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Is Megane Trophy (race one) RWD or FWD?

Someone say SNEK?


RWD (Right Wheel Drive)

Damn right

>Bubsy got sequel before Ridge Racer gets one
>so many racing games at E3 and Ridge Racer isn't one of them
>this is the timeline we live in

On another note, Ai Fukami is my waifu.

It probably was.

not surprising since bubsy is a pretty hot meme right now and people just love fucking memes memes memes can't get enough of those god damn memes

just go cry yourself to sleep

redpill me on pcars2

um excuse me flatout "4" guest starring kamata fiera and assoluto bisonte was actually decent, just a tad buggy and the multiplayer literally never worked.

what about left wheels? are differentials mounted per side?

>Nerd for Sperg is now an unlicensed Fast and Furious game
>Fortza has added dynamic weather and that's about it
>Project SHIT 2 is just the first one with more cars, (supposedly) better physics and a glorified dynamic weather system
>The Bunch 2 is the only game that looks decent, but it won't come out until next year
>GT Sport: Prequel still won't come out
>SHiT 4 is somewhat of a let down even if retard2k guy is having with it
>Interesting sounding games like IOM TT and the confirmed TDU sequel are now irrelevant
>Steam is still filled with drift games made in Unity

What happened?

From the looks of it, it's ehat the first one should've been. More cars like Furawree and Porch, historic layouts, online ranking system, loose surface racing, better physics (supposedly).

2017, recently all vidya (maybe with one of two exceptions, persona/automata) is disappointing

>meanwhile a glorified tech demo is the most realistic consumer vehicle simulation you can buy

What the hell is this shit?

rfactor with a few simple ini tweaks

dude your drifting is worse than that other dude with the CTR on Spa in AC
just stop

He's probably better than you tbqh

He didn't do too bad

Is there a way to pirate just the dlc for assetto Corsa? Because fuck these guys, $70 of dlc for a game with no flags, and just got proper ai

BeamNG: Drive, it's been in beta for years and it gets hugely better with every update.

It's a full soft-body physics simulation that treats a car as a frame with wheels and an engine. It can model body-on-frame, unibody and tube-chassis cars with realistic chassis flex, tire deformation, engine thermodynamics and suspension travel. It can also accurately represent aircraft and weapon ballistics.

I'm not trying to show off my shit drifting you mega-pleb, I'm trying to show the game in action. The car is tuned to do what it's doing, I'm just trying to go around the corner as quickly as possible.

I'm not going to practice Ebisu for hours and hours just to get the perfect slide for a 30-second webm, especially when the replay function is not very stable.

Post that webm boy

he entered almost every corner too fast, fell out of the track and lost rear bumper. that's exactly what i'd call an objectively bad drift. but it's not like bringing negativity into our friendly board was a good thing to do

>no flags
what does it mean?

anyway, dlc unlocker is posted in every ac league doc

Go on the google document and look for the download with all content and unlocker

No, you have to buy all the content. Since /ovg/ is a thread for people with jobs, discussing hobbies for people with actual disposable income, we all have the DLCs and will be using them in our series.
If you can't do that, please redirect yourself to /ogc/ where vanilla rfactor series are run.
Thank you simracer!

Thanks man.
Havn't been around here in a while, fun to see we're still ragging on paltala and sj.

what's an sj?

Founder of /ovg/

>game boasts best damage modelling and collision physics since 1nsane
>trying to show off the physics detail by tapping a wall and tearing off my bumper without destroying the car
>spend 15 minutes doing laps and trying to get close enough to take off the bumper and not fuck the rear suspension
>nail it by accident
>Fakeiichi Tsushoes over here tells me I'm entering corners too fast and my drifts are shit like I was trying to show off my own driving


>Veyron Gr. 4
How? Why?

When I post a webm it's to show off the game or something that happened in it, not a personal cry for attention or to show off. Anything I do that looks skillful is usually just totally dumb luck.

All my disposable income this year will be going towards getting my car track ready.
Need a lower seat, and a roll bar. Just to start.

You forgot:
>Still no new proper Ridge Racer ever


>getting your car track ready
>not buying a dd wheel and iracing
fucking normies reeeeeeeeeeee

>he doesn't play for 1k hours so he can brag about his skill on a 10 year old racing sim anonymously on a chinese cartoon forum

What the fuck?

