Australian 2J

Miring MCM the other days and saw this come by. Any aussies modify the XR6?

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Got a mate who's replacing his melted 3.0td in his patrol with a barra/gtx35, starts it up thisy week gonna be cut.

Holden fanboy but really come to appreciate AusFord with this engine.

It's underrated af and I'd prefer it this way really. Amerifats can keep their vee ates and muh toojay swap. Ausbros can and will chop another across the pond with the barra.

I own a Nissan Patrol TB48DE and a Ford Falcon Barra 182, two of the funnest cars to drive imo.

I could imagine, stuck in the amerifat loop for now but that Barra has really got me interested.

They are hard to modify. Gotta run an expensive standalone

>MCM then: doing weird shit like swapping a complete front end onto a car not fit to wipe your ass on
>MCM now: vlogging

if you want one get one from a territory, cheaper than getting one from a falcon xr6

I figured as much, with a platform like this I would have to go standalone regardless just to get it done right. I just can't imagine seeing one of these things in the US. It would be a beauty

Really underated engine. It's a shame they only put it in the XR6

Can't say I watch too much of their new stuff, but the 10 sec barroyta was definitely an eye-opener. Me being a Ameriboyo never seen an Ausie I-6 was genuinely curious about what looked like an australian 2JZ counterpart. This really is a hidden gem

They're in the the Territory as well and I heard they had them in forklifts which may be used in the United States.

Yeah.. they are popular
But typically only stay in big cars because the engine is fucking gigantic. So Barra Silvia and skyline swaps aren't really a thing

Depends how far you're going with it.
You can easily squeeze a lot of power out of them just with larger injectors and a tune.


most of the time you need forged internals, they are not the strongest ones

this. the I6 from skylines is what, 2.6L or something? the barra they swapped was a 4.0

If you're trying for big power, sure. A tune and injectors will net around 260-280 kw at the wheels, which isn't goingto blow the engine up.

Anybody ever swap in this in an amero/ nippon car, aside from the MCM shit?

>barra is bigger than the holden 3800
>people actually put stroker kits on that thing
fuck me

Occasionally you flip through a magazine and see some crazy 900whp Barra swapped s13 or whatever
But the swaps are pretty much exclusively show cars and shit
Never see Barra swapped cars on the street

why the fuck are there so many faggots driving around with stanced pieces of shit? i hear a milo tin exhaust coming and 99% chance its a stanced S15 or R33
i see plenty of stock MR2s or older civics driving around but its always the silvia faggots with the stance and the supercheap special exhaust tip


>Stroker 3800


i'm sure someone has.
desu I'd love a barra swapped foxbody.