Craigslist Thread

Craigslist Thread

>Post shit you want, cool shit, and funny shit.

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thats spam

How do I know? that same exact car/ad is being posted all over the east coast

see here:

>running FD3S with 96k miles
>all those modifications
>and only wants $5k

lol c'mon man use common sense.

Lel I thought it was too good to be true

Not like I could afford it in the first place

Thanks for the heads up tho

I've seen a lot of CL spam recently. Question is, what do these spammers wager to gain by making these ads? Stealing email addresses when people inquire about them? There are far easier ways to get email addys

Dad sends me links all the time

85 5 speed diesel camry.

Didn't know they made these. Anyone know anything? Should I get it?

>no picture
>six year old lexus
>100k miles
>asking $14k above value

Why even take the time to make the ad? He's obviously upside down on a loan but fucks sake

Hi cincy bro


I absolutely love the hatch delete to accommodate the prelude tail lights, bro.

I really want this. It's got pretty much everything I would need to make a 7A-GE and stuff. Problem is I currently don't have the space or time for it. In a couple years I'll have plenty of time. I could get it, convincince my parents to store it at their house or maybe get a storage unit. This summer I could try to rebuild the 4afe that's In it, next summer swap the auto for the t50. The next summer I could full on have it at my house and use the 4a-ge and 7a-fe to make a 7a-ge.
What does O think of this?
>430009 mi
>Like new
Seems like they tried to make their own god mobile but got bored with it.

>Paid off with clean title in hand. its a CLEAN TITLE because i have no insurance when the accident happened.




Laughing at LA subhumans feels good

I'd buy THAT for a dollar.
does this look good?

>los angeles
>2015 mercedes benz
>paid off
>no insurance
>make an offer
Drug dealer or industry character or other this is someone irresponsible who has no idea what things are worth. Finesse him the right way and car could be yours for $5,000 (or less). Basically you have to convince him it's worthless junk while at the same time stroking his ego.

>Palm trees in Ohio
Come on man use your head
That looks a lot like Florida

Omg I want one

1981 Datsun 280ZX

I really really want a Datsun, but I have no cash. There is a project one near me for only 1500, but it's been listed for a while and I'm fact there's another listing for it for 1900.

4 of these?

I found one too

>laminated hella foglights
>never smoked in or vaped in EVER
>UBER RARE jdm coffee holder. only one other person has this! You will never see this EVER!

>zero frame damage

Wayyyy too much writing and badging. The interior stitching is cringe tier...

...and I'm pretty sure there's a load or two of dried cum on the drivers seat

>Forester with 171k miles for $19k
>That fucking wall of text for ~muh sti swap~ and not one picture of the interior
>doesn't show the dyno sheet so it prob doesn't even hit those garbage numbers

Subie fags are literally subhuman
Talk me out of it guys, I could own my very own meme.


>I replaced the pump and fuel filter with new parts, but I've never even tried to start it.

This guy is so full of shit. No one fixes something then doesn't try and at least start it. I guarantee it's about 5 times worse than what he lets on.

Still, you could pick this pile up for 2k, bring it to California and sell it to a ricer faggot for 10k easy.

I like this one the best of the 4 but the SR swap is kinda weird. Also stock turbo? If you're gonna go all out and build the engine why wouldn't this be on the list

>lost job
>can't afford a battery

Trump is really doing wonders for Tennessee

They basically ask for money to ship the car to you / get out of impound. Idiots then send them the money and Pajeet over in India stops responding to texts / emails.

What a bucket of shit. The car AND the owner

I hope his insurance lapses and a tree falls on it the next day

>STI swap
>aggressive gearing
>jdm shit everywhere
>"never driven aggressively"


>when a candidate is elected his base immediately gets money and jobs and everything becomes good

I don't even like the orange man but holy hell you're stupid

Do you guys think this would be worth it? Hes asking $3000(it's in Canada though and I'm US so that's around $2200 including import fee)

Sounds like a nightmare on upkeep.

I know that 2000 burger-bux is too much but I've wanted one of these ever since I learned to ride on one. How do I talk him down on price?
I didn't think it was possible for a Miata to get any gayer.

