What does your gf or the last grill in your car think of it

>what does your gf or the last grill in your car think of it
>this car is so fast panzer-san
>the exhaust is a little loud can you roll up the window ^_^
>wow a BMW ^_^
>its so comfy, but i dont like leather seats when its hot out
>S-S-SLOW DOWN Panzer-san
old silverado
>why do you own this old truck ?
>why do you need all these vehicles?

Ironically Kys you're selve

Is that you're """"wife""""

she thought it was small and cute. And she has an M5...

>it's... zippy
>kinda small though
500 Abarth

>its so clean and cute
>wheres the aux
>why is it in the glove box
>whats the fuel economy like?
thats it

Also have 335i
> Also slow down.
> Meh
> Holy shit slow down

You talkin bout yo car or yo dingus?

Bmw E30 ls swap
>why does it have to be stick it seems like so much extra work
>it looks like a shoebox
>why is it so loud
*downshifts two gears*
>wow it's really fast

haha. She meant the car.

>Like her car a lot more than mine
>Drive it way more than my car

I'm not proud of it...

>downshifts two gears
>not staying in your powerband 24/7


>what kind of car is this?
>This back seat is super uncomfortable.

I only have a manual xterra, but manuals must be rare as shit in California it seems like, because I've only had one or two girls actually know what the shifter was for. They don't usually comment on the car because they're too mistified by my handling my stick

>Wait what is that
>Why do you have to move that stick
>why doesn't it just do it itself like in my car

None have ever been impressed by it either, except for the one that said it didn't look too hard and I asked her if she wanted to try. She was in the driver's seat for all of a minute, stalled it 3 times before she gave up

This whole thread is why I'm gay.

my papa says boys are gross

My papa taught us to appreciate our penis's

>holy shit slow down


wanting to to fuck a hairy mans ass instead of a qt grills pussy and suck dick
>ok whatever you say faggot

350z w/ gf
>is this one of those shit boxes you always talk about
>why are there 3 cupholders
>when are you gonna wash her

Toyota PU
>this is a piece of shit lol
>I hate riding in this its so rough
>its so low to the ground I dont feel safe
>omg I felt the road in my ass on the way in
>its so loud everyone looks at us
>its always scraping and everyone looks at us
>its a covered in stickers junker its embarrassing to be seen in
>omg get something working AC
>wow the radio doesnt work
>I just hit my head on the ceiling if you dont get another car Im done riding with you

literally the last time I had a gf
I realized they arent worth fucking with

bitch cant handle a pickup with removed springs and cut coils she aint worth a damn anyway

fucking cow

MR2 SW20
>wow, you drive a ferrari?!?!?!!?!11111

87 firebird
>is this a mustang

Volvo 240
>I really like this cloth
>these seats are comfy
>this thing shakes a lot
>where's the AC?

>implying guys can't shave
>implying vaginas aren't disgusting
>implying dick isn't fucking amazing
Ok, sure

Current GF:
lifted e250
>it's too tall, it's stupid
>it's fun but it's too hot
Trooper 4x4 lifted with fenders removed and muddy inside
>I'm not riding in it

Past GF's:
Probably stupid shit.

My dad had a shitbox PU w/ the 22RE that made it to 350k miles.

He still has it, but the headgasket is blown and he doesn't have time to work on it.

Despite being a shitbox with a hole where the radio was supposed to be, it is still one of my favorite cars ever.

Women shouldn't be let around cars. All they care about is muh crossovers and brotrucks. Find a bitch that accepts your Pickup, but until then, fuck wymen.

13' Veloster Turbo
>it's smaller than your last car
>i wish my car had bluetooth
>you spend more time cleaning it than your own room

last car was a dodge charger. was definitely more roomy and comfy but this get's much better mileage and doesn't feel as slow to accelerate. she liked it overall. she drives an 02 accord, I think.

1999 Volvo v70xc
>Is this your mums car user?
>omg stop accelerating so quickly

that thing is fucking disgusting jesus christ.

What does snapchatting with a girl feel like?

I got rid of it like 8 years ago

and Im not even gonna lie and say it wasnt a piece of shit

but it was the first vehicle I ever owned and I dont know what a bitch expects a 16 year old to be driving

New edge cobra
>blank expression after insane 2nd gear pull
>tfw gf will never appreciate my pride and joy

>loud and jerky
>it smells like gasoline

1990 300CE
>comfy a f
>loves that three pointed star hood ornament, constantly snapchatting pics of the hood while we're driving
>loves that it burns rich as fuck and I can basically suffocate people behind us
>thinks it's fairly fast
>never ever wants me to get rid of it even though it's kind of rusty and needs some work, and I could totally buy a better, faster, cleaner car any time I wanted. She's talked me out of selling it a few times, even though I probably would have talked myself out of it

Tfw gf loves your old rusty shitbox and recognizes why you love it too.

She doesn't really care about either of my cars. Sometimes she wants to ride with the top off.

Bags of sand

>wow this car is so old!
>why don't you get something newer?
>all of my friends have trucks
>is this seriously a stick shift?
>why are you going so fast?
>lol what would you do if I sold this?

Current GF
>go faster!
>I think it's really cool when you row through the gears
>thanks user! I had a great time going for a ride

Feels good not having a normie GF anymore man

t. '98 Acura Integra


I like it, can't wait to skid it when we get it fixed

>MK3 Supra
It was fun to drive fast in and it looked good too. Pretty reliable

>IROC Camaro
Uncomfortable, too much attention from kids and cops

Fun to drive in corners, felt like a rollercoaster

Favorite car. It was fun, reliable, had lots of room and sounded good. It was really cute ^-^

Chinese Asian grad student at work
Genesis coupe
>wow it's so new
>it's loud
>I love the leather
>omgah I want a car like this

>slow down

Chinese Asian grad student is a judgmental bitch though. Almost killed me and a friend while practicing in a chevy aveo for her license by some 1930s resto car. Just fucking stopped in the middle of a uturn. The meme is true. So awful at driving. Failed her test twice.

