New evo

>new evo
>gonna be a crossover
What happened to soul and passion, Veeky Forums?
When did it die?

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Nissan happened.

This. Nissan makes jack shit that's interesting anymore. Even the GTR is boring and bland.

I'd say after the late 90s for japanese cars

>240 crossover
>Eclipse crossover
>Evo crossover
I think the R35 counted as a crossover
Japan crossover game stronk.


nice infiniti.

The 90s was the last time Japan actually gave a shit about making cars. I still can't wait to see how badly Toyota fucks up the new Supra. The new NSX is a disgrace.

How is the nsx a disgrace? It's James May approved.

When did this happen?

Why do Americans insist on calling hatchbacks "crossovers"

Grand Tour episode 9

Because oversized sedans with a lift and a 5th door is not a hatchback

>implying Mitsubishi will still exist in 6 years


Why wouldn't it?

I think he's talking about the automotive division

No it isn't, you're just a poorfag that doesn't understand what NSX stands for

>Renault happened.

You think they will give up this easily? Wouldn't the Mitsubishi group just give the automotive division some extra money once they get close to bakruptcy? Surely they will bounce back at some point.
Btw, I think their sales are rising.

>crossover in 6 years
Damn mitsubishi really loves living in the past. It's as if someone release an high power suv today.


asx evo?
outlander evo?
pajero sport evolution?

Move along nothing to see.

It's like they've become parody memes of themselves.

>crossover """"Evo""""
Prepare for some hybrid """"AWD"""" crossover monstrosity that'll never leave the pavement, let alone see a rally stage.

This. As long as the crossover is something like this.

It needs to look good, and be capable both on the road and off the road.
They shouldn't use the Lancer Evolution name, but at least there is an opportunity to do something awesome.

There is a reason why he get called captain slow.

Mitsubishi motors was an independent company. Mitsubishi got broke up after WWII

>What happened to soul and passion, Veeky Forums?
What the fuck is "soul and passion"? Why the fuck does this brochure literature ever have any fucking bearing on cars? And I also love how it's a fucking screencap rather than a link to the article.

>yfw its a super crossover faster than the corvette

the juke R had the potential to be almost as fast as the GTR around the track, let's hope they deliver

>being this delusional.
this board can be funny.

Not hard to be faster than a car that blows up after 6 miles.

assmad GM fangirl detected

Fuck I hate this """"performance""""" crossover meme, they serve no purpose!!!

>juke is no where near as fast as its big brother the GTR
>some Nissan fangirl hears the voices in their head whisper Corvette
>this happens
This board is also the worst sometimes.

except the juke r is pretty much as fast as a gtr, since you know, its a fucking gtr???

>mfw i'm this voice

They help the bottom line. And when everyone is tripping over themselves for a crossover, why care about anyone else? Especially when you're constantly struggling to remain relevant and profitable?

>concept cars with full underbody swaps that will NEVER exist outside of the Nissan meuseum's 1 example.
It's a Juke skinned GTR. NOT A JUKE.
Assmad Nissan fangirls moving the goal posts.

It's like if you put a beetle body on a vette chassis, then said "WHY DID VW NEVER MAKE THIS ITS AMAZING."

>mention the words "faster than the corvette"
>Prezo appears


>240 crossover


>vette chassis

lol how delusional, it can't even lap the nurburging

>doesn't even respond to the argument at hand

If only GM could win Le Mans now lol

That picture is like 30 different kinds of just factually incorrect. Not saying the Z06 is good, it;s not. It's fast but its a one hit wonder.
>Never lifts off gas
no fun.
>power to all wheels
That's kinda fun
>pushing the V6 to its limits
Sounds good, till you have to check out the montly repair bills.
>can go 100's of laps
factually incorrect, transmission WILL overheat. (Zo6 will overheat the engine instead lol)
>Entering corners at full speed
Thank Nissan for computers to drive, instead of you, cause you;d understeer into ever turn
>no track prep
Factually incorrect. Nissan uses specific chassis and engine refinments for each track, and scrubs tires.

End of the story, Miata is always the answer. GTR and Z06 are shit.

Michael Schumacher has a better chance than Ford or GM.

>argument about jukes not being fast unless their entire soul is replaced by an R35 chassis.
>faggot can't stop talking about GM to make himself feel better.
Man dude, I feel bad for you. Your parents must want to kill themselves for raising you so wrong.

