>gm being sued for creating dogshit vehicles that explode after a lap


How will they even recover?

Feels good to not be a GM fan girl.

>vocal gm fangirls nowhere to be found

Was there anyone outside of the assmad gm fangirls too afraid to show their faces in this thread that was truly surprised? Every independent review I've read of the vette has complained of overheating issues and limp dick mode. It's a shame because the car has so much potential.

If only it wasn't absolute shit

>Pic related, gm fangirls rn

Should have just paid an extra 100k for a pig fat can't turn gtr

Gm fanboy here. That lawsuit is legit. That fucking car should never have made it into production

Gee, here's to another thread that will be bumped to the front page every 10 minutes by the autist soviet

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>a 650 horsepower nightmare aimed at dominating the track in a way that shames Hellcats
I too am angry that the Hellcat, one of the finest track cars ever made, get's dominated by a z06 on the track. Dodge should really make a car that can compete with the z06 on the track, because the Hellcat clearly cannot.


gm can't even compete with themselves



Does this also apply to the CTS-V3?

Same thing happened with the GT350

ROTFLMAO, they actually tried to defend this. this has been going on for 3 years. LMAO

yep. it had problems back in 2014 too. gm a shit

top kek

>lt4 529 lbs 640 hp overheats
>ecoboost 3.5 400 lbs 700hp doesn't overheat
inb4 high strung v6 meme

>Ford GT 5.2 L V8
>near 300mph standing mile record
>Numale GT ecotoot 3.5
>200 mph(?)*
why did Ford downgrade?


Because no one else can compete with their v6's.



Yeah you act like an 11 year old, these guys are overestimating you.

For real tho how did this corvette make it past the end of the production line