>still clinging to the floppy disk of transmissions

Let it go, grandpa. DCT is the enthusiast's choice.

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>not sequential manual


I'll bite, but I'm not a very big one.

Floppy disks hold data just the same as everything else, what's wrong with them?


CVT is the best.
only with CVT can you reach top speed backwards

>he's desperately clinging to the DCT as everyone is dropping it for increasingly advanced slushboxes

DCT is just an auto without some of its drawbacks, and with some others, but its still boring and will also get outdated, manual will always be the masterrace, just learn to drive it and stop shitposting

Because people are going to daily a rally spec car

Dct is still gay. If you cant change and tune the ecu fully its gay.

DCT = deprecated trash

>Caring about how other people drive.
You must be 18 years years or older to post on this site, kid.

>standard automatics are already replacing DCT
>manuals will literally outlive DCT

I can't wait until one of the clutches goes. So now a job that could have been done in a driveway is next to impossible because of the complexity of the design. You could try to drop the trans and take it to a 3rd party like mister transmission but electric cars killed all those mom and pop shops. So now your going to the dealer for their 1 "factory trained" tech who will gouge you and tell you the disc alone is $1000 because only OEM makes one.

Yeah? Sequentials are actually the most DD-able. It's kind of hard to miss a shift when it's just up or down. Dirtbikes ridden by 8 year olds are sequential manuals.

H patterns are for trucks with 10+ speeds that actually need to skip gears for reasons other than your autism. Its inclusion in cars makes as much sense as the production of bikes that imitate the hardtail look while actually having a really crappy rear suspension and a raked out front that is less functional for every extra degree.

Sequentials also

>can match automatic shift times
>are lighter
>are cheaper
>don't sap so much fucking power like a slushbox
>can handle more power
>can be repaired by a complete moron
>last longer, no brass cones, harder to destroy the dogs than with an H pattern dogbox

this. ice creme cone gearbox is best gearbox

What is seriously so bad about automatics? I love manuals but see nothing wrong with automatic transmission. If others driving automatic actually bothers you then you are autistic, there is nothing else to be said about it.

-Not fun
-Maintenance intensive
-Normally heavier
-A poor driving experience when shitbox-tier, while anyone with skill can make any manual a smooth ride
-High end autos that can compete with manuals are even more expensive to keep alive/replace
+Using a transbrake to build up pressure in the TC > clutch launches for drag, also the marginally faster shift times actually matter in 1/4 miles
+Let shit drivers use a car without tearing their hair out, or drive while eating more easily. Probably a bad thing, as we need to put shit drivers in self-driving electric pods and on trains/buses for safety reasons.

>having a transmission

Why aren't they used more often then?

Why do motorcycles go 1-N-2-3-etc instead of N-safety lockout-1-2-3-etc? Why is the driver's seat off to the side, instead of in the center, when you could get three people in the front of the car or have one in the front and two-three in the back?

Because things seem like a good idea at one point and then stick because it's the mass market, and the masses aren't good at adapting to sudden changes.

It can't even hold my face when you suggest there's nothing wrong with them.

Because Veeky Forums aren't engineers and know nothing about transmissions

because stacy always forgets which gear she's in

They held my first fapping material stash, so they have historical importance.

if automatic transmissions are better then why do all motorcycles have manual transmission?

>Why do motorcycles go 1-N-2-3-etc instead of N-safety lockout-1-2-3-etc?

Because the actual design is simpler and doesn't need a "safety lockout"

>Why is the driver's seat off to the side, instead of in the center, when you could get three people in the front of the car or have one in the front and two-three in the back?

So the driver (the car the person is built for) can get in and out of the vehicle easily

>floppy disk of transmissions

You mean the mechanical keyboard of transmissions?

Such a simple and elegant design

TC + electric motor + freevalve V8 + shitonne of boost

Only hybrid I like and probably as good as ice is gonna get




Personally i prefer manual but auto is nice when in intense traffic.
The reason i usually advise a manual over an auto is because when buying an older car (and lets face it most people here do) autos tend to have more problem areas/be weaker, whereas manuals generally have been maintained more because of the ease of doing so.