ITT: shitty replicas


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Ignoring the mirrors this one isn't that bad

what is this replicating?



>Calls someone captain autismo
>spends 10 hours a day telling the same bad joke about one of the most forgettable cars of all time

My mind instantly said "Twingo" when I saw this picture

eh, kind of neat

sue me



Well both cars are pretty similar mechanically.

I like to think of the 911 as the sport version of the original beetle anyway

holy shit

go here and below top maybe 20 projects you'll find what you are looking for

Except they really aren't.

Lol nice bait.

Ahahahahaa he deleted it.

Sperglord got btfo

he's right tho
and beetles are awesome

Remember the Ferraroghini Enzotauch?

it's trying to be a good car

Nice 959.

What did he post.

This is more custom then replica.

ITT: Fieros with bodykits