>collecting xbox 360 racing games
>notice a bunch that all came out at the same time that are almost identical
It's not just Ridge Racer Unbounded, Split/Second and Blur either, it's happened on a bunch of occasions.

That's what Call of Duty did to the marketing side of the industry, for some reason people assume that if someone likes a certain game series, that they will likely purchase a different game that does the same shit: i.e. people who like gritty military shooters want more gritty military shooters and not stuff like Quake 3.

Of course, anyone who actually plays video games knows that generally isn't true as their tastes broaden and mature, so there are a ton of games from this past console generation that existed only to try and take sales away from established franchises by attempting the exact same formula.

You say that, but in the example given, I have bought all 3 games, enjoyed all 3 of them and 100%'d them all. It works.

Blur and Split/Second were actually good.
No sequels though. :'(

By the way, the guy who made the rFactor versions of Grand Valley and Trial Mountain has ported them to BeamNG, as well as Road Atlanta, Lime Rock Park, and Laguna Seca. Unfortunately the AI is dumber than OG Gran Turismo so hotlapping is the only viable racing you can do. The tires have no thermals yet and the way they lose and regain grip is perhaps too twitchy and unrealistic, but the FFB and suspension feels perfect.

If you're looking for real cars and tracks, you gotta troll the forums, as the BNG dev team is really worried about IP violations so cars and tracks with real names usually can't be put on the repository. This Civic is actually a 1994 "Ibishu Covet", the ingame name for the Civic lookalike. I saw a thread a couple of days ago where someone was making an R32 GT-R lookalike using some styling cues of other late '80s Japanese sports coupes.

i would like to know if there are acute clockwise ovals
i want to turn alt-right instead of turning left like a commie

What does /ovg/ think about Suzuka, Maple Valley and Volkswagen returning in FM7?

Their tracks are not bad actually

BeamNG. It's fun to drive around in for sure, but it really is most fun when you end up going WOT into a tree, because it's damage model is where it shines.

kinda cool
very cool
depends on the cars

There's a mod with a bunch of configurations that has a Covet that's a Shingo Refrence.

Link to this EG, I mean 94 Covet?

I think as racing games, all three of those were distinct enough in style, features, and handling to distinguish them from one another. The average gamer who is only interested in cars as a game element would also come to a similar conclusion.
They were still all released in specific time with an intent to compete with each other and (theoretically) take sales from established franchises, which is readily apparent with RR Unbounded, since Namco basically had Bugbear reskin what was to be the next Flatout to make a game that is in every respect the exact same game as the two Flatout games Bugbear actually released several years before, but now under a title that carries with it a bit more legacy. Never mind it is a legacy of mostly launch titles and the one game in the series everyone loves has never been revisited.

Bamco is a fucking stupid company.


you have to make your own Shingo variant, but it's not hard, just paint it red, throw on race suspension and Folk ET55 wheels or whatever they're called. The ingame tuning is a little clunky but you can adjust almost everything.

Will it run on my toaster

Yes, but when you crash so will your toaster

Depends on how toastery it is. It runs realitively fine with most things bottomed out on mine, even during crashes but it hates trees typically.

Does the mod let you change wheels or is there somewhere that I haven't found to change stuff like that? Just started playing the game a week or so ago. (Didn't think I'd be able to run it)

I'm the Compaq Presario CQ57 fag from a few threads ago


how toasteriffic is it? It'll run on integrated graphics fine so long as you have a decent CPU. My 1st-gen i7 and 1060 are sort of barely able to keep up with big crashes and more than 8 vehicles on track is chug city, but my 4th gen i7 laptop and 960m easily maintain 60 fps even when I slam into a parked car at several hundred MPH. If you have at least a 3rd gen intel Core i-whatever or a fast AMD chip, try it.

hit CTRL+W, go to Body>Front/Rear Suspension>4-lug spindle, and the wheels and tires are in there. The parts menu is a hierarchical list so if something is attached to a component attached to another component (like a tire attached to a wheel attached to a hub attached to a suspension arm attached to the body), it will be under the listing of the parts it's attached to. Note that the radiator, for example, is attached to the body, not the engine.


>When I post a webm it's to show off the game or something that happened in it, not a personal cry for attention or to show off.
t. rally2k

>this is the game that will have historic monza layout

Why live?

you should learn to speak English so I can understand what you're trying to say. A lot of games have historic Monza.

