Le Mans this weekend

>Le Mans this weekend
No thread is up

Who do you think will win?

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Noob question, wheres the best place to watch on Mobile? I'll be at AutoCross all day Saturday so I'm hoping to catch snipits.

Nobody cares rn. Veeky Forums will wait a day before the race starts then the threads will be made. After that a bunch of asshurt gm fangirls will say "hurr Veeky Forums isn't for motorsports go to /asp/" and then the gm fangirls will flock over there to decrease the bullying levels. Then gm fangirls will continue to mock ford for using a v6 just like last year up until they get destroyed and ford wins the race.

TL;DR: Ford wins and. gm fangirls cry

Hope that a general will be up.
Links are usually in them

>Nobody cares

But why?
I've watched Le Mand with Veeky Forums every year for a while now.
So that's simply not true

meanwhile people in the video games thread will actually be talking about the race while everyone else fucks off to /sp/

Can't wait to see Khrone doing a double backflip into a barrier

I'm calling it now, he will be the first safety car

Both /o and /so will have links. The few times I haven't been in front of a TV for it I have listened to radio LeMans.

My bet is on Porsche. Even though Toyota wi surely win the season, Porsche tuning for Le Mans seems better than Toyota's.
G-Drive, hands down.
>GTE Pro
Ferrari. They really showed some amazing performance at Spa-Francorchamps.
>GTE Am.
Aston Martin. Laude is better than some of the Pro drivers

i read that as khorne the first time

Actually, I misspelled it, it's Khron

Pit stop practices today




Will there be actual rain this year or will it just be hot and humid?


sperg more

I read some where that there was supposed to be a new contender in the LMP1 class.
Is that true?

If you mean the Bykolles, it's the rebellion of the class.


Kill yourself Reddit

I unironically really like the new GT design and what Ford did, I hope they do well.

Ferraris are always on top lately, and the new BMW GT car is hot as fuck, and did extremely well on the Nurburger 24

I also root for Manthey and Porsches in general.

I never cared for the LMP cars with shitty electric shit and a shitty V6 though.

Porsche will probably win, I hope Toyota comes close and bites the dust again.

Very feasible.

What do you think of Ford though? I dont think they have the dedication and consistency Ferrari has, they just made the GT to win that one race, but I'm expecting some cool battle between them and Ferrari

Also Manthey Racing is known for being top tier at strategy, I hope Porsches silently beat Ferrarifaggots and Fordfaggots

Shut the fuck up


Looks sweet

It's not a hybrid right?
And if not, then who are they racing against?


You just posted another picture of the car?


1st overall Porsche
1st in GT C7R

>tfw Mazda will never be allowed to BTFO everyone ever again

>>tfw Mazda will never be allowed to get lucky and have pretty much every car infront of it crash or break


They're the only thing stopping them


>rotary l i t e r a l l y more reliable than all of the piston engines in the race
Pistoncucks BTFO! How will they ever recover?

Technically racing against Porsche and Toyota but realistically, they'll be trying to stay in front of LMP2

But they're in the subclass LMP1-L.
Porsche and Toyota are LMP1-H

>>Le Mans this weekend
>No thread is up

Because it's not the weekend

They'll still be classified under LMP1 class. Since they're the only one in their subclass they have no one to race against directly.

Seems kinda pointless then

But I guess LMP1-L is the new LMP2 class now that it P2 is so restricted in chasis'

>this delusional
rotflmao, the competition from ford and ferrari (specifically ferrari) will be too great. Ford themselves will have a hard time beating ferrari but gm stands no chance.

Nothing is really stopping them from coming back.

They simply don't want to come back.

>with Veeky Forums

Oh, shit. nigger. What're you doin'?

Go to /sp/ if you want to live-watch in a thread.

>moe bill juan


except all proto clases are forced to use reciprocating piston engines

Nope, technically they are racing alone in their own class (called LMP1-L), with their own technical regulations that are different from the others in the LMP1-H class.

That team is what's left of a failed attempt from the ACO at bringing privateers into an already slim LMP1 field. They were competing against Rebellion up until last year, but even Rebellion realised LMP1 wasn't worth the effort and switched to the much more competitive and cheap LMP2 class.

Expect them to disappear from the P1 class too in the near future unless the ACO makes some drastic changes to the regulations to make private P1s more accessible

What changes would need to be made if they were to make it more accessible?

They could make a comeback through garage 56
So the poor ByKolles are just racing against the clock. Why even bother then?
There's nothing they can do. LMP1 is a dick measuring contest. If you try to regulate it any further for some dudes that don't quite reach the elite you'll ruin it. That's why LMP2 is there with capped costs so privateers can race there.
The only way to bring some life into LMP1 is to bring in big manufacturers. Maybe Mercedes will get bored with F1 and join WEC. You never know.

Today, I remind them.

