New cars

>15 year old who 'likes cars' has Lamborghini/Bugatti FB cover photo
>middle aged white collar worker tells you how he 'upgraded his reliable 90s ecobox to slush box that brakes the day the warranty runs out
>older relatives who have an 'interest' in car ask when your going to buy a newer car
Why the fuck do these half car people think that a newer car is better? Do they enjoy paying to have a mechanic use a computer to turn off a warning light that's broken? Do they like simple systems not working because the miles of wire that connect to the under powered electric motor break or the shitty plastic parts snap? Do they not realise that simple cars have less to break? That used cars don't half in value by the time you sell?

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>buy a 90's corolla
>owner had full service log, car is immaculate
>everyone i know starts making a huge drama
>hur y no get new corola it beter 2016 blutooth phone
>trying to explain that the recent corollas have new engines and no one really knows how reliable they're gonna be in the long run
>also the new corollas are fucking giant
>u fukc idiot engine dont explode it new car

>buy myself a MK3 Turbo Supra
>21 and live in England, this is probably the coolest first car anyone has ever bought
>my friends all think it's awesome
>housemate's girlfriend who's parents just bough her a brand new Fiat 500:
>'wow user it's cool haha but wouldn't you want a much nicer newer car?'

As an owner of 20yo japcrap and having a gookshit in family for 9 years, both with same mileage (320,000km) I'll tell you hwhat. When you can't order normal wheel bearing because most companies stopped making them, and you have to buy some random shit which may broke after 10kkm or buy OEM for half worth of your car, then you consider changing to something new. You or I won't stop it, older car gonna be for people, who just throw money into their classic. Also, remember that there are people who need car for their work and cannot risk, that some fucker didn't tell them that car has some problem that can immobilize your car and you will be late for lecture worth few thousand dollars. If I had to buy new car, I would just stick with basic trim, I don't care about Bluetooth 17.1 speakers and dick-massaging seat, I just want comfy car (unless you can't get best engine without TAKING THIS XXXL OPTION WITH BRAKE, SUSPENSION AND MASTURBATION ASSIST REEEEEEEEE).
Oh and this "shitty" Kia took 300kkm without major problem (only one I remember, was wiper stopped working, around 80kkm, new works to this day).

>be me
>first car was a 2005 Toyota Highlander Limited that I bought myself. White with tan leather interior, sunroof, etc
>dad owns a mid 90s 4Runner, an 89 Supra Targa, and an 82 VW Scirocco
>thinking that when I sell my current car (2011 Camry) that I'll buy an older car because fuck this new tech shit since everyone wants a goddamn Tesla.

Pics of supra plz

Kia and Hyundai are such trash that it's pathetic. My mom has a Sonata and they've got two active recalls on it right now. One that they haven't even figured out how to fix yet.

I can do bread on hood when I go to get groceries later today

Maybe it's your American factory, that sucks? There's 2008 Kia Cee'd (300kkm) and 2012 Kia Sportage (60kkm) in family, both runs just well, na major failures, first one bought as new, second one bought just month ago, from dealer. I checked Sportage service book never had any big problem. Maybe it's just that this particular Sonata breaks. Too many factors to blame.

High power/ torque from fuel efficient tarbo engines is the only thing I can think of. Using 10+ l/100km in your commuter dd isn't reasonable anymore

>buy nice ae86 as a second car
>use for two years with no major issues, spent less than 1.5k on maintenance + upgrades
>happiest I've been in ages and satisifed with life
>almost destroy 5 year relationship
>ruin relations with my parents
>boss constantly criticised my old car
>everyone screaming at me to get rid of it, they seem confused and almost insulted by the idea that a 30 year old corolla is usable
>cuck out and sell it
>buy newish auto car with paddle shifters
>350hp, RWD, 4.8 sec to 60, Bluetooth shit, heated seats, working AC
>wife is happy
>career is finally moving forward
>I want to die

70-80% of my day is spent thinking about that corolla. Fuck power and amenities. I thought I would try it and see if I could learn to enjoy it but it's shit.

>Complains that using a compuiter to turn off a light is a bad thing.

If you honestly think like before OBDII was a good thing, then you haven't worked on cars to any serious extent, ever.

>relationships get ruined over YOUR car

sounds like you're a cuck anyway

Just out of curiosity, what is your job?

>almost destroy 5 year relationship
>ruin relations with my parents
How the hell?

>'70-'80s high end bmws
>simple cars
>less to break

Really made me think.

Either this is bait or you are a slop gargling faggot
Probably both

>One model under recall

>buy a 90's corolla
Which one?

I know that feel. My dad and my best friend were pretty stoked when I sold my Mazda 3 and bought a low mileage AE101, they're pretty fun cars, but when I talk about it with other friends and colleagues, they ask if I did that because I needed money.

To me this car is a big upgrade, lower mileage, cleaner, much lighter, more powerful, infinitely more reliable, cheaper to maintain, easier to work on, and I find it better looking, but that's just personal taste, I'm a sucker for long straight headlights.

