Who was in the wrong here?

Who was in the wrong here?

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Very cute, but not auttooooooooooo



vets are in the wrong for being entitled cunts 9/10 times (unless you fought in WW2 I aint thanking your ass)

this is no exception

fgt shouldve got allahu akbard

Question mark did nothing wrong.

we dont know what happened before, but you cant assault people because you dont like the way they drive.
"I'm a veteran!" i hate when they do that. the subaru guy was a pussy though. either fight or drive away.

>we dont know what happened before
He wouldn't get his little car out of the way.

There were more than a few fucking idiots in the military when I monkey-suited. The free shit brigade for the tapout dats/marine moms needs to end.

Obviously the vet.

He defended the DFAC from surf and turf night in Al Kut.

A wild ginger ZZ Top appears.

Semper Fries

>"we're going to the VA" at the end
I bet that guy has shot himself by now

>muh vee ate

The person

>"Just tryin to live life, man."
Guy was channeling The Dude right there.

ilya kushvinov is always wrong

>There were more than a few fucking idiots in the military

People with intelligence don't join the military, it's a fallback when you have failed at everything else in life,

>Im a combat vet
kek, I'll never understand how these cocksuckers can be proud of being welfare queens and a general drag to society

sweet goddamn trips

>i'm only leaving because that pussy won't fight me!
>i'm running up on your woman and your not doing anything about it!
>yeah because I don't think you are stupid enough to hit a woman.
>of course not!
God crunches aren't worth the the space they take or air the breathe.

Reminder that for all her talk his gf will not respect him anymore and probably wants the big guy to take her.

Some of us are just poor as shit and want that dank GI bill, man.