Tfw drive a shitbox

>tfw drive a shitbox
>tfw no AC in the summer
>tfw have to use a key to lock/open doors

Look on the bright side, poorfag. No A/C system that will break down and needs fixing or recharging. No power locks that need you to take half the door apart to get to, if they stop working.

Car comforts are nice when they work and they are a pain in the ass when they don't.

>when all your coolant leaked out but you don't want to fill it because it'll just leak out again and you don't want to take it to the mechanic to fix the leak because you're afraid of how much it will cost

a-at least i have a sunroof


But I can still open my door with a key even if the power locks fail.

And I can still put my windows down if the AC fails.

inb4 power windows fail, I can always smash them out with a hammer and keep driving

The only creature comforts I really need are a working radio system and cruise control for long drives

>have dark gray car
>not playing this game again
>fix a/c
>70*F outside
>June 2
>jumps time
>drive winter beater with no A/C
>110*F + 80% humidity

If it's warm enough to want ac just run water.

Just sayin

>have AC but it's not so great
>it's 95 degrees out
>take my last 15 minute break an hour before the end of my shift
>turn car and AC on
>let it run and go back inside so it's ice cold when I leave
>mfw my state has laws against idling but you can't see my parking spot from the road

>idle laws
Fuck this gay earth and every faggot who drove this country into the shitter

>idling laws

lol wut

Gotta turn your engine off after 60 seconds or some shit. Muh environment. You can redline all you want as long as you're moving, but once you stop WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WASTING ALL THAT ENERGY FOR YOU MONSTER

what commie state is this?

do you even have to ask?

>living in a state that needs AC

how droll.

I'm guessing either Commiefornia, New York, or New Jersey

Commiefornian here. It's not us, surprisingly.

I live in NY now but I was actually talking about VT which was my previous address. And I just looked it up, it's 5 minutes or more.
NY is only large trucks and busses, idling when they could reasonably shut off the engine instead.

vermont? never would've guessed

They care about maintaining their environment almost as much as promoting (((progressiveness))).

mfw my 30 year old shitbox has a/c and keyless entry

it's called a slim jim but hey it counts, right? to lock the door just stick the flap back then firmly close the door.

>tfw keyless entry, push to start
>tfw just leave key in my pocket
>tfw wear same pants for 1-2 weeks and never have to handle the key fob

>car is 2012
>still paying it off
>doesn't have remote entry or cruise control

Idk what the fuck that dealership sales guy put in my drink to agree to that shit

But how do you show off your keychains?

>push to start
>have to insert this crime against humanity in the designed slot

I don't understand....

Sorry, I meant badly designed.

>2011 Chevrolet Colorado
>Manual windows
>Manual door locks
>No CD reader, not even a fucking AUX port

At least it has AC

>tfw drive an early 90s shitbox
>AC still blows ice cold
>don't use it anyways

AC is a meme. just open your window lmoa

>tfw no AC in the summer
>tfw use key to open everything
>tfw no cruise control
>tfw no power windows
>tfw no power steering

I live life on the edge.

I would literally blow my brains out without air conditioning.

I've thought about If my A/C stops working what kind gun I'm going to buy

AC is for women who don't want to ruin their hair with the windows down

Yes but now you're carrying a heavy A/C unit with you that does nothing and a stupid box on your key that does nothing either. It's like saying "oh well if one cylinder doesn't run on my million dollar supercar that's no big deal, I'll still go fast!"

It's more common (and more easily detected) in the winter. Real winter, where it's 5F outside, and you don't want your hands and butt freezing to the wheel and seat. Start your car, let it idle until the engine is putting out heat through the heater core and then get in and drive it.

Is it hard on the car to let it idle like that all the time. Probably. Do cops hate having to deal with thefts of unattended cars? Yup. Are there laws against it where it's common? Yup. Do people do it anyway. Absolutely. Not me, of course. But only because I care about the engine and not because of any stupid laws.

>mfw my 2003 shitbox has both of those things and they work fine

Feels good, man.