California drivers

>california drivers

Speed limit?

Turn signals?
What are those?

Lane etiquette?
What's that?


I've had the misfortune of driving around Southern california for the past three weeks and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that all californian drivers should be gassed to death.

I thought Toronto was the city of the worst drivers. Fuck. I wish I could be driving in Toronto over this hell hole.

If you are californian please put a gun in your mouth and kys.

>going to commiefornia

>vehicle inspections
>what are those?

>Willfully living in California
>Giving a shit about speed limits
Nice double whammy of faggotry OP

>a fucking leaf being in any position to judge
2/10 made me reply

and the 13th season winner of canadas worst driver goes to

>t. Driving in the fast lane under the limit

i grew up driving in southern california.. have since driven through all US states except alsaska and hawaii + at least half of europe, canada and asia... southern california still the worst for driving etiquette and passive 'road rage'.

>If you are californian please put a gun in your mouth and kys.

jokes on you guns are banned here

Learning to drive stick here was abysmal. No one has any patience for letting you pull off with time let alone if you stall.

People will literally pull up next to you and harass you and shit instead of just going around you and doing their own thing if they wanna be speed racer.


>PA drivers
>Double yellow? Better speed up and pass.
>is that a car coming? better pull out before i get stuck behind them and have to pass them on a double yellow
>nah i'll just drive 7 below the limit as usual.

agreed, i live in NV and have to deal with it when i visit family in commiefornia

You missed having to pass emissions.

Pleb. Can't even deal with cali drivers.

And you call yourself a real racer? Keep crying assmad.

I've been commuting between OC and San Bernardindu 100 miles a day for four years. Ain't so bad, nigga. People are pretty alright drivers here. Just remember to stay in the left lane, do 80, and pass on the right. Merge at full throttle, and you'll be alright.

Are you me? Except I go 100 miles a day from northern county San Diego to OC.

driving in socal is fine if you're experienced. It's just one of those places that you actually have to pay attention to the road and traffic in.

California driver here, it's pretty apparent you can't handle driving at any reasonable speed.
>Speed limit?
Cops won't pull you over unless you go more than ten over or are driving recklessly, so I don't see why this is an issue.
>Turn signals?
There is no need to give information to the enemy.
>Lane etiquette?
Stay in your own lane and nothing will happen
Your fault for driving around Mexicans

>Speed limit?
Stop driving slow you fucking leaf. The world does not stop and start at your convenience.

>Turn signals?
BMW drivers/Women/Mexicans

>Lane etiquette?


Half of your issues with this god forsaken place can be blamed on people who rode here on a donkey.

you've clearly never driven in italy or east asia

driving in CA is relaxing

San Marcos? Maybe I've seen your car tooling around here. What do you drive?

Florida is worse because retirement niggers.

If you think Italy is bad, try driving the Belgium Ardennes late in the afternoon
>60km/h road with hairpins
>do 80-90, overtake some slow grannies and tourists
>get overtaken by a lorry carrying lumber doing at least 100
>it's almost 5pm, fucker is late, he gets wheels of his trailer caught in the ditch, but keeps flooring it.
>gets out unharmed, fishtailing only slightly
no wonder you see rusty vans and lorries in the ravines

Southern California driver here.
Speed limit? No one else is following it, might as well join the party.

Turn signals? I use them. Only BMWs and pickups don't, usually.

Lane etiquette? No, really what's that? I've never heard that term.

Insurance? Productive member of society: insured
Illegals and ghetto trash: nah

Also, the worse the area, the worse the drivers. Driving to Fullerton for school=perfect, no complaints. Every morning is stress-free. Driving to Downey for school: dumb fucking idiots everywhere holy shit

It's kinda like the "Can't get a job because lack of experience; Can't get experience because no jobs" thing.

Thanks, forever sticking to automatic now. Too hard to find a manual anyway.

Don't forget
>Priuses blocking the fast lane
>Texting fucktards everywhere
>Aggressive retards who tailgate even when there's a car right in front of you
>Idiots making right turns without pulling to the right curb, sometimes not even from the rightmost lane
>Uber driver scum stopping any-fuckin'-where, even in the middle of the fucking road
>Drivers licenses for illegal immigrants (who still never get insurance)
>Illegal beaners driving their worn out, uninsured gardening trucks 5 under the limit because they'll get deported if a cop pulls them over
>No parking, anywhere
>Fucktards seemingly oblivious to where they're going, crossing 4 lanes of traffic to make a turn/exit at the last second
>Cunts who change into an on-ramp or exit lane just to floor it and force their way back in at the end

t. Califag