Audi, BMW or Mercedes?

Getting a German car.

E350 4Matic Coupe or Sedan
535i xDrive
A6 Quattro

All 2013 model years.

I'm leaning heavily towards the Mercedes. I like its styling and interior the most and I thought it had the nicest features. I didn't like anything on the Audi more than the Mercedes and the only thing the BMW had that I like was the cooled seats, which the Mercedes didn't have.

I guess my question is, can anyone tell me their ownership experience with any of these cars? My gut feeling seems to fall in line with what I've read online. Mercedes are reliable, BMW can be fine or a nightmare and Audi falls in the middle. Any thoughts or recommendations?

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Mercedes had a terrible period in the early 2000s but seems to have gotten their shit back together, BMW is probably the most fun to drive, don't even bother with "luxury" VW.

Do you care about driving and fun? Get the BMW
If not - Mercedes

mercedes benz is for old people, they drive like a fat kid on a bicycle, and they're just boring imo. audis are just plushy Volkswagens and are kind of chubby looking.

bimmers are fun to drive but the year you mentioned can be a nightmare in terms of reliability if the previous owner didn't take care of it.

my opinion: get a new mazda 6 touring or grand touring, since they're sexy

>comparing jap mediocre car to german luxury

Buy BMW if you want young pussy.
Buy Merc if you want cougars.
But Audi if you want dick.

I've owned a few Mercedes-Benz cars. It's not always true that a BMW is "more fun" to drive. In general, Mercedes-Benz cars are quieter, and ride better than BMWs of the same tier.

I can recommend the E350 - owned a 2010, and loved it. I'd skip the 4-matic, though. The extra money you spend on that would be better spent on the Harmon Kardon sound system and other interior features. Also, stick with the MB-Tex over leather, if you can, in the 350.

I can recommend highly the E550, if you can find one, even if it's older. Much better balance in that car.

I'd buy CPO, and add some warranty after. I never had a lick of trouble from mine, but the peace of mind is worth it. Might cost you 3k for 3 years.

Service it religiously. It's not cheap, but do it to the letter. Remember - this was a 60k+ car new. Treat it like one and it will go forever. I only got rid of mine because the missus wanted an SUV instead.

>Audi, BMW or Mercedes?


daily - bmw
performance - mercedes
tuning - audi or bmw
porsche is better than all though

I was in the 2014 S6 this weekend and I think its the best of those cars. I say this as a BMW owner.

Audi is slightly less reliable sure, but it rides very nice and will have the dynamic suspension if you want to go sporty. The V8 can be stage 1d for around 800 without voiding the warranty.

Its a great car despite Veeky Forums memes. The interior is easily the best.

Lol! This guy for prez. I own 12 bmws, I'm swimming in pussy.

Mercedes because BMW's dissolve before your eyes, Audi's a gay

>buying the poor-sche gayman

Unless you buy the 911 turbo s, everyone is going to look at it as a pathetic attempt to look richer than you are. Better to look like you live in your upper middle class means.

>Buying over-engineered German cars that will obliterate your savings account and depreciate in value rapidly.

You disgust me.

I live in Canada. Especially where I live, the AWD will see some good use. Why choose the textile over leather?
Funny that your wife wanted an SUV. We're downsizing from a Range Rover Sport Supercharged. That bastard ran well, but things are starting to fail on it and the cost is adding up like a motherfucker.

The BMW horror stories are what have me on edge about the car.
We're in a British car, so consider this an upgrade.

>mercedes are quieter
My 2004 5 series is notably quieter than my previous 2004 E class.

Should I get an e46? I live in Albania so they cost less to buy and maintain. I heard they were solid compared to other bmws right?
How's this one?ës/AUTOMJETE/Makina/BMW/Seri-3/320/Bmw-320CD--coupe-diesel-/4337453
looks like whats the right word riced? So im a bit worried I might look edgy.

dafaq get an American or British car, you jerries disgust me.

It looks like it's in good condition and an average price but ask if anything has been replaced especially in the cooling system.

so if i dont get that should I still look for e46? are they solid?

Anything Audi with an "S" is pretty nice.

But that's the upgraded model - OP is comparing relatively base models...

> hurp de derp
> car is an investment
> Honda is better than S-Class

Whatever, kid.

The MB-Tex is near indestructible, and the newer material breathes better than leather. Plus, the base leather in MB cars isn't all that nice or worth it. Most E350s come with MB-Tex, anyway. Most people can't tell the difference between MB-Tex and the base leather, and it will last much longer.

I have a 35 year old E-Class with MB-Tex that looks and feels brand new.

The 4-matic is cool, and does help wheel slip on some surfaces. If you're in snow, then you're right, it will help. I'm in the sub tropics, so not so much for me...

My wife loves Lexus suvs, so...the E350 is the car we chose to sell to get one. I do miss the car, especially for long trips, but...oh well.

Some of them are quieter, some not. On average, I'd say that MB are quieter, but it's all about the wheels and tires. My E63 is noisy as hell, but had very aggressive tires. My E350 had standard tires and wheels and was much quieter. Same year model. With the same wheels and tires, MB are often quieter because of the super soft rubber in the body mounts and suspension. It's also why they generallly feel "softer" on the road.

>caring about what other people think about you.
>letting other people's judgement stop you from buying a great car.

buy a Porsche if you don't need a lot of room and want a fun daily driver

mercs indeed are softer but I could not stand the huge body roll on my w211, even with air suspension.
I feel more bumps in my e60 but at least i can take some corners
w211 sound insulation is notably worse than e60 in general, can't really compare newer cars as i've never driven a F10 but there was a G11 7 series vs W222 S Class comparison test and the 7 series had (slightly) better noise insulation too

> Mercedes

The patrician choice. Best build quality out of the three. Strongest/Largest engines available.


Good choice. Sporty sedans that handle better than Mercedes but lack the power, sound and build quality of mercedes.

> Audi

Meme choice. For VW babbies that want into premium. Just a glorified VW Passat.
t. own 2003 BMW and 2006 Mercedes

>glorified passat
it just isnt. its on a completely different level. its a fully capable luxury sedan. had a c6 3.0 tdi and it was no worse than its competitors.
>bmw lack the power
depends on the model you choose. the power and performance amongst comparable models from all three is so similar that its pretty much just a taste difference. i went for the 535d. despite it being a diesel, its still possible to have some fun with it. mine was fully loaded, but despite a slightly harsher ride,it was a better driver's car than the merc.

Well BMW's and Audi's don't come with turn signals so that kinda narrows it down

honestly, none of them are bad. I'd probably go for the 535 even if i would skip out on the 4wd, but it depends if you live somewhere where it snows a lot or something

But really, none of them are bad cars. Be sure to test drive them all first though