Serious questions for everyone heres

Serious questions for everyone heres.
Imma green text this cuz why not im a faggot

>Be me 19 saved up around $6k CAD
>Also be my not paying rent cuz parents love me
>Parents make around $120k CAD a year combined
>Own 2 new cars bought from dealership (waste i know depreciation hit)
>I now want a car
>Mustang Ecoboost Premium??
>Warranty till 2022
>low on gas consumption
>Under 20,000km or brand new
>ORRR Audi S5 / S4
>Much quicker
>more gas consumption
>More luxurious
>May cost about $1-2k more
>That being said it's used (2013 model) with around 60,000 - 100,000 km

They're both gorgeous cars IMO, I'm a spoiled bitch uni student who likes nice things tell me pros and cons for each choice. I noticed I shouldn't have greentexted cuz it looks autistic but fuckit too lazy to redo. :)

Forgot to mention I make about $1100-1400 a month and I'm thinking about financing for obvious reasons, parents would help pay for insurance if need be.

if i were you i would get the S4 because that v6 is super tuneable and its a lot of fun because of that quattro.

Ok I've thought about that but that would most likely void warranty? And if I do get an S4 warranty would probably last till 2018 unless I extend it for even more money. I wouldn't really have a lot of room to make random payments for maintenance if shit were to come up even though I know my parents would have my back.

I would finance a Mustang GT Premium or an Audi S4. You're 19 and live at home, you might as well dig a huge well of debt so you can never move out. Plus if you're 19 and make $1100/week you probably work an unskilled blue-collar job. It's good to see guys who clean up shit for a living driving around in $40,000 muscle cars - it puts the normies in their place.

Don't ever let anyone tell you you're a worthless babby faggot user. Go get that sweet car, mumma's basement will always be there for you.

I know this is bait but since everyone falls for it oh well I'll just answer your question anyways like you're being serious. Get an Audi because those will last longer than the mustang why do you think they have a long ass warranty unless you get the v8 mustang then I would get that instead if do want v8 mustang get an Audi

I can't afford a GT lmao that way too much, If I had that type of money I'd buy a used CLA45 AMG 2014. I make that much a MONTH not a week. It's not a fulltime job.
It's not bait thanks for your reply, thing is I've heard the audi breaks down a lot, repairs are expensive. Thing is the audi is old 2013 model and the mustang would be 2017 model.

Oh you're 19 and live at home and make $1100 a month? Yeah definitely start looking at expensive new cars OP. You should do well in life.

Parents are obviously offering great guidance, too.

And haha if I made $1100 I'd put an order for the 2018 RS3 in a heartbeat.

I'm a full time student working part-time. Parents are wanting me to get a $15k car for the meanwhile but I just think If I'm gonna buy a car might as well make it last for a while

APR's evertyhing is warranty friendly

Even in Canada?

As someone nearly 10 years your senior, I'll say this: everyone I know who had a nice car when they were younger, is a poor faggot now.

Don't fall for the temptation jew. Get something reasonable, you will honestly be sorry as fuck if you don't.

Noted thanks sir.

Are they poor faggots because they built mountains of debt, or are they poor faggots because they ended up with shit jobs?


Both. The type of person who ends up like that is the type who buys an expensive car at the edge of their financial limits, because they're shortsighted and impulsive. This carries through to all aspects of their life.

Buy a pos on Craigslist and put your money in a savings account.

>Parents are wanting me to get a $15k car for the meanwhile but I just think If I'm gonna buy a car might as well make it last for a while

Why would a $15k car, let's say a mazda 3, last shorter than a 40k Mustang ?

I don't think its because it'll laster shorter or not, as I said I like fast cars and nice cars that are bold and that's why I'd allocate 85% of my income towards it.

Don't get a 400 hp car as your first


I'm 31, myself.

Get yourself a used cheap car that was cheap when new, gets great mpg, easy to fix with easy to find parts.

This part of your life should be spent going on adventures with friends, not paying off a ridiculous car payment and modifying with expensive parts.

If you want to have fun, then use the same formula with something performance oriented, but with a cheap and plentiful aftermarket.

Trust me, your memories will be more valuable than an extra 30hp.

This so hard.
I make almost 4K a month and I live at home with $30K in the bank, and I couldn't dream of financing a car before moving out. What the fuck. I've thought about financing a FoRS but decided against it because I want to move out and don't really have anywhere to put it anyhow.
Ladies going to be real attracted to that 5.0 or Audi until you drive home to your parents house. I by contrast have a 2400 dollar shitbox and a 5000 dollar shitbox I paid for in cash. I have no debt. I also attracted my female by making it apparent that I am a financially responsible individual.

Almost there.. Just wanna save up a bit longer... Don't want to be piss poor or move into a shit house...

OP I suggest you do the same. Delayed gratification.

Here meant to quote this misread the post I originally quoted.

Your first car will be abused, no matter how hard you try. You'll scratch it, you'll dent it, you'll forget something along the service schedule sooner or later, that's how it goes, the first car suffers, one way or the other.

So get something simple, something relatively cheap, and learn with it.

A nice car deserves an experienced driver.