>driving people so fast they are uncomfortable
fucking kill yourself kiddo. you're impressing anyone.

Fucking Americans lol. Every person, male or female, in my country can drive stick.



I'm American and everyone in my family can drive stick, you dumb nigger. Many of my friends as well.

Relax Bowlcut

97 fiat
>hehe its okay user, i dont mind that the car starts only after 5th try, i get to spend more time with you ^^

E60 5 series
>it's an old persons car
>you should rather get an M3

tfw GF is korean and exactly as bad if not worse driver

i honestly dont mind driving everywhere

>tfw she will probably cause a horrible crash with multiple fatalities that ONE time i cant take her somewhere

>1991 Suzuki DR350
This is too bouncy, I don't like it

>2013 Iron 883
This rides too hard, it hurts my butt

>2013 Honda CBR
I don't like that I'm sitting higher than you

>1989 Chevy Blazer
Why did you have to make this truck so high? I don't like how loud it is

She does nothing but complain about every vehicle I own, but always wants to come with me whenever I leave

Attention and confirmation needing girls with snapchat is 10/10

Don't date asians you dumb fucks

>Women are often whores
>The educated, upper class are disproportionately likely to engage in immoral practices, experimental drug use, and whatever the fuck else nonsense you can think of regardless of race

Surprise motherfucker.

I'd say, don't date rich people of slightly above average intelligence. They are easily bored and can do mental backflips out of any sense of dignity and responsibility without a modicum of self doubt because they grew up being told they were smart.

>Don't date asians
>Don't date half-asians
>Don't date whites
>Don't date half-whites
>Don't date jews
eventually you're left with aboriginals man. better to accept that the world is full of shitty people and learn the warning signs of a spoiled child.

>dad's V6 mustang
>1996 Z3 1.9l
>1998 VFR800
>can't hear you over the engine noise sis scream louder pls

I had to pay for my own insurance policy when I was 16.

I had no idea she was even remotely Asian. She looks like a white person with a retard disorder.

Jewish genes. The master race already encompasses all of humanity's defining characteristics in one being so breeding into their clan only produces more jews. It's like joining the borg.

08 VW Rabbit
>its cozy inside
>it looks like an egg
>the speakers sound so nice
>I miss your old shitbox but we can make more memories in this one ^ ^

87 cutlass
>wow, uh its pretty old
>where are the airbags?
>why did you buy this

I've never had a girl inside my car.

>your truck is kind of loud
>I'm glad you have a truck
>Can we fuck in the bed under the stars?
Tacoma. Thinking about getting a Scat Pack Challenger soon though. I'm going to miss having a truck.

I know who we're taking to the ball for a second year ;)

>The educated, upper class are disproportionately likely to engage in immoral practices, experimental drug use
Wrong, but they are more likely to function with drug use than the uneducated lower class.

In other words don't date 2d bitches

>mine's still faster

tfw cucked by wifes m135i

>golf mk3 GL
Called it shit and that she was gonna buy a better car

It's fun to drive and it's served me well so I don't give a shit, chances are she'd probably by some garbage that won't last long before having shitloads of problems

>>I miss-shift (2nd to 1st) and say sorry
>I hope you don't kill me
>>Enter a curve quite fast
>Please slow down
>>I let my car roll down a little bit in a hill
>*Worried stare*
>>*Hit quite hard the skidplate with a bumb"
>Your mom are going to kill you

At least in some point of the night she told me
>How do you laid the seats?

>one half asian grill ended up being degenerate
>half the white women in the US are degenerate
shit b8 m8 3/10

Dont wanna re greentext my feels Celica story from the last thread so ill just do it with the Exploder we took out this weekend
>Its so bumpy!
>can I use the shifting stick? (Im sorry transmission she didnt mean it shes just a forceful person)
>why doesnt your handle have the number chart like my grandpas? Hoe do you remember which gear is which??
>4x4s are so hot user
>its big enough to sleep inside!
>user why didnt you get 4 doors
>i like the square front
>why dont they make them look like this anymore
Suck it wrangler
Jeep a shit
A shit!

>half the women in the US are degenerate


Maserati Quattroporte
>please don't kill me
>I promise I'll pay back Fat Tony just give me another week
>p-pleaee don't hurt me
>I can sell my car to pay back the family just let me have another chance
>you don't have to d-
>mfffgh mmmmfff mmfff mffff

"There's no candy in here, user."

Golf R

>your car really rides rough I dont like how stiff it is
>can you not drive like an ass?

>i don't exist because you're a generally unlikable person and monstrously ugly

Nice m8, had a 94 Integra myself and still pulled girls. I would get
>Woah, you can drive manual?
>Yeah, it fits your style
>Omg it's hard to get in

Now drive a 2013 G37
>Wow your car is really nice!
And other variations of that basically. Only me and my bros enjoy the somewhat sporty handling and speed.

Youa shutta yo mouth iffa you knewa what'sa good for you

Toyota Tacoma 99
>This looks like a rapists truck.
I didn't hear much from her after that.

>wow a convertible? I love those
>I really like your car, it's kind of loud though
>hey user what do you.. [vtec engages] anyway, like I was saying what do you thin- [vtec engages again]