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That's a big boat

I may never be rich but at least I know I'll never think something that gaudy is a good idea to buy.

>being so petty you get a clear trailer to show off your tasteless lambo

4 u



not gonna lie that boat is pretty slick looking

>Lamborghini boat
>Mercury engines

> bright green

even beige would look better

>Missing navigation lights

>tfw no rich enough to be into speed boats

>One of the finest built, fastest, most advanced performance boats in the world. Will run in excess of 180 MPH!

isnt this guaranteed death territory for unexperienced performance boat captains?

you don't need experience if you have money

ya boats can get wrecked pretty easy by small waves or any minor obstruction in the water
bluebird K7 hit a bit of floating wood
the worst I have herd of is a boat hitting the roof of a tractor


Fast boats are dangerous as fuck

It's like going super fast in a car if the car had soap in the tires and no suspension whatsoever.


Those air horn strainers kill flow so much.

There is nothing finer.

sigh never going to be a hydroplane racer...

> 2.1 million
> car not included

Oh shit, I'm retarded and didn't read

I think they're pretty cool.

from what game/video what is that

I bet a lot of coke snorting and dealing were involved in the selection and purchase of that combo.

>posting on an anime image board

>implying S/o/viet knows the sauce on half the shit he posts
here you go btw youtube.com/channel/UC4YaOt1yT-ZeyB0OmxHgolA

Would be appropriate for a weird Bond villain