How hard is it to actually turbocharge a Miata...

How hard is it to actually turbocharge a Miata? I am getting pretty confident with my skills as a mechanic/casual wrenching and am wondering if it's something within the realm of possibility for me.

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Hardest parts are drilling the hole in the oil pan for the turbo oil return line, then fabricating exhaust bits.

Do they not have off the shelf bolt on kits?

It's piss easy, but you should know someone nearby who's done it before or knows what he's doing.

$500 and an afternoon

thought about that too, but what about supercharging or even just NOS?

Youtube is your friend. Plenty of people have done it and recorded themselves doing it. Get to watchin'

The hardest part, actually, is getting it tuned and setting up the fuel system.

I saved this image with this filename a while back

what is the significance


possible if you've been wrenching since cell divide

the hardware isn't the hard part. its reprogramming the EFI.

I assume that means there are bolt on kits, and you need to get a tune like pretty much every car ever? Given that, is the stock PCM tunable, or do you need aftermarket?

>do you need aftermarket?
and thats where they get you. the custom PCM you need is more than the turbo + manifold/intake piping.

What about megasquirt?

MegaSquirt is ideal, except...

... It's got a steep learning curve to program and getting a pro to tune it isn't cheap.

Megasquirt is a great option if you want blow your motor

if you can into megasquirt, you have the intelligence to be fabbing your own intakes/manifolds.

Intelligence doesn't equal welding and milling equipment on hand.

I'm not OP, just inquiring. Thanks for the info though.

the intrinsic value of building a skill is greater than the marginally extra cost of buying the tool you will ideally keep long as long as the car.

it is really not that hard, you just need enough money to basically buy a second Miata.