>70 hp/litre

It was embarassing, thank god they cancelled it

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This is how you spot a summerfag.

nice strawman and back pedal projection

>Fallig for thenhp/litre bait

No, this is how you spot a summerfag


European math

>not even using canned responses correctly.

Dumb summerfags.

>all this assmad

nice whataboutism

How is that bad? Naturally aspirated 2.0L 4 bangers usually are 140HP

Honestly in awe of the amount of shitposting this guy does. It takes some serious dedication to be this much of a loser, to be so dedicated to be a spiteful troll. Congrats dude

lol look at this loser having a meltdown

All you're really doing is demeaning the engine size, which is simple to do. But it tells you nothing about the car and absolutely dick when comparing it to another

When comparing one car to others, the only calculation that matters is power-to-weight

Yes I know it's bait

how is power to weight the most important ? a modded suburban can have the same power as a super car but also weigh 5000lb

assmad gm fangirl spotted

Let's say a Suburban has 355hp and it weighs 5700lbs. Lb/hp gives you the rating. In the suburbans case, it would be 16.1, meaning the car has 16.1lbs for every 1 horsepower.

By your assertion, a supercar that has 355hp but only weighs 2500lbs would have a calculation of 7.04lbs/hp

The lower, the better. It relates heft with power available to move that heft. It's why Christian's One:1 is so incredible

>tfw 6.2 lbs/hp

>8.4L V10
>nearly 500lbs lighter than the GT-R and NSX

How does Japan do it?

the GT-R is faster tho

>lapped Laguna faster than the P1 or 918
>last gen ACR-X already hit 7:03 despite being on a 2003 chassis

Unlikely. Prepare to eat your words.


not production, that is a racecar, a GT3 Nismo laps it in around 6:40

>laguna seca
nice slow course, it creates too much drag on fast circuits to be fast, just like the z06 with the
z07 package

can't wait until they either crash a 2015 ACR or end up lapping it slower than the older model because lol too much drag

Can you believe there are cars with 15+ lb/ft? Must be like a fuckin canal boat

How can they compete

NA 4 cyl engines are usually tuned for fuel efficiency
we're talking about a V10 here

>basing the speed of a car based solely on one track

Jeez, autism levels this high shouldn't be capable.

>a car with a lot of drag will have lower laptimes on a track with high speeds

wew, imagine being this clueless

the nurburggring matters because it isn't a shitty road course where cars barely reach 120 mph

Daily reminder

t. late 30 year old brony

wtf is this?

>viper 8.4l 650 lbs 600 hp
>ecoboost 3.5l 400 lbs 700 hp