Quick! Name 5 LMP2 teams that are not Jackie Chan.

sperg more

jackie chanFUCK

Rebellion, SMP, G Drive, Jackie Chan

Delete the privateer class altogether, it makes no sense.
it's too expensive for most teams and the ones who can afford it have no competition so there is no good racing to watch and no good reason to invest in such a class. Furthermore, they are too slow to compete against proper P1s with unlimited budgets so those who don't know better just assume they always arrive dead last in the P1 class.
Last, but not least, P1s can only race in one championship, while P2s can race in many championships all over the world, giving a much better return on the investment for a private team.

If you go look up an interview with the boss of Rebellion from last year, he explains why they decided to end their P1 program and start with the P2, which is more or less what I just said.

I honestly don't know what kind of rule changes they could do to make private P1S viable other than abolishing the class or calling it a different name.

Current P2s are almost as fast as P1s from a couple of years ago, competition is strong, the field is packed with them so that's where privateers should go IMO.

>Di Grassi broke an ankle playing soccer after the tests


Dont forget about the new BMW GT cars which are hot as fuck and did very good on the nurburger 24h

Its going to be interesting as fuck

Didnt the other car crash or fail earlier?

Lmao fuck japs

Ford did great though

>except all proto clases are forced to use reciprocating piston engines

Not LMP1. Engines are not limited to any certain type. It's been that way since the demise of the World Sportscar Championship after 1992.

Mazda simply chose not to come back with a factory team.

>Maybe Mercedes will get bored with winning all the time.

Fucking kek.

The whole point of the LMP1-L sub-class was to fill up the LMP1 grid. The FIA/ACO used the sub-class to recognize privateer teams in the hopes of attracting more teams to move up to LMP1 so that it doesn't die out. That way the manufacturers spending millions on their P1 programs can make their victories seem more glorious than they actually are.

However it doesn't really work if the sub-class gets practically no coverage. Even before 2017, the sub-class got no coverage. ByKolles will not compete after N'ring choosing to skip 5 of the 9 rounds this year. 2018 is supposedly going to have more LMP1-L cars, but if that detracts from the top LMP1-H class, then it's easy to expect manufacturers to leave LMP1 entirely.

Ford is sand bagging again and Chevy is getting shafted by BoP

It's going to be another shit show. GTEAM and Lmp2 are the only worthwhile classes now.

>gm smokes everyone in testing
>gets fucked by bop along with the other NA cars

>ford sandbagging running exact same times as each other AND LAST YEARS TESTING
>Chevy shafted again for being the fastest
>Ferrari retaining 2016 BoP

Why does Chevy even bother anymore?

Stop please

>gm smokes everyone in testing
[citation needed]
>ford sandbagging running exact same times

Toyota gonna break down on the line this year?

Rebellion, Manor, Signatech, SMP, G-Drive.

Dont care. All i want is shitpostmaterial and fuck up tge thread during the race to earn hot juicy (you)s

Le Mans is retarded and irrelevant.


>download file
>search power unit
>" Only Petrol or Diesel 4 stroke engines with reciprocating pistons are permitted. "

woah dude it's like a cool cyberpunk samurai guy wearing nike shoes hella trippy nice post fuckin saved

>tfw they will never be given a 400 lb artificial weight advantage by officials
double fixed***********

Those are WEC rules which were is a relatively new series that started in 2012.

Wankel engines were back running at LM24 as early as 1995 in the prototype category. Even earlier if you count the 1994 GTS entry. Point is that Mazda could have come back with their rotaries within a couple of years, but they didn't.

so basically rotaries are banned as of today? ok thats all we are arguing

lets hope this time nothing happens to him

Isn't Ford getting shit on with weight ballast and boost pressures? I don't even think those cars are making 500hp.

The 787b wasn't fast, it was just reliable. It only won because everyone else crashed or broke down. I doubt a rotary LMP would win now that modern cars are more reliable.



1.8 million in damages is not enough.


i entered one a bit ago wen will i find out if i get accepted?

>LMP1 always had no-limit engines, Mazda simply doesn't want to do it
>"Nope, WEC rules explicitly ban non-piston engines"
>Well yeah but those are WEC rules that are recent, it doesn't count

I'm too lazy to do research right now but I'm ready to bet even the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup before the WEC had a ban on non-piston engines. Why do you Mazda fanboys always have to be this retarded.


I'm betting that this car will blind at least one other driver during the race

Standing any chance against Porsche. They can barely compete in the special Olympics.



Dalla Lana to crash again this year?

There is usually a general with an Veeky Forumstist mirroring the live feed on YT.

> Mazda so whipped their Dorito spinner got banned they will never return
> mfw






toyota will lose again
digits confirm


please don't fuck it up this year. please

its toyota, you don't need digits to confirm their failure, its par for the course

Feels both good and bad as a GM fanboy

It sure will be fun watching Toyota and Audi do five seconds a lap faster on average

>one Corvette already destroyed