Sheit other people on here are from the Lou? I saw this ad yesterday.

>give thousands of dollars to my bank or I won't even let you touch my high-mileage vapemobile
I bet it's a rustbucket. I bought a Chicago car last spring and it was a goddamn nightmare.

>one of the most popular sites in the world

>twenty thousand american usd dollars


Whenever the map comes around, I see three people in the area, only one actually downtown. STL may be popular, but Veeky Forums isn't. Being an asshole on Veeky Forums won't finally make your parents proud of you.
A flat-bed mini truck with a 351 in it, plus I already have a 1980 Courier. Tried to get ahold of the guy, he finally got back last Monday. Told him I'll have the cash by this weekend, call him three times and no response at all. Fucking old boomer fuck

Thought on buying a rebuilt title? I won't be using it as a daily, just something that I can have some fun with on the weekend at the track. Is insurance going to be a problem?

I'm actually really close to buying this car. This will be my third car, help me avoid the meme br/o/'s.

Seems pretty good to me. I would buy it

>Pros: gay green latern shit
My fucking sides LOL

Hello fellow Coloradan.

Fake and gay

Should I cop or nah?


Is dat a red velour interior?
Please post link.

neat interior trim tho
feels like no one puts in this much effort any more

W-was this intentional?


if i hear about the AC one more fucking time im going to start a race war

AC is ice cold!!!

Too much blue. Car people rarely have good taste in design. They know nothing about complimentary colors or appropriate amounts of things. It would be better if it was mostly white or black with minor blue highlights instead of huge swaths.

>fucking sweet datsun on local CR I can afford
>no phone number, just CR email forwarding
>emailed the guy once, no reply for over a week
>emailed a second time insisting I'm serious about buying the car and not one of those fags who just wants a test drive
>still no reply
>scribbled out license plate in the pics
>no landmarks or house number in the image to hunt the guy down
>map is in a city so it could be like a hundred different streets so street view is useless
>really want this fucking car
>$10k for a Model T in decent shape

Do I pull the trigger, Veeky Forums?

Is this good?

If you can to talk them down to 4k then I would buy.


What's KBB on it?

So what's funny? He said suggest your price. damage is easily fixable.

you can tell the dude selling it is a dick

there was a fox with a 400hp small block and sequential shifter on LA CL for like $4500 a while back

i don't like mustangs or drag racing but it was so tempting just for the fun of having a sequential

>contact name:

I was looking for a 5.0 notchback and they're expensive
>title status: clean

hella flush

"american muscle"

god bless ricers

>check engine light is on because it needs to be replaced, nothing wrong with engine,

what did he mean by this?

>I could go from being the bus rider to a bus driver for only 5 grand
what a steal

>19k for the shitty generation XRS
>even the buy here pay here dealers are nearly half the price
>"""special order""""

I laughed more than I should have at this, also nice dubs

Kek at the bus wheels

Interior looks pretty good though you have to admit

Too clean, iffy on the price

do it because if worse comes around you can live in it.

That's actually nice looking. Id buy it, but then Id be worried how to gas it up, and how rediculous I would look gassing up a bus at a mobile.

I'd buy it just for the Veeky Forums meet ups. I wouldn't be just a bus rider, I'd be the goddamn bus driver.

What would you guys say a fair price for a Nissan Z31 300ZX?

this is a very stupid question

there are so many factors, rust, mileage, paint, maintenance receipts and repairs. etc.

Personally i wouldn't ever buy any type of 300zx because they are slow and heavy. Yes even the Z31's

buy it

reasonably priced miata with only 84k miles and a hardtop.

maximum brougham

38k mile 190e
>1988 Lotus Turbo Esprit
>everything has been rebuilt
what could go wrong

Is a high mileage BMW suicide?

>I'm a BMW mechanic
>I have a very good mechanic in Miami that specialize in BMW he can do the job for $2,000
Something seems fishy.

lel no, that engine will run forever

columbia, but I want a honda civic hatch so I look around

That looks really cool, bit pricy though

Isn't half the fun of an AE86 the fact that you can thrash it around even though it doesn't have much power? Doesn't automatic kind of ruin that? Honest question.