like an optioned out CUV or camry, or low-end bimmer (always leased, always), so ask
>"Do you need one that nice? Why not drive a base model nissan altima?"
Then they say "fuck you cocksuck" and walk away because they were compensating for how powerless they are in life by trying to take the moral high ground over someone better off than them

>Existential depression
This makes very little sense.

Don't really know what to call it. What do you call being generally happy in respect to your own life and small circle of other humans, but when you have thoughts about how little you actually matter compared to the scale of the universe... really the scale of the earth... and get deeply depressed by it?

>born too late to explore the earth
>too early to explore the stars

Cars help me forget that.

*you get

Existential despair is the correct phrase.

Cool, thanks senpai

You mattered enough for the God who created the universe to die for you, but yeah if you don't believe He exists it can be a pretty depressing existence.

*9 inch Weiner up your asshole

I prefer to get out of the funk with:

What are the fucking odds of me existing? Some exploding star billions of year ago coalesced into a perfectly sized star, with the perfect types of planets formed around it, that contained the perfect amount of elements, that allowed a species to evolve just right, so that they could invent a 2ton machines powered by explosions, for my bitch ass to get to enjoy.

That's pretty fuckin neat.

>god made the world and then made me fallible so I could sin and he could get mad at me for something I couldn't possibly be held responsible for because he created me without any concept of right or wrong but it's okay because he made himself into a man and then died but now I have to thank him or I go to hell anyway


This is why I'm muslim

And one day all that shit you believe will mean nothing, when you stand before God, and he tells you that he created you, to worship him. And when you ask him why, he'll say "because I'm really fucking needy, didn't you read the Bible? I literally created a universe, filled it with people and the things they like, and forced them to love me or burn in hell for eternity. There's no other reason for you to exist at all, except to be my friend. Now go to hell. Literally."


I can see why people would think that, given it's a single purpose vehicle and a very impractical one.

Fuck off achmed

i like your style

> Car people like to talk to me about my cars.
> Too socially awkward to like to talk about my cars.

I own a miata and can confirm this is what happens, hetrofags beware

yea, a severe lack of speed

nice cuckbox, you trucking to project somthing?

yes im ugly

>born just in time to explore dank memes on the internet

Yes, the irrational fear of someone calling my car slow

yeah. the new void in my life

putta car innit

Yeah, my gargantuan clitoris.