The Honda Hrv

This thing is catching on like wildfire. Between the avg car owner to dudes who know their shit. What is this phenomenon? My only wish is that they lowered it a touch. Honda needs a good compact hatch. The new civic is fucking huge.

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honda shill pls go

All jokes aside, I've never heard of or seen one of these things. 141 hp, only FWD or AWD, but you can only get the 6 speed manual in FWD, and shitty looks. It's shit.

Where do you live? Seriously? Its a global car....I think in other non N.A markets its called the vezel?

I've driven it and it's pretty quick and zippy for 140hp. You're not going to be beating people in races or anything but it's faster than most economy cars.

Thats what I took from it. Its honestly downright likable.

fuck off honda shills. a 3k civic is better in every way.

I prefer the Mazda CX5

How is it any better than a suzuki sx4 or an impreza?

whenever someone types "a 3k civic" and hits post this is their face

>solid build quality
>proven skyactiv technology
>won't crush like a beer can

The CX-5 is superior to the shitty HR-V

The cx-5 doesn't even compete with the hrv segment of subcompact crossovers you fools..the cx-3 does. That being said the hrv is better than the cx-3 in every imaginable way.

Cars are supposed to "crush" Its how they are built. Take that boomertech nonsense out of here

The sub compact cuv market is filled with trash and you marketers are responsible for this bullshit, I hope all the bad things in the world happen to you and only you

>Getting this butthurt over nothing.

How does it feel to be the worlds most stupid man?

This is literally a Honda Fit.

I think its a touch bigger. Also it has the engine out of a previous gen civic. Yeah though...its on the fit platform.

This is a leaking Passenger Rear CV boot on a 2016 HR-V with 12 000km on the odometer.

They don't make'em like they used too and unfortunately that us now true of Honda's. Made past 2010, in my opinion.

I've driven it - it's dull. So much so, that even Consumer Reports calls it "drab", referring to both its interior and its driving dynamics (or lack thereof). I'd say it drives worse than the Fit, for little gain.

If you're buying any subcompact SUV, you probably don't need the rear seats much - so just buy a CX-3. It's significantly less spacious and practical than the HR-V, but for the driver and one passenger it's a much nicer place to be. If practicality matters, buy an Impreza, or if you don't need AWD, any compact hatch. They're better. Subcompact platforms are cheap and relatively crude; they limit the quality of car you can build on them.

>the industry wide trend to push consumers towards bland styling, shit handling, slow, boring crossovers

>0-60 in 9.3-9.5 seconds with the automatic
>every compact with an auto in this test is faster

I still see that they solid cars... Everyone I know with a Honda couldn't be happier. Could it be an environmental thing? Maybe the toss that really shitty stuff on the roads where you are?

I live in Toronto Canada and yes the roads are salted 3 months guaranteed. This may be a fluke but a CV boot or CV boot clamp should last 150 000 km to sometimes 300 000 km. It's the simple oversight in quality or assembly of the parys and casts doubts on the entire vehicle for me.

I know they made good cars, pic related is mine but I see every kind of make and model. Honda and Acura to some degree have lost my trust.

I will admit. Early hrvs had issues because of the plant. I'm in the US and that's where they ship our hrvs/fits from. Not sure about where the Canadian market gets theirs from. Early fits had major waterproofing issues..Guess its a hit or miss right?

Also to be noted. Idk if anything lasts that long anymore. It used to be Honda would be good forever same with corollas as long as you took care of it. I think they caught on and were like "shit if we can just be a bit better than most automakers..were set" I remember visiting a Subaru dealer some time and he was like x amount of subarus are still on the road today...all I could think about the fuck does Subaru make enough money to even function ...of course he could have been bullshiting.