After meeting the patron saint of Veeky Forums, Dagumi Clarkson...

After meeting the patron saint of Veeky Forums, Dagumi Clarkson, you can have any car from before 2000 rolled off the factory new.

What do you choose?

A 1992 Mercury Topaz. White.

Probably some old Ferrari which I can then sell for absolutely ludicrous amounts of money.

Gotta be one of these.

Does it come with a warranty

i'm sure you can find warranty information about a 9:30am bus ticket to New Street at

z3m coupe in this exact same config
v12 e38

McLaren F1 GT


Jaguar XJ220S

Ferrari 250 GTO

1987 Pontiac sunbird

an SM...

Any car? '37 Auto Union Type C streamliner (none '38 ground effect version)

Any Road car, '54 300SL Coupe, black with cream leather.

>the only objectively right answer
>pic related

1965 Pontiac GTO

not even the fastest car made in 87...

50mph slower than the 50 year older Auto Union.

1999 R34 GT-R V-spec N1

>No shame weeaboo pick

Olympic Edition VT Commodore



'87 Buick Grand National GNX


the patricians choice


Squarebody with a 454.


The worst car ever

This, then I can sell it for a fucking fortune and buy a shit load of cars.

what did he mean by this

Mercedes SL73 AMG
Literally a F/R instead of M/R Zonda with better looks.
Actually it might be considered M/R due to how far back the engine sits not sure.
The ultimate R129.

70s V8 Vantage


E39 M5 Estate
All other choices are wrong


Aston Martin DB5 convertible. Easily the sexiest car ever made.

fd rx7 with a brand new 0 mile rotary that won't get assraped by Normies for 50000 miles


i will always hate BMW a little for all the cool shit they decided to just make ONE of

>e30 m3 pickup
>e92 ditto
>e46 m3 touring
>e39 m5 touring
>e34 m5 cab
>e36 m3 compact
>x5 lmr
>V12 z3

probably missed some as well

I like you!

are you trolling or just white trash?

Probably the most limited edition McLaren F1 ever made. So some kind of long tail, iirc.

I'd immediately put it up for sale and live a comfortable life collecting all sorts of motor vehicles and doing fun stuff with them.

You need the 50 year anniversary tho


the perfect supercar

Mercedes 300SL


This or the F1

1986 Honda Accord LXi hatchback in blue.

Why oh fucking why did I ever sell it?

A black on black 1992 500E.

>this unfathomable lack of standards and taste

1999 RX7 Spirit R Type A

ayy lmao

such a cop-out answer

like using one of your 3 genie wishes for 'infinite money', how can one man be so plebeian?

easy choice
this shit right here

Can there be any modifications to it? If so, GTR R33 RWD swap

If not, the same thing but GTS-T


Fiero with a bodykit

Chevy impala 1950s convertable.

Renault Alpine GTA Le Mans

I assume the Topaz also was available with the 3.0L V6, 5spd manual and AWD like the Tempo?

I want to love the spirit r but I can't get past the front plate mount. Why oh why did they make it like that? Why do front plates even have to exist?

Something that you wouldn't get your hands on otherwise.

porsche 959

Honestly, one of the first Shelby Cobras, since that is literally the only way I would ever be able to own one.

Alternatively, a Mercedes SSK

Would anyone honestly choose anything other than the F40?

Whatever the highest value collector's car is, then I'd sell it for record breaking prices due to the pristine condition of it, and buy cars I actually want.

because its 2slow

EB110 SS


Ooooo I forgot about this, will the manufacturer send me a technician as well?

Type 87 Kommandeurwagen

I'm likin what you're thinkin

I'd have Sir Stirling's roadster version

a Bugatti royal. without a doubt. tough i'd want one with a full roof.

Super Shiro or bust

Or the 300ZR

360 Modena

1997 Lexus LS400 or a '99 IS300.


My dream car


That must be the 4th one, Ralph Lauren's car. Absolutely stunning

Coincidentally I was just reading about the Atlantique and how they hid Ettore's car, the third one, from Nazis

Mclaren every day of the week. The jag was a turd compared to the F1.

Find her user.

Not a 426.

>mfw I have no faec

They don't make 'em like this any more.

B Engineering will

Duesenberg Model J

It may be outdated but it's a work of art

Different coach build

>DOHC straight 8

It was a different time

Toyota 2000GT.

best sports sedan ever made?

Mine's the Coronet honestly, or the 70-71 Mercury Cyclone

Daytona Coupe.

This sex beast

Listen, if it's possible for me to game the system your goddamned right I'm gonna do it.

This but Type S

TVR Cerbera Speed Eight, 4.5l



Yo have a thing for real odd, intense cars huh?