No autism story here, no one insulted me in any way, but I just can't relate to most people at work when they talk about cars, they all wet their pants over GTIs/GTDs, chiptuned bimmers and so on.

cool car user
does it rust ?

Nope, I actually put some new anti-gravel protection not so long ago.

I had a few spots under the rear bumper, I had to take the muffler off to treat the area before applying the black stuff, but overall it's really clean, especially for a 24 year old car.

My dad also owns one, and same deal, no rust whatsoever, and it's kept outside. But like me, he takes a good look under at least once a year, and freshens up the anti gravel every 5 years or so.

everyone always gives me shit about petrol mileage but i can get 700k out of 50 litres with that thing

>Muh contrarian

I have owned and driven FOR WORK as a courier for the past 11 years a 1885 BMW 540 six speed manual

my third now has 316,000 miles on it and I;d wager rides nicer than when it was new with a few aftermarket bits

despite some evident loss of compression it still allows me to smile and enjoy a great drive.

I'll own one of these as long as i can find one.

Actual cable from the accelerator pedal to the throttle plate? Thank you.. Manual transmission that appears to be indestructible.. perfect balance with startling power delivery that keeps spooling out ...

>Drive this shit for 2 years
>226k on the clock and only little issues crop up now and then
>Parent wants me to buy a newer more reliable car
>Buy 67 Mustang out of spite
Is there something wrong with us or do normies just hate fun cars

uhh that seems like quite a waste. I have the exact same 540 and I get 14 mpg if I'm lucky on 93 octane.

>Op is an I derive faggot who doesn't know anything about cars
Totally loving the new cars sux meme

Fuck off to reddit

>and dick-massaging seat

I have family that are mechanics and they all tell me that newer cars are total garbage, in particular euroshit

you need to deal with that

on the OBC I can get a read of 29 MPG in sixth gear AC off on a flat highway at 55

if I drive at 80 which is the way I do normally the average highway/city MPG calculated with the trip meter/fill up gallons calculation shows around 23 if I drive reasonably tamely and mostly highway with no traffic jams.

I do drive around the eastern Mass greater Boston area often during rush hour but I can still get 20 MPG over all combined

you need to maybe get your air intake resealed with a new rear CCV cover, new O2 sensors, new MAF , clean Air Filter.. replace fuel filters.. and see if that helps.. soemthing isn't right if you're getting 14 mpg

also look into getting a modded EPROM .. I got one from a guy in Washington and my MPG's as well as the gutsiness of the car increased .


Shut the fuck up.

>my car is 23 years old and will still drive when most modern econoboxes with their 1.0L three cylinder direct exhaust injection engines have shat the bed a long time ago
really makes you think.

I actually have the dudmd tune. I do almost exclusively city driving and my commute is very short

do you happen to have a relative named "Scotty"?

call me when your 23 year old shitbox does 50-60k miles a year or more. in youropoor, you get 2-3 year old shitboxes with 300-400k miles already if they're diesel.

OP, it's a very simple thing.
In this day and age of consumerism, people believe that new = better.
Look at the professional faggots who buy 500-800 dollar phones every time a new one comes out, even if their current one is still working.
Look at the tech illiterates who buy new computers, laptops and tablets constantly because they don't maintain theirs and then blame everyone but themselves that the things became slow. People who purchase overly expensive firearms from companies that charge them simply for the brand name and provide almost no quality whatsoever.
It happens everywhere.
Meanwhile, the people who know about whatever their interests are and maintain their products, will still have flawlessly working, computers, phones, guns, or oldtimer cars.
The concept of taking care of something is completely gone.
Hell, a lot of these fags don't even take their cars to a garage when 16 different lights are blinking bright red and then have the audacity to call it a shit car when it breaks...
Just disregard anything that comes out of their mouths, OP.

Car enthusiast are fucking retarded most the time when it comes to actual history and appreciation of cars. That and they're the type of people to take their cars to a Jiffy Lube and pay mechanics to do work instead.

The fucking truth.
I'm on vacation and using this shit laptop that I bought from someone for $20. The fucked it all up, but I had it running fine again after a day.
It's slow especially against my home rig, but it works just fine for me being where I am. Zero issues other than it being old.
Honestly idk why they couldn't have fixed it themselves, people think this shits complicated when it's really not. But fuckit, I'll keep getting these sweet deals

>people give me shit for using old laptops to take notes with
>all the CS majors love them, think they are cool.

I just want a slim tiny laptop to take notes with... As long as it can run a text editor it is fine.

Grandparents got a laptop back at there place that still runs win95.
Cool in a nostalgia way.
Grandad found it in closet, I got it running, and now my grandma uses it to play solitaire while she watches tv.

Whether or not it actually is complicated or easy, I think they just don't care, they don't want to spend time or effort on it, they refuse to learn, we live in a time where people prefer to toss money at things ( and possibly still have the audacity to complain about prices ).
The good thing is of course, people like you who might be able to diagnose/solve those problems are able to at least get something out of it.

Fuck those people who talk shit, I'd have more respect for someone who understands that a computer/laptop is fine as long as you use what it's intended for over those hipster faggots with the 2000 dollar facebook machines.

