What are the best audi cars in say the past 8 years that you can get for under $30k?

What are the best audi cars in say the past 8 years that you can get for under $30k?

Just best overall, in your opinion.

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I would say B8 S4/S5. Most RS4's under $30k will be molested to fuck, and older S4's are affected by the notorious timing chain issues.

>best Audi
That's like asking for the nice turd

Get a Mercedes E class

>Audi 8N TT Quattro 1.8t

239hp, awd, lightweight, many upgrades for the 1.8t. Running mine on 380hp since 8 years without any damage. Doing 0-60 in 4,3sec

> no replacement for displacement

Anyone that has anything sub 2 litre that not a microcar/compact is a faggot

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Not an argument you fat americuck



Still faster then your redneck shitbox

This. There's no such thing as a "good" badge-engineered VW with some extra leather.

Audi has only ever made 3 good cars

The original Sport Quattro, because it revolutionized rallying and introduced the world to AWD, but it quickly became uncompetitive when competitors developed their own AWD rally cars
Walter Röhrl described the craziest variants as "nearly undriveable"

The RS2, which kicked off the stupidly fast wagon segment
Good because Porsche was involved, but even they can't fix a completely retarded drivetrain layout so it was only really good in a straight line

Manual R8 V10, not the boat anchor 4.2 V8
Just because the gated shifter is cool and it uses a V10, which they borrowed from Lamborghini

So basically the only good car Audi has ever built without help from other companies is the original Sport Quattro

>best audi cars
kek, gave me a slight chuckle. maybe some day you will make enough money to afford something other than a faggot-mobile VW with a makeover

>So basically the only good car Audi has ever built without help from other companies is the original Sport Quattro

t. never owned an audi

Why would I want to own a VW that costs more for no reason?

in the order in which i would prefer to own them:

stage 3 b5 s4 if you want to go fast af and dont mind it breaking all the time
supercharged b7 rs4 (over $30k with the sc but possibly just under without)
stage 2 b8.5 s4
stage 3 b8 a4
one of the older original ur cars with the 20v i5 with a big ass turbo thrown on there
c5 rs6 (would be higher but maintenance nightmare, even worse than b5 s4)
stage 3 b6 or b7 a4




You can get pretty much any 8 year old Audi for under $30k so i don't really understand the question. Are you just a badgewhore?

hahaha i love it when poor people buy luxury cars and then cant afford to maintain them.

oh this car that cost $100k a few years ago is only $20k now! why would i buy a new camry to ferry me back and forth to my shitty dead end hourly job when i can buy this. surely the maintenance costs, parts manufacturing costs, labor costs, etc have all come down in price accordingly as well! and things never break on over-engineered german luxury cars! im so much smarter than all the other poor people like myself for thinking of this totally foolproof and completely sound financial decision!

Nope, just curios. I know fuck all about Audi. Are you too stupid to understand that I'm asking people's opinion on the best audi from the past 8 years? The reason for the $30k, it to eliminate shit like the r8.

you can get a 2012 a7 (or a6 if youre a pussy bitch and dont want the sportback) with the 3.0T for around $25k. save the difference for maintenance costs and/or a supercharger pulley and tune.

Here in the U.K. The cheapest r8s are below the 40k mark. Not too far out.

That's like $99999999999 american cotton rectangles

1.8 liter DOHC turbo and 5 valves per cylinder
I mean thats a serious engine, if you only care about size consider being a little less amerifat