Truck keeps over heating

>truck keeps over heating
>replaced ALL cooling system parts
>replaced headgasket
>doesn't consume coolant
>only over heats on freeway
>never at low speeds
Fuck it i'll just sell it
>toyotas are insanely over priced
>nissans are all broken
>GM, Ferd, Doge are all shitty, have terrible mpg, and broken
Well, guess i'll just keep my truck and never drive freeway.
Since no one makes anything worth buying.

Bleed your system after filling it up you dip.

Try 70% water 30% coolant

Obviously have.

For that shitbox? Are you a fucking retard or something?

Thats clearly not OPs truck. Moron

rangers are good trucks
t. ranger owner

What truck and how fast are you going? A tiny 4banger pushing 4000lbs down a highway at modern speeds is not going to be having a good time.

>Muh Toyota reliability
>Muh I know what I have
>Muh It'll run a million miles so give me 10k for this beat to shit toyota

Rangers are shit trucks. Had a 2wd auto 3.0 with the 4.10 (?) LSD rear and it was a pig. Slow, got stuck every where, broke all the time even with constant maintainance. It would only go 475km from spewing out the filler full to dead on the side of the highway empty at 100kmh/2200rpm. A shit.

My Frontier does fine with the KA24DE with the A/C on.

Have you done a fan clutch? I know it sounds fucking stupid, but I had this exact problem in my GFs Jeep XJ. Replaced EVERYTHING. Flushed the head. Nothing. Finally said fuck it and put a new fan clutch in. 80 mph with A/C, never goes above half.

That sucks. My buddy had the 4.0 pushrod with a 5sp and sold it at 300k.

Yup did a fan clutch

Used to work with a guy in a factory that had a ranger that rolled through a creek bed. Dont remember if he did it, or if he bought it after it happened, but it looked like ass. Half of the driver side bed was collapsed into itself like he wrapped it on a pole. Still ran strong and drove straight tho. Ive always wanted a small truck like a ranger, his truck just cemented that desire

>radiator flush/replace
>t stat
>water pump
>water wetter
>dilute coolant with water for a water biased ratio

OK. Let's get into the nitty gritty. Here's one for you. If the EGR system isn't working right, you will have excessive NOX which increases combustion temperatures. If it came with an EGR, you should probably use it because the fuel MAP has been tuned assuming it's there. Similarly, a clogged CAT will do the same - especially on the freeway. If it's carb'd then I promise it's not delivering enough fuel.

Just replace. They're fucking garbage these days. I had a Ford Escape in the shop (and you know they haven't even been around that long) with a completely clogged rad.

Would never suspect egr, ill have to check it
Cat looked fine last time i checked

Flush the rad, but you said you did.

Change the rad and the thermostat.

Just because its "stock" it doesn't mean its flawless. Be careful with the thermostat tho. Wrong thermostat can fuck your entire block.

I did

Then i cant think about much more. Maybe the compression is too high? Maybe the cooling works fine but the engine just overheats more than the norm. Could be the oil or the oil pump? The water pump not being powerful enough? Could it be performance spark plugs or something that makes the truck make more power?

man, 4 wheel drive compact toyota trucks really keep their value over time, dont they?

there's your problem

Theres your problem

>implying toyota doesn't have it's own shitty 3.0

>implying a toyota is less reliable than a ford

Slow because you had the 3.0.


Do they make a small truck with a v8 or a diesel? Or am I stuck with a 4 banger?

A 5.0 fits in a Ranger. And the new Colorado/Canyon is available with a diesel. And I think the new Ranger will have a Diesel.

>blows head gasket
>fries exhaust valve

some old rangers came with a diesel for a few years but are rare. The previous gen colorado came with a 5.3 V8 but they seem rare as well. You can V8 swap rangers fairly easily with explorer parts like the other guy said.

I have also seen 4BT swapped Rangers. And I saw somewhere where a guy brought up the possibility of a 4.5L powerstroke in a Ranger.

This, only long term fix is putting headers on

New Colorado diesel
Dakota R/T

Air lock by the sounds of it

Dont see how. It doesnt have a bleed point. The rad cap is the highest point. Ive driven up and down hills.
The level never changes.

Don't EVER release the parts cannon

Know what the problem is, then fix it.

5.0 swap in a ranger

350 small block swap in an S10.

Tell me what the problem is then, genius

Wtf do you even drive? And are you absolutely positive it's bled all the way? Sometimes the heater core sits higher up in the dash than the top of the radiator

check solenoid for radiator bypass.