Why are people so obsessed with this piece of shit? What is the appeal of "classic cars"? It's model train tier autism

Why are people so obsessed with this piece of shit? What is the appeal of "classic cars"? It's model train tier autism.

>faster than a BRZ


Why does Veeky Forums like Japanese sports cars from the early 90s even though they're overpriced by several thousand when not completely ruined?

Why not just finance a new car, or buy a used car from 2007+ for the same amount of money?

>Less pigfat
>Less electronics
>Less normie gimmicks

Because that's what their favorite character from some gay anime drives.

light weight, rwd, good performance, huge aftermarket, same reason the miata, ae86, toyobaru is liked



Why doesn't Veeky Forums like practical cars that aren't cityfag trash? Also why doesn't Veeky Forums like dirt bikes more?

Main reason I like them is because I feel like I can still work on them. Give me a modern car and I'm fucking lost with all this computer shit.

I didn't know dagumi drove an NA miata

And there you go

Classic pony cars are the same thing compared to a 2018 mustang, only when they were made, jap cars rusted in the showroom instead of rolling over the odometer

because "pracitcal cars" compromise a lot for levels of practicality that only make sense if you're a married man with three kids and an active lifestyle that necessitates constantly carrying mid-sized loads of cargo. especially if your finances/parking options are tight and you can only manage one vehicle.

why fucking bother when you're a singe dude and can afford two bikes, a single cab 80s ford F150 with a new LS1 stuffed in it, an antique nip sportscar, and fast inernet for maximum shitpostong on Veeky Forums?

I want the Mustang to be small like the 1st gen/3rd gen again

Classic "I dont like what you like therefore you're the stupid one" thread. High quality Veeky Forums content

lol kid I bet you drive a beat up BMW or a Jap shitbox and go BUT MUH SPEED autistically every time a muscle car passes you

>picking the worst year first gen
67-70 are all better

Op Drives a Kia Rio

Fuck off op

>Has never driven one

>Makes a thread complaining

Typical 4fag

>Posting on Veeky Forums
>Fucking lost with this computer shit

HEY! Its a rio CINCO

>he pretends to understand carburettors and engine thermodynamics but he doesn't understand basic electron theory

protip: electrical circuits are easy to understand, you can open up your ECU, identify the chips with Google, and follow the traces to infer their operation. To say you don't understand this "computer shit" is admitting you don't understand cars because the exact same diagnostic skills apply. It's just fuckin' electrons.


Just admit you've never driven a barebones V8 sports coupe and start from there.
Old cars without tons of deadening and insulation demand involvement from the driver; that's what makes them enjoyable.
These days cars have so much soundproofing and electronics that you can barely hear the car run from inside and if you mash the pedal it'll probably stop you from spinning the tires.

The worst year for the first gen is 71-74. They shouldn't even be considered first gens