Did Acura F**ked up?


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the fuck is this
looks like mazda 6 except more retarded

>japanese brands have to waste money designing ugly concept cars under the acura, infiniti and lexus brand to please ameridumbs

why don't they use this money to make sports cars???

This, the fuck is wrong with Honda, have they forgot how to make cars?


I'm on my way-I'm making it

that straight up looks like an edgy mazda, the fuck is going on over at acura.

It looks like a computer graphics error, like where some polygons from the other side of the car model are being stretched to infinity and rendered in front of it by mistake.

Also what is up with that spider web shit on the headlights.

Because they can'tcompete against American sports cars

It's great that somebody decided to build the Buick Avista.



what the hell am I looking at here? For the love of god, please tell me the NewSX didn't get a facelift already

what is this


>concept car

I don't understand the point of concept cars.
>lets desig something so fucking stupid looking and impractical that it will never be made
>then later on we'll design a real car and re-use the name


Neither does Cadillac
>let's design something so fucking cool and practical and then let's never make it
>make a real car that nobody really knows where it fits or who it's for

I always thought it was meant to show the direction of a company's design language in an exaggerated sort of way.

You tend to see bits and pieces of their real cars resembling the silly concept vehicles. Like that El Miraj from Cadillac

Honda has by far the worst exterior design of any major manufacturer.

The S660 is the only one I can think of that isn't a complete mess.

Nah, it's all good. Arabs and chinks will love how edgy it looks. That's all that matters.

Eeh, maybe

On second thought, nah.

Looks like RX Vision got its nose pulled.

After the NSX flop, I figured Honda would have the brains to beat Acura back in line.

Goddamnit Honda, I'm in your clique now, you can't start fucking up!

It's not an A

On my world, it means Hope.