It doesn't have to be much, as long as it just fits your needs.

All of this applies to the car scene as well, the difference just being that there are much more moving parts and thus it requires more maintenance, but as long as you use your cars how the designers/factory intended, they will remain in working order, and a lot of people just refuse to understand this, while I'm pretty sure if the majority of Veeky Forums was asked if they wanted to attend some courses about maintenance for free, that they would jump on that shit, whereas normies wouldn't even go near learning anything like that, hell, they might even be expected to take some responsibility for their shit if they had such basic knowledge and we all know how they feel about being responsible for anything.

Actually I'm just recalling when a coworker was giving me shit for buying an old ranger.
Talking about repairs and stuff.
I'm just sitting there like, it's a fucking ranger, the cheapness and ease of repair, plus the price I bought it for. So fucking worth it.
He still went on with the whole newer cars wouldn't give you the trouble and you could just take it in.
Meanwhile another coworkers brand new vw has a myriad of problems

Yeah new cars aren't exempt from problems either.
Purchasing a car is always a gamble, the reason people just look at new cars differently is because there's a little safety net in case there's a factory error, although most people just assume it's literally impossible to for any problems to show up and that factories pump out perfect designs.
I envy people like you, being able to purchase cars without much paperwork and being able to work on them yourselves.

>now my grandma uses it to play solitaire while she watches tv.

That's adorable, user.

I'm on vehicle #15 in ~5 years.
Currently have 6.
I love it. I also love the buying and selling. Can usually make a couple bucks.
And I envy people a bit with the newer features and such, but at the end of the day I like getting my hands dirty too much.

Shush you.
This is Veeky Forums, we don't need that kind of talk.

I'd like to imagine that you're literally driving a piece of accomplishment and you have a better understanding of what to expect from your vehicle if you work on it yourself.

I'll talk how I please, faget.

I'd say that's actually a pretty fair assessment.
My current dd's need a bit of work, but I know what it is, I know can wait and what can't, and I know what to expect and what not to worry about.

Just had this when a relative asked for a good car for 5k. Everyone else was telling to buy a few year old small shitbox when I said that a 10 year+ old low mile Golf, Civic, etc would be the best option.

>but user those are olddddd, these few year old korean shitboxes are better because they are new

Getting a new car is a game that you can never win, in few years it will be one and the same if it's 3 or 10 years old.

That's better user.
The Veeky Forums I know and love.

This car is magnificent !

Honestly 90's-early 00's shitboxes like corollas and civics etc were awesome for reliability. Then cheapness to fix if something did go wrong.
The perfect a to b machines.

You mentioned this was your fifteenth car, did you work on your other cars as well ?
And if so, is there any way in particular to get started about learning these things ? Any particular cars that are easy to learn on ?

All of them in one way or another.
All I did to start was a car had a problem, then I learned how to fix it. Youtube, manuals, trial and error. Take on the little things and move your way up.
And older corrolas are good to work on. Simple enough, cheap enough. And tons of vids and manuals for it.
Basically any popular car is good to work on cause there'll be a ton of info out there for it. Then you take the mechanics and tricks and what not you learned and use it on other cars and harder stuff.
Also, 15th vehicle, I'm on my third bike.

Oh, let me add to this.
Say you've got a car going good, no real issues. Now if you have the time and money, and preferably a second vehicle. Find something that may just seem a little old to replace, or find something to upgrade. This is where the second vehicle comes in hand cause the point is to work on something difficult that you could fuck up on. It can be a real pain and make you rage sometimes, but personally I get a joy from it.

why let anyone tell you what the fuck you want?

That would be one of my dreams but at the time I don't really have the luxury for owning 2 cars.


Totally understandable.
Here's an idea tho, if you have the space, find a old shitbox, like I said corolla, civic, etc. One for like $500, and just start working on it. Literally tear the fucker apart if you want to, figure out how shit works.

Some more general advice, cause I'm bored and this gives my hands something to do. As much shit as it gets autozone is pretty ok. Especially if you build a report with the people there. Pick n pull is good too, but that takes a tiny bit of knowledge for some things.

I'd like to maybe get a old Volkswagen Beetle, since I heard there's a tsunami of cheap parts on the internet and I have a thing for cars that look a bit different.

Totally slipped my mind.
That may be the perfect one to get.
In mex there are junkyards that are all just beetles. I have access to em cause I'm next to the border, but it gives you an idea of how much there is.
Only thing is, look out for rust. That's a huge project, if it hasn't killed the car already.

I'm gonna close my eyes for a bit.
But keep that urge to learn man, I love it.
Wish more people would find it.
Godspeed user, hope you find a project.

If it wasnt breaking I don't see why they would be upset about it. Also if your significant other is nagging you about your ride for no reason i'd leave her ass.

I have two lenovo Thinkpad T400s, both with the highest clock core 2 they could come with. $100 for both, and $120 worth of parts (DDR3 & SSD) and both run great now. Only have two to keep separate work and play. Normies think I'm poor or something but the CS majors do indeed love them.

With the SSD, the probably outperform most normie dell/hp "modern" laptops with low-teir i5s