You know, it takes a very special kind of asshole to drive something like this...

You know, it takes a very special kind of asshole to drive something like this. Unless you are some kind of park ranger in the isolated mountains who just needs a glorified atv to navigate some steep rocky roads.....why the fuck are so many people driving these again? Jay Leno is my Veeky Forums role model and like him I try to appreciate all motor vehicles with an open unbiased mind for what they are. I understand why people like driving different sorts of vehicles. But I cannot for the life of me understand wanting to drive a Wrangler anywhere but straight up a rocky cliff, and there are no cliffs around here. I've personally driven these things, they are everything I hate.

Nice blog faggot

>stop liking what I don't like
Yes, keeps are crap for on road, but so fucking what?


Jeeps are fucking amazing mate.
If you had actually driven one you'd agree.

Just don't try to race with a Honda, they'll end up in a ditch much faster and then will try to blame you for that

They really aren't though. Just get a fucking Tacoma if you want a 4x4 . Seriously....all shit aside....jeeps are trash.

No land cruisers and vitaras are amazing, Japanese and pre 2000s American cars are amazing. Jeeps are just overpriced faggit boxes whose only quality is rock crawling. And you know what rock crawls a fuck ton better, YOURE FUCKING LEGS!!!!

>Jeeps are just overpriced faggit boxes whose only quality is rock crawling.

I'm not a huge Jeep fan, but I briefly owned a base-model 6-speed 2014 Wrangler that did 0-60 in 6.7 sec. which isn't too bad especially considering that acceleration wasn't a priority.

Acceleration is for asphaltfags.

Then don't complain that Jeeps suck because they're "only good off-road."

I mean:
>Car sucks because ALL it's good at is X!
>But user-kun, car also does Z and is fun.

wtf kind of a conversation is this?

A jeep crashed into my fence a couple years back, I hate them like you wouldn't believe. Anyways best car in the world and the car I own is pic related.

"I dont like thing"
Good for you user
Polite sage

Because they look cool.

I drive one. Does well in all road conditions and its a 4 door so it has plenty of room. It also looks good. So why don't I drive an explorer or tacoma? Because I wanted a jeep.

Hate Jeep culture but still wanted a 4x4 so I invested in a zuki samurai. I really just don't like the combo of jeep "Bro" culture and the fact that literally every 3rd car on the road is a jeep of some kind.

People like them because they look cool and 4x4s have progressed to the point they're not a complete chore to drive in normal roads.

Not OP, but I have, literally the worst car I've ever driven. The entire interior is flimsy plastic, it was built for manlets, and it handles like hot garabge.

how would be the samurai for commuting? is it your DD? is it only good off road?

It's really not bad for commuting, gets mileage slightly better than my old dodge neon but it isn't lifted. Not my DD but might as well be in the summer time

what engine?

>racing a honda in a jeep

but why ?

Dat Jeep aesthetic. Also 4WD for the snow belt. In my area there are probably 10 Jeeps for every one other car on the road.

Lol the 1.6l. Am I going fast? No. So I have tonsa torque? Not really. Am I having fun? Kinda?

shit i want one now

lol fite me

I just bought a 1998 Jeep cherokee sport, what do you guys think?

Second gens are shit buckets 91-96 were best XJ's

Awesome. I love the later ones with updated interiors. Simple yet modern enough. Is it manual?

>Offroad vehicle has cheap easy to replace material

Are you going to complain about how aggressive truck gearing is too?

Bought a 96 four days ago. I love the fucker.

>Not OP, but I have, literally the worst car I've ever driven.
Must not have much experience.

>The entire interior is flimsy plastic
What interior? They're also made out of the same flimsy plastic as the vast majority of other cars on the road.
>it was built for manlets
Not sure what makes you think that, even CJ's comfortable can be driven by people 6'4".
>and it handles like hot garabge.
Jeep handling is one of, if not the best quality of the car.
Absolutely wonderful engines, transmissions, handling, suspension, driving feel, and driving experience.
My main complaint would be the steering feel it numb.

If you think a Wrangler handles like hot garbage you must have absolutely no truck or SUV experience. The short wheel base also makes it a dream at low speed maneuvering. Parking lot race cars mate.

I honestly get more joy out of driving my jeep than my german sports car, or my European exotics.
Jeeps are sporty as fuck mate.

I like them because they are cool to drive with a couple of buddies and the top off on a summer night. Just let all of those underutilized horsies sing while a my buddy in shotgun gives me shit about how bad my jeep is. But deep down he knows that we are having a blast because there is nothing better than shoving four full grown men into a tiny loud piece of shit

Learned to drive stick on these in Korea. I think they call them bongos there. Are you in the US? How'd you get one here if you are?

No New Zealand, the bongos are a Mazda model.

>waaah why do you NEED a fun thing
I don't even really like Jeeps, just fuck you OP.