>this is the ONLY NEW game that will have THE historic monza layout


What about AC? Has the normal, junior and oval layout of Monza 1966

Damn, you're right. I thought the historic Monza layout could've given this game a slight chance, but I guess all it has to rely on now is that new Livetrack 3.0 thing if it wants to draw in buyers.

It can rely on James shilling

Thanks. Now I can screw around with engine swaps and such been wondering how to to that. I'm retarded and didn't notice the little drop down arrow.

A dynamic weather system that includes moving puddles, pulling dirt onto the track and skid marks from practice on Saturday showing up during the race on Sunday will draw in buyers. A shady, self-posting faggot who only tolerates us because Ian and Andy are paying him will not.

im not even sure if i can make a senna gap joke for this one


I love how you can tell which of these trailers was made by Polyphony, and which one wasn't

listen man, he just wanted to take the racing line
nothing wrong with that

Have you collected your Porsches in Horizon 3 yet?

two of each :^)

i really dont know why so many people dislike the 996's lights

I like this meme. This is a nice fucking meme.

aw yeah


I'm a person who like sims and more street-car style racing games
Is there a way to adapt a regular stock car steering wheel to a Logitech G27?
I know you can get adapter plates to attach an aftermarket wheel, but I want to try and attach a regular wheel to it to get that comfy irl driving sim experience.

A couple of screws will do the job nicely. If you want something cleaner, get a quick release, you can find pre-made QR mounts for the G27

I still want this to be good desu. Content-wise it looks nice and if they manage to ship the game with non-retarded FFB and controller settings so it's actually playable it can be alright.

Why does SHiT 4 have a such a high fucking FFB to start with? That shit was unplayable until I could turn it way town.
I shouldn't have to wrestle the wheel when I slightly turn, my god. Other than that the game is great, RX was a lot of fun.
I just wish when things broke they would take longer to fix, I shouldnt get hit from behind into a wall and then smashed into again and it only take 2 minutes to fix my car. They should leave the cosmetic damage there even when it's fixed, it's a 2 minute fix not an entire bodywork job.

I've said this before but do an event where you have 15-20 miles between services and you will not be worried about body damage since you'll be trying to fit in everything else

>Why does SHiT 4 have a such a high fucking FFB to start with?
with what wheel?
I had to actually turn it up a little because it was weak

I feel like that wouldn't be very practical

wallets out for forza

>Compaq Presario CQ57
>from when Compaq was just a shell that HP wasn't done skullfucking yet.
Yeah that's not gonna cut it. Burn that pile of garbage.

But hey, go get a Presario 15XL off Ebay, install Win98 and you can play THIS.

>install Win98
>to play a MS-DOS game

>spend way too much time in FH3 lately
>back IRL
>drive to a meeting
>pull out of my driveway
>everything normal
>get to a main road
>turn on
>swerve and barely avoid shitting my pants
>realize I'd been instinctively driving on the left
fucking hell that was retarded and scary

it's fuckloads easier to install Windows 98 than it is to install MS-DOS 6.22 and audio drivers.

I play rf1 it's okay

Are you the guy that nearly killed himself with exhaust gases?
You sound stupid enough.

installing MS-DOS 6.22 is literally one command (running setup), a pair of 'Enter' clicks and 2 floppy swaps

audio drivers is nothing but copying a few more files and running the install exe/com

all that takes faster than waiting for Win98 to install

you are the reason why people are scared about games making kids murderers

Not that guy but
>Driving along
>My, I'm feeling a bit peckish
>I'll stop driving for a moment so I can safely retrieve my sandwich
>Reach for pause button
I may have also done the same thing as that other dude due to GTAV.

Do you think video games made them all stupid or there was a pre-existing condition?

I ... I got hard watching this.

I swear i've seen turn 1s go like this somewhere but I can't remember

Every DOS audio driver installation I've had to do involved editing config.sys before it completely worked, especially with Compaq machines and Whiplash in particular. They liked to use some Soundblaster clones that are occasionally not fully compatible.

Installing Windows is just as easy and literally installs MS-DOS at the same time, just just hit enter a couple more times and you don't need to swap floppies 'cause it's a CD.

No matter what you're waiting for this fucker to finish, so what's a few more dialog boxes?

you don't understand user, MSDOS is for the true hardcore people unlike wangblows

First try. I honestly thought it would be harder


MSC is a casual meme game, what did you expect?