Ford has won 4 times already

>he hasn't heard about the new Z

What about how Ford gave up their 1-2-3 at Sebring this year to GM? I saw it with my own eyes man.

you are being even more autistic than prezo right now

except that ended up being th Nissan Kicks

Because there actually is a difference

Why do people even like the Evo? It was just a worse version of the STI. Sounds like shit and has the terrible rally meme sedan design.

Lola Shelby have won it 4 times in the 60s. Ford just made it into the top 20 last year behind a load of Nissans some diesels and a couple of 4 pots.

the crosstrek is literally an impreza with a lift

4G63 vs EK257

It's not really much of a question to be honest.

And a crossover is literally a hatch with a lift. It's called a market segment you daft fuck.

Whoops, EJ257*

>tailored flat 4 for better handling/weight distribution and signature subaru drivetrain


>meme generic i4

>signature subaru drivetrain
Just because they use the same drivetrain layout as Audi doesn't make it good.

Old NSX was about feels. New one is an Acura with paddles. It sucks. Also, the design sucks vs the old one.

>No it isn't, you're just a poorfag that doesn't understand what NSX stands for

>Original NSX
>A fast, easy to maintain borderline supercar that can be tuned to produce ridiculous amounts of power
>Sleek looks
>competed in numerous racing events and has a racing pedigree

>New NSX
>A slow, hybrid-meme supercar that gets walked away by the GT-R, which costs 30-40k less when optioned out
>Ugly as sin
>No racing pedigree to speak

Pic related is how you revive a marquee

no but it does mean that subarus corner better in races which is what we're talking about when we say Mitsubishi vs Subaru

evo a shit

Subaru doesn't use haldex """""AWD""""" garbage like Audi, symemetrical AWD actually works.

>tfw still waiting new galant vr4

what the fuck is this


Better pic. Hint: that's not a clutch pack at the rear.

God theres something so fucking wrong with modern mitsu design that I cant put my finger on
Its so sterile

>Its so sterile
Just like your criticism. It's completely sterile of meaningful content.


>RX-9 is brought back
>and with it, Mazda perfected the rotary engine
>apex seals no longer are a major problem, fuel efficiency and emissions are appropriate for the power output, no more wasted fuel, no more burned oil

>but the RX-9 is a FWD, autotragic crossover


>Mazda perfected the rotary engine
The Wankel engine is fine. It just not that great when used in an everyday car. It's perfect for racing and aircrafts.

shelby used Ford's money

That's not a crossover, that's a proper 4x4 with amazing offroad capabilities. Crossovers are just cars that look like vans but have normal doors instead of sliding doors, and look closer to an SUV. This mall crawler evo won't ever leave the pavement.

As someone whos driven the 02 nsx its not very fast. Feels really good though.
Hondas hybrid game needs more low end torque though. They aren't bad just not up to the performance it had. Still comfy though.

Wankel is technically a type of rotary but they are very different. Also good for revs thus good on airplanes.

no, fucking apex seals are life

Mazda still got a minimum of dignity unlike Nissan and Mitsubishi.

This could be kind of cool, I actually like rotary, but I don't know how they could get a rotary engine to work with their SKYACTIV technology. One of the main benefits of SKYACTIV is fuel efficiency and rotary engines just don't do fuel efficiency.

>and rotary engines just don't do fuel efficiency.

>Mazda has repeatedly teased—or tortured—Wankel-engine fans with the possibility of a multirotor sports car and then retracted that possibility. Now, new patent applications show the brand is once again working on the rotary, but in an application that’s likely to dash the hopes of the engine’s fans: using its iconic engine as an onboard generator, rather than the free-revving heart of a sports car.

>Pic related is how you revive a marquee
I know this post is a day old but holy fuck did that trigger me. you mention tuned power and Ford basically downgraded when they used that bottleneck piece of sit ecoboost because that will never have the tuning potency of the previous engine let alone what the Coyote could do.

New NSX is racing and it doesn't have the racing pedigree of the old one yet because it just started (literally this year).

New GT feels like what alphone/soviet would do if given the chance to revive a car americans like just to troll.

>Muh veeayte

>Pic related is how you revive a marquee
With a generic supercar-shaped limited run that costs more than an Aventador without the comfort and prestige?

This is what they have to do to sell them in Canada.

It looks like they aren't doing it any more, but I think they used to charge you an extra $200 to get a Mirage that wasn't purple.

>OP is about Mitsubishi
>Replies are all about the same GT-R vs Corvette vs Ford GT wars

Alphonse, are you here? :^)