Impala SS

Hey dudes. I'm buying a 2006 Impala SS tomorrow! I'm getting it for a really good deal through a friend who was the first and only owner. It's been babied to shit and it's in really good condition. Aside from the FWD, it's pretty fun. Will post more pics if requested. Do any of you have experience with this car? Also, AMA, I guess.

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what price?

Don't these grenade the transmissions because >FWD V8 and >torks?

I own a W-body Impala but its with the newer V6 6-speed auto instead of 4-speed found in your SS.

Supposedly these things would destroy their transmissions because the transverse V8 put into them was more than the trans could handle even scaled back. they were pretty damn cool sleepers with 0-60 in around 6 seconds.

Pretty sure yours would be find if you don't push it too hard and its likely what your friend did.

Watch the transmissions on these, they really weren't suited to handle the V8's torque and they go out fairly often. Don't do skids like a mad cunt.

Come to think of it, I remember a newtrip from a few years back that got the Pontiac version of this car. I gave him the same warning about hooning it, which he promptly ignored. Last I heard he glasses the trans and had to sell it...

Just under 5k for 75k miles.
That's a common problem, yes. But only for boiracers who drive WOT to the grocery store.
I really want to rebuild the tran at some point because I think it would be really cool to have this car for a long time. Not sure how realistic that is. Knowing my friend I don't think he drove it hard very often, but you can never be sure.
I rarely plan to drive it WOT racer style. I live in Utah and it'll be up the canyons more often than it'll even be near a track.

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That's fucking awesome OP. I've got the 14 limited with the V6 and 6 speed and it's a beast sleeper. I really wanted the ss but couldn't find any. Planning any mods for it yet?

Why drive a car that you can't even use to its fullest without being scared it's going to break?

Just recently had one of these roll up in for an oil change, asked him about it and he said he just recently had to replace the trans. It only had about 120k km on it, although whether that was from the trans being glass or his lack of servicing is up to you, he was a boomer with a disabled permit on the dash.

Fact, every boomer thinks they're mechanics and will never service their transmissions

Nothing more than a cold air intake and an exhaust system. The V8 is so contained on stock. Eventually I want a new trans.
I didn't say I'm never going to drive it like it should be, just that there's no point in driving WOT around the city.

walk away, my dude

GM is absolute garbage
they can BARELY make trucks. everything outside of their fullsized truck platform is total garbage. and their trucks are not so great too

never buy a car from a friend. never do business with friends. are you going to resent him if it turns into even more of a shitbox by breaking down constantly?



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Thats the 8th gen. This is 9th, though I'm aware it still has problems if its own.
We're not close enough for it to be an issue, but I see what you mean.
Enjoy your econobox that daddy bought for you. There is no replacement for displacement.

how many miles do you drive daily

>guy buys a performance-driven sedan
>doesn't drive hard


Is it painted silver? If so get a scorpion jacket and put a watch on the steering wheel.

I want a 3.6 with the 6-speed. How are they? Reliable?


upvoted xD great post

No, it's the shitty 4T65E those cost cutting kikes Chevy put in their Grand Prixs and variants not the 6 speed auto.
I have an 08 Grand Prix and the fucker crapped out at 110,000!
Figured it to be the Forward Apply Band which unfortunately warrants a $2,000 repair.
Fuck Chevrolet!

Sounds like a subaru

The trannies are hit or miss. Some will last for ever on 400 HP and other will blow up at 40K miles on grand papy's car

Buy it, they are good cars.

Why they didnt use the 4t80 found in Cadillacs is absolutely beyond me. Heard it was sizing constraints, but they could have easily worked around that in later years as